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Here’s the adaptation of the new crisis mandates to stop the progression and greater risk of the Corona Virus as it campaigns through our current lives. 

Social Distancing

In the world of smoking or otherwise enjoying cannabis this is one of the greatest impact statements.  Many smoke alone, but it bears a historic tradition of smoking with another.  Like a cocktail lounge or other pleasure palaces, many “share” the experience of enjoying the product in a group (as intimate as two or as many as can fit in your car or your entertainment space).

Blunt or Pipe? – Blunts are disposable, but as opposed to passing them from one to another everyone should procure a hookah tip that is proclaimed you and it can quickly hose up to fit a blunt that might be passing from person to person.  Your hit of an already filtered blunt is protected by your hookah tip being placed on the receiving-end after a friendly pass.  “Think Before You Inhale!”

Using your own pipe is ok, but this should be a disposable single hit-style, and no passing from person to person.  Disposables range from personal glass, metal, or old-fashioned foil screen carburetor mock-ups (washed and sanitized between uses) to minimal use corn-cob style pipes that should be procured for each person (retail about $5 after tax). 

REAL PAPER JOINTS - No more paper joints for anyone except one person.  The conditions of the rollers hands, the cleaned and crumbled cannabis itself, and the paper type itself matters.  Remember that saliva and other of your own condition exists in that paper or sealant.  The days of the mega-stokers are over unless you really want to smoke 8 grams by yourself.

Clipped hits (e.g. roach clip with yesterday’s remainder) – These should only be handled and smoked by the original roller.

Hygiene Practice

WEBSITES FOR APPROVED SANITIZERS provides a list of all approved sanitizers, cleansers and applied personal products known to be effective defense against derma-invasion and home product cleansing.   Unless you have the best electronic mail filter on the planet or have never voted in your life, you must be receiving all the information on approved products and which websites or your state list these items.  All such emails come mostly from candidates or hopefuls of any party and all point to either the Center for Disease Control (CDC), World Health Organization (WHO), and then more selectively the State Organizations designed to help the displaced and the now relieved of duty workers in non-critical businesses.

Don’t touch your face or any open areas (mouth, eyes, ears) while you might be engaged in the Social Distance practice of smoking cannabis product.  By-the-way the Corona virus has no reaction on the corona of your eyes, but entry into the body is most vulnerable through soft tissue open areas of your body.  Since the lower portions of your body are usually covered in respect to other laws about decency, your face has the remaining orifices that are vulnerable – eyes, ears, nose, mouth.

Wash everything that you come in contact with, rinse thoroughly through the hose or tip that come in contact with the mouth, and soak with sanitizing solution before re-use.  This is the process for paraphernalia that touches your lips: tips from pipes, your hookah tips.  A Turkey Baster (any grocery store) provides distributed sanitation through any hose material.

Cleaning up after a party of three?  Use gloves to dispose of anything that has come in contact with your guests’ mouths.  However tempting, do not harvest second generation materials without taking the same precaution – a clean plate for receiving the reusable product, tweezers for removing exterior casing, paper, or wrap, and of course handling parts like a blunt filter.  Razors can be re-used but can be rinsed and sanitized in the same manner as all other materials in possible contact.

1. You can enjoy Cannabis if you are willing to wait through the lines of restricted entries into dispensaries.

2. You can still enjoy Cannabis by yourself … dissing all those people you met while you waited in line.

3. You can still enjoy Cannabis in home intimacy with one or two others and practicing the general social distancing that’s recommended as well as the serious hygiene advertisements.

If you aren’t safe or do something outside the law and find you yourself facing gloved, masked, and sanitizer-crazy officers … consider your assistance options.   Call Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-BAIL (2245) for confidential discussion over unexpected emergencies that leave you at risk of jail-time infection.

BE WELL THROUGH THE GREAT SHELTER-IN-PLACE SHUT-DOWN OF 2020 … At Best Be a Contributor to the Baby Boom of November – December 2020.

P.S.   If you thought Social Security had a problem with Baby Boomers from 1950’s, jut wait until the 2090’s roll around.


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If you or a loved one has been arrested and need to be bailed out quickly and confidentially or if you simply have questions regarding bail, an arrest, or inmate information please do not hesitate to call or fill out our contact us form. We are available 24/7 for all of your bail needs.