National Bail Bonds

If you or a loved one gets arrested while traveling within the United States, you may worry about how you'll get out of jail and back home without too much hassle. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is here for you!

Mr. Nice Guy can bail you out of jail in any state in the nation that allows bail. One call to (844) 400- BAIL will reach one of the licensed, profession bail bondsmen at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. They'll get to work immediately, to get you out of jail and home again!

When calling Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, you'll need to have the name and phone number of the jail where you or a friend are being held, the booking number and full name of the person in custody, and, if possible, the amount of the bail being required.

Can I Post Bail for Someone in Another State from California?

You can bail someone out of jail from California, even if they're in jail in another state. That's great news if you know someone who needs that kind of help! While you could try to work with the jail system in another state to post bail for a friend or loved one, the easiest way to get them out of jail in another state is to call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844)400-2245. Mr. Nice Guy will work with the legal system anywhere in the U.S., pay their bond, and get them home again. You can rest easy, after calling one of Mr. Nice Guy's friendly, professional bondsmen. They'll work with you to explain the process, get you the best rates on out of state bail bonds, and work with the jail or detention center to get your friend or loved one back home quickly.

What if I Live in California, But Get Arrested Somewhere else in the nation?

Whenever people travel away from home, they hope to have a pleasant trip and avoid any run-ins with law enforcement. However, if you do find yourself interacting with law enforcement during your travels, it's important to note that most police officers are good, honest people who just want to return home to their families at night. But, their job is dangerous. When suspects struggle, or yell, the police officer feels an increased level of awareness and danger. This creates a volatile situation for both the officer and the person being arrested. So, it's important to remember:

  • Stay Calm!
  • Don't struggle physically with the police, even if they feel they need to detain you.
  • Don't yell, or shout obscenities, at anyone.
  • Try to remain reasonable.
  • Conduct yourself in a way that will allow the police officers to see that your conduct has only been what was required by the situation.

If you are arrested the arresting officer should inform you of your Miranda Rights:

  • You have the right to remain silent – They can't make you talk, other than to provide your name, address, and show some sort of identification, upon request.
  • Anything you say can be used against you – If you choose to talk to the authorities, the statements you make can be used against you in court.
  • You have the right to an attorney – You can ask to have an attorney present while they question you. If you ask for an attorney but continue to talk to the officers, while you wait for your attorney, the answers you give can still be used against you.
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you – If you cannot afford an attorney, but would like to have one, the court will appoint an attorney for you, free of charge.

Once you've been transported to the detention facility or jail, you should be informed of the charges against you and the bail that will be required. Your very next call should be to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. Their professional, friendly bail bondsmen are standing by 24-hours a day, to help get you out of jail and back home to friends and family as quickly as possible. (844)400-2245

National Bail Bondsman in California

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is the number one bail bond company in Southern California. You shouldn't have to deal with an out of state bail bondsman, just because you get arrested somewhere else. Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844)400-2245. They have friendly, professional agents who can work over the phone to get you out of jail as fast as possible. Mr. Nice Guy is licensed to post bail bonds in any state where commercial bail is allowed.

When you work with Mr. Nice Guy to post your out of state bail in Arizona, you can look forward to dealing with a local company, once you get home. No need to deal with someone out of state until you've resolved your legal situation. One call to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds and you'll be out of jail in no time!

Posting Bail Out of Sate

To post bail for someone out of state, you'll have to get the cash or property that you'll be using for bail to the location where your friend or loved one is being held. One of the best things about using Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to get a friend out of jail in another state, is that you won't have to travel there in order to post the bail. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed professionals can contact the jail for you and make all of the arrangements to get you or your loved one out of jail and on their way as soon as possible. Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds now to get someone