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Good or Bad Decisions for Border Crossing: What IS An Exit Strategy?

Posted on Aug 26th, 2019 by mrnice 310 Views

An exit strategy is to have a plan in place for the worst-case scenario ending (marriage, business, family commitment, or friendships, perhaps eluding prosecution) or the ability to plan beyond the current day for the tomorrow without you anywhere in the picture.  “Exit” in this case doesn’t mean death -- it means extended absence without the ability to return in the immediate sense.   “Exit” could mean serving time somewhere for a year or more, or it could mean truly exiting your current life for a different place in a different national space (not to be misunderstood as a being in witness protection).

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For all agreements between humans or humans and civic bodies or humans and the higher laws that govern civic bodies or humans and the general consensus of the public eye, you need to anticipate what might be the “exit” that you’ll need to have should the pieces of the agreements start to tumble.   Exiting a relationship should be easy … “we’re done” but that is not so depending on how much paperwork or DNA-proof exists.

Exiting a relationship from which children are present offers few choices if one wants to avoid the legal obligations to continue support.   In any case the primary “bread-winner” in the relationship is subject to the custodial care of the child(ren) under which the responsibility was assigned – aka – if you were there at the beginning you henceforth responsible until that child reaches adulthood.

            Proper divorce (in a court of law) assigns the settlement.

            Private agreement (agreed to by attorneys) assigns the settlement

If at some point you cannot meet the financial and personal commitments of the settlement, many people think about relocation.  Remember that other states may not immediately see your delinquent payment status but in the case of any violation (like the softest of moving violations while driving a car) it could come to bear.

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GO YOUR WAY:  Countries that do not extradite for various non-capital and capital offenses

If you are already considered a flight risk or have not procured a current passport, you are probably past the point of fleeing the U.S.   Before you consider any of these locations for exit potential, you need to know the laws of the land.  For example, they might be OK with your tax evasion status but you might face life imprisonment for possession of “trace” elements of certain narcotics and you might even face a death sentence.  Oh yes, the U.S. Embassy in most countries exists to assist – but you are on the lam, they are limited to the steps that they can take depending on how deep your crimes in the U.S. dig.

Countries honor the laws of the country requesting legal extradition that match their own legal precedents.   Examples:  If a country doesn’t require tax preparation, how can they assess tax evasion?; if all children are provided for by the country upon birth, how can there be child support?  This is the way to evaluate the situation in most simplistic terms.   Thinking that you might steal away to evade or elude becomes a nightmare if you don’t think it through and above all that there is nothing stopping private retrieval of you and your assets abroad if you are caught by independent contractors like Mr. Nice Guy acting in a bounty capacity.

Canada and Mexico

Despite the “wall” and other issues on immigration, the Canadian and Mexican police will still hold fugitives for extradition to the United States.  These countries respect all crime claims made by U.S. Officials and will identify and turn over fugitives.

Costa Rica

The first choice under law and order is to pony up the child support money and accept visitation assignments and plod forward with your life.  Costa Rica does not have laws governing tax evasion, child support, and other non-capital offenses, so anyone who exits to that particular country would not be volunteered to be extradited back to the U.S. to face those charges.   That doesn’t mean that they can’t be caught and taken by bounty hunters, it means that the local authorities do not consider those U.S. crimes “criminal.” 

Ask yourself as you bask in the sun of a Central American country with colonies of English speaking U.S. expatriates – “Are more than 50% of these people skipping out on something?”


Thinking of India conjures a vision of the Taj Mahal was built as a tribute to the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife (completed in the mid-1600s), and it is deemed one of the most beautiful and romantic sites in the world.  This country is a tricky exile location with custom and tradition and mental attitudes toward ownership governing the male and female relationships and it is on the “hit-list” for women’s rights movements.   There is no standard on “domestic violence” in India.  If you were a man married legally to a woman and you beat your spouse, the archaic attitude of the culture is that “it’s your right to do so.”  The male party’s ownership of the female (in marriage) is assumed in their culture’s attitude toward what makes a marriage.   Consider the cases of wives being burned or beaten to death by spouses who have gone without punishment because they had documented and undisputed ownership of the other.   That’s a level of romance that needs no more attention.

