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Sometimes all that it takes is a little vision and practical science to turn the unthinkable into the bankable.  Lido Isle and its developers had the Midas touch.   The private sub-division offers an exclusive small craft and yacht marina and private home area with access to Balboa inlet and the Pacific Ocean.  The waterway is used for windsurfing, kayaking, and private vessels of all type, sometimes even as hosting visiting yachts for the America’s Cup race and other special events.  Very much like the Newport Coast communities further to the South, it has its own surveillance and security to maintain privacy for seasonal and year-round residences.  Lido Isle is technically a large sandbar that was developed into a permanent community after a failed attempt at building a commercial shipyard.  Unlike the solid ground of nearby Balboa Island, Lido Isle and its exclusive marina-park emerged nearly forty years later on a bolstered man-made platform of sand and planks. 

Technically, Lido Isle is gold born from silt.  Fifty years after its original acquisition, it has since become one of the most exclusive communities (850 residences) in Southern California.  The only restrictions are 1) there is no room to build more homes, 2) if you don’t belong within the gates of the community you will be asked to leave and 3) all are always subject to the prevailing laws of the land.  Mr. Nice Guy can’t make the anguish of an arrest situation diminish, but Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond agents can help discreetly and confidentially help you find long term resolve. 

No neighborhoods, no matter how small or exclusive, are free from the problems of any others.  Substance abuse, assault, misdemeanor, felony, domestic violence, and DUI/DWI are charges possible everywhere and Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond Agents have experience dealing with them.  Call Mr. Nice Guy on this toll free number 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 and have a licensed agent put a finger on your solutions.  Every caller can count on an answer any time of the day or night, and a licensed Bail Bonds agent and thorough confidante will answer your questions.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail agents don’t let any situation shake them.

Who to call for bail bond information on Lido Isle, California?

Lido Isle is a community protected from trespass and invasion by land by the gated security and the Newport Beach Police Department.  The community waterways and channel traffic are monitored by the Orange County Sheriff’s Coast Patrols. Get arrested on Lido Isle or in its neighborhoods and you’ll become a guest (perhaps temporary) in the Newport Beach Police Department jail.  Warrants may dictate immediate transfer to other facilities in Orange County, so best to check with Mr. Nice Guy’s Free Orange County Warrant Checks.  Mr. Nice Guy bail bonds agents can help point out your loved one’s location, find out possible transfers, the arrest timeline and present you with the options for proceeding.  Download and complete applications on our forms page and call any of our numbers talk to an agent who will help you understand them or answer your questions:

1-844-400-BAIL 24 hours a day, every day or use our chat function at the bottom of the screen.

1-949-445-3420 for standard rate calls, texts or emails

How to bail out of jail in Lido Isle?

The bail amount will vary depending on the charges of the arrest, but the Newport Beach Police Department imposes a minimum booking fee of $355 added to any court fees at the time of conviction.

Where do I post bail on Lido Isle?

The NBP Jail is located at the southeast corner of Jamboree Road and Santa Barbara Road.  Jamboree Road is a major roadway through the Newport Beach area and can be accessed from either the San Diego Freeway (405) or the Newport Freeway (55) and can also be reached from the East Pacific Coast Highway loop.  Consult a map or GPS to determine your best route to 870 Santa Barbara Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660.

The Newport Beach Police Department’s general information line is (949)-644-3781 and (949)-644-3672 accesses the jail that is open 24 hours a day.

All Newport Beach Police service transactions regarding bail require either cash, a money order, a personal check from a local bank with proper identification, travelers checks, a bank cashier’s check, or a Bail Bond like a Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond!   The following conditions also apply:

  • No bail accepted if arrested on warrants issued outside of Orange County
  • No checks accepted at all for bails larger than $7,500.00
  • A separate check or acceptable payment must accompany each warrant

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can be reached toll-free at: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245. You can also reach a licensed Mr. Nice Guy bail agent by voice, text or email at 1-949-445-3420. 

Where to find 24 hour bail bonds services near Lido Isle:

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds has local agents on call 24/7 in Newport Beach than can have a bail bond posted with minutes. We offer fast, easy payments with pay by phone or online options. Our local bail agents can meet you at the local jails or courts and post bail on sight super fast. We are committed to getting your loved-one released from jail on bail.   For most people, that’s worth their own weight in gold after a few hours.   Mr. Nice Guy agents are available to provide this service 24 hours – 007 days a week.

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