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Newton Connecticut Bail Bonds

Newton Connecticut is part of Fairfield County and is part of the Danbury metropolitan area that includes Bridgeport and Stamford Connecticut (as well as being part of the New York metropolitan area).  Newton is now the named center of a smaller cluster of towns in the western part of the State, close enough to Long Island Sound that many things hinge on the Big Apple’s graces.   People choose to move to the less hurried life-style of Connecticut towns for their private peace outside the cities where they may maintain their work or a career profession.   Commuting for any metropolitan area worker is part of the price one pays to enjoy a more affordable comfort and Newton boasts one of the affluent populations in the state, perhaps not solely based on their ability to commute but the commitment residents have made to obtaining and maintaining their professions.

What is the fastest bail bond service in Newton, CT

One might think Newton is a small piece of heaven for those seeking remoteness and evenings of quality in the embrace of family.  It’s a cluster of small towns that share a desire for non-city simplicity but residents have been devastated by violence emerging over the turn of the century (the 20th to the 21st).   This area of the country served their part in the Revolution that formed the United States from the original colony status and now they have come to reluctantly introduce national debate over modern dilemmas of “what is circumstantial evidence of a crime” and “how can the community of the United States deal with weapons falling into the hands of the mentally ill?”

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is a long-standing business with agents who are available 24 x 7 to tackle one express situation – get your loved one out of jail.  They serve Newton by helping loved-ones out of situations that might otherwise stress your family’s budget or your embarrassment and they understand the delicacies of dealing with PTSD, weapons charges, disturbing the peace charges, and even charges like trespassing, reckless driving, DUI and DWI.   The agents are specifically trained in expediting overnight stays into early release.  Call (844) 400-BAIL (2245) for confidential discussion over unexpected emergencies that leave you unsettled.

The Woodchipper Murder (1986)

Newton has suffered from two major cases drawing national attention that mar the sensibilities of persons considering residency and a third if you consider the 9/11/2001 (where the smoke and ashes of that day clouded every location within commuting distance of New York City).

Newton was the location where the first murder conviction in Connecticut was handed down and sentenced where there was no body found to provide the ultimate proof for analysis.  The case opened the era of forensic science, and has since become inspiration to several “modern” media spins on the bizarre story.   The Woodchipper Murder of Newton resident Helle Crafts was a sensational case wherein the victim sensed her own peril and enlisted a private investigator (who became a pivotal witness in the case) to check on her abusive and cheating husband.  She actually told friends in confidence that in the event of her own death they would need to look further for a reason, suspecting her husband might be the cause.  Richard Crafts will be released from his sentence in 2021.

Your case or your loved one’s case may not carry the paparazzi drama or the weight of a felony charge, but if you are the point of contact for initial help in a loved-one’s misstep then you might conjure images of the worst case scenario in an arrest.  It’s true that with most arrests people are assigned to a medium security “holding facility” until they can be arraigned formally with the charges (usually the next operating business day).  It’s also true that most holding facilities don’t offer the amenities of athletic clubs or gyms and, depending on the time or night of arrest, can be crowded.

Nice Guy Bail Bonds agents are specifically trained in expediting overnight stays into early release.  Bail bonds are typically 10% of state scheduled bail amounts for the charges, plus a one-time service fee, or 5% of state scheduled bail if the amount is in excess of $5,000.   Call (844) 400-BAIL (2245) for unexpected emergencies that leave you unsettled, day or night.

What Amendment Can Bring Back Lost Life? 

Newton Connecticut ‘s second claim of national notoriety in terms of crime is that it is the base township in which little town of Sandy Hook resides; they suffered the largest mass shooting to date (as of 2012).  Tragically they are remembered because the majority of victims were less than 8 years old.  Sandy Hook and Newton residents have since the become the poster example of “gun control” and “mental illness detection” and “2nd amendment rights.”  The arguments for and against all of these issues generate a rift between residents of our nationwide community.  Both sides of the argument can find a reason to debate the source of the problem and all of the observers can derive their own sympathy or hostility toward the situation.

Was it a gift that the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School was ultimately surpassed by the mass shooting on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas, NV?  No, because each incident spins the same arguments and the same inconclusive results.  None of the powers of this universe can bring back what lives have been lost or affected and all similar events stir the pot of our consciousness-stew.   The right to bear arms is part of our constitution’s address of liberty (which at the time of writing was under challenge).  No organization or scrutinizing process can ensure that someone will not go “off the rails” with firearms and intent of use.