Here is a hint:  Any country where the Me Too organization has gained a foothold and following (in the form of a specific branch) is working to change the cultural and legal attitudes toward mistreatment of women in conventional/cultural thinking.

Dowries are not a convention used in the United States, but they are very significant “pre-nuptual” arrangements in India.  Failure of a family to produce or attend to the dowry agreement can result in the death of a wife, given the vindictiveness of the man or his family.   In this environment of spousal abuse acceptance you may thrive if facing DV charges made by a spouse back in the U.S.A., but you will have to learn to love curry, stray animals, and revere the full multi-level family of anyone you choose to entertain, and most probably find other means for basic comfort and survival.


OK, the city of Bangkok is notorious for sex and sex trafficking, but how unique can it be when the tourist- and resident-trade converge on a limited strip of the country.    International extradition for sex crimes (to the U.S. to the U.K. and elsewhere) has actually been successful here.  Why?  Because the sex trade is so much a part of the economy that it the government wants to keep it “clean.”   Tourists may be pedophiles and other fetishists, but there should be no deaths or other injury in the wake of a good time.

Should you go to Thailand to elude the charges in your home country, you would probably end up far outside the hub of vice and have to settle somewhere rural.   Narcotics are very high on the radar and also very revered for the production revenue within the country.  Users might think that have emerged in the land of plenty but they have really emerged in the land of the unforgiving and competitive market of illegal trades.  If you like getting high on occasion, Nevada and Colorado are relocation options where you might ultimately be found, but you won’t be dead.  The revised definition of a “Thai-stick” is no longer something that you smoke … it’s a weapon.

The Philippines

Like any good democracy operating on a model of the U.S. , the Philippines elects a new leader every 4 years and the nation rallies (generally in agreement) to the new causes.  Well the latest President has imposed a general ZERO TOLERANCE for drugs and anyone involved with the narcotics path.   The Zero Tolerance is not like a war – it promotes police immunity and impunity, and presently everyone in the circle of narcotics operations are under threat of death.

Why go here?  The culture welcomes innovative thinking and productivity, people with ideas that can bolster the economy (non-narcotic).  It is easy for people to assimilate into the population.  It is easy to find a livelihood as long as it doesn’t involve drugs.

South Africa

South Africa as a nation or southern African countries still suffer from the long-range residual problems of apartheid.  The region has two unique qualities:  they operate on the Gold standard for currency and really don’t react to any “white” person coming into their environment.  Depending on your ethnicity and your capital, you could hide here for a long period providing that you don’t continue on the same path that made you leave.  The biggest plus is that this is an English-speaking (understanding) population in general.


The continent and its countries (some with names that have changed 3x in a lifetime) is politically and culturally volatile.  Divisions are by religion (Hebrew, Muslim, Christian) or by ethnic tribal history, and famines or Coup d’etat can change the long-term happiness of your choice.  It’s very much like settling somewhere and within a week finding an Under New Management sign.  Transition to anywhere outside the major cities means your Western senses and sensibility will be overcome by the simple things like indoor plumbing and A/C or heat.  Africa did, however, move toward cell phone towers and now can support cellular-driven Internet use well into the interior.

Australia and Japan

Island or continent nations are allies with the United States and are not options for permanent relocation if you have standing warrants or claims against you within the US.


Why go here?  Count penguins?  Measure glaciers?  Unless you are completely into science and can tolerate cold, this is not a choice.

Due diligence means checking out your exit location fantasy-site and seeing what laws affect the common people.  Overlay what you are trying to escape from over where you are dreaming of going.  You will either see the futility of trying to skip out or realize that more than a life-style change is inevitable.  Taking the exit route is your choice, but take a hard look at what you give up by becoming an ex-patriot, invoking dual citizenship, or simply running out.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds in California can advise you on fixing up your situation, be it recovery, extradition, or other local matter.   Contact  (844) 400-BAIL (2245) for a free consultation 24x7 and speak to a licensed bond agent who can help you find peace or a piece of what’s owed.  You’ll speak directly with a Mr. Nice Guy licensed bail bond agent and just about everything else can be accomplished on-line.


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If you or a loved one has been arrested and need to be bailed out quickly and confidentially or if you simply have questions regarding bail, an arrest, or inmate information please do not hesitate to call or fill out our contact us form. We are available 24/7 for all of your bail needs.