No matter which side of the argument you sit in terms of personal rights, you now face a personal dilemma to help someone who has crossed the “moral fence” by being arrested.  The best contact at 0’dark-thirty in Newton Connecticut is Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.  They offer professional agents who will hear out your woes and propose the next step you take to free your loved one from any lock-up facility in Connecticut and advise the next best steps to restoring whole-ness to your loved one’s life by freeing them to respect the conformity that is necessary for moving on with life.

What is a Bail Bond in Newton, CT?

The option of bail in the form of scripted agreement (a bond) or monetary deposit was actually carried forward into the U.S. Constitution along with the right to bear arms.  The tradition of bail stems forward from the continent (Europe) and it dictated that a person should be permitted to livelihood and sustenance until the charges are heard and resolved by a magistrate.  This is the dividing line between protection of liberty and protection of justice.  In a time when it took days or weeks to travel what we do now in hours, the conditions of bail or bail bond still apply.  You are entitled to the ability to maintain your livelihood while you await your due process.

You should be able to see that the best confidential discussion of an arrest in Newton, CT for any type of charge is with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.   The township of Newton has no real enemies except the factions that have emerged either as reaction to or in sympathy with that ongoing institution of Second Amendment supporters.  Whether you are pro or against more intense scrutiny of gun ownership and licensing, you need to wrap your senses around the current incident that may have nothing to do with a weapon, but everything to do with caring for the welfare of a loved one.

Call (844) 400-BAIL for direct contact with an experienced agent who can solve all the problems without you having to change from slippers to shoes.  All transactions can be conducted via a secured web-site and all discussions are held in strictest confidence.

Bail amounts are dictated by the state of Connecticut in a bail schedule which is independent of any fees (e.g. towing, vehicle storage, damages, special meal catering) that might be assessed against the arrested individual; the bail schedule rate may be compounded in the case of multiple same offenses.  The bail bond rate accepted is 10% for 5,000 or less, and 7% for cases where the scheduled bail is in excess of 5,000.

In human terms this means that an arrested individual may be released on a bail bond for a percentage of the bail amount  (bail bond = $300 for $3000 bail amount).  In most cases, a licensed bail bond agent will accept payment terms and sometimes collateral, as even the bail bond rate for an arrest might be too large amount to pitch in at 0-dark-thirty.

Mr. Nice Guy provides you with a single processing fee based on the charges and identifies what terms you may need to commit to a bond.   Contact Mr. Nice Guy’s professional agents toll free at (844) 400-BAIL (2245) under strictest confidentiality (any time of the day or night) to speak with a live licensed bail bonds person.

How does bail bonds work in Newton, CT?

Upon completion of the obligation to court and penalty assessments, the bail (or bail bond) is released back to the issuer.  The individual facing charges must attend to their court appearances (for hearing, possibly trial, sentencing) until the case is resolved.   Regardless of what arrangements you make for a bail bond, Mr. Nice Guy can assure you that you will be assessed a processing fee only once during the entire life of the bond. 

Contact Mr. Nice Guy’s professional agents toll free at (844) 400-BAIL (2245) under strictest confidentiality (any time of the day or night) to speak with a live licensed bail bonds person. Mr. Nice Guy accepts just about any form of payment VISA, MasterCard, Bit-Coin, and will setup a payment plan with you to suit your budget

How to pay for bail in Newton, CT? 

Bail bonds tie up less capital for the time it takes the case to be resolved and your Mr. Nice Guy bail bonds agent deals directly with the judicial process at the location of the arrest. 

Mr. Nice Guy promotes the “why pay more” because full bail amounts are sometimes overwhelming and the subject may have additional fees (vehicle impound, etc.) that surface after the arrest.  Contact Mr. Nice Guy’s professional agents toll free at (844) 400-BAIL (2245) under strictest confidentiality (any time of the day or night) to speak with a live licensed bail bonds person. All the processing can be done on-line via phone or computer.


The murder of Helle Craft was the inspiration of a series television shows and a Best Picture Oscar (Fargo).  The town of Sandy Hook razed the school where Adam Lanza killed 26 persons, mostly under the age of 8, and built another in its place.  The idea was to bury the association of the incident from the structure. It took less than 11 minutes for the entire incident at Sandy Hook Elementary School to take place and the fallout goes on, with the most recent lawsuit being settled 10/19/2019 with appeal pending.    

The case you or your loved one faces might have an outward affect over the years, but the chances are their charges will not extend in to the infinite.   There is always an opportunity to rebound and rebuild.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) anytime of the day or night for a little added help in rebuilding your life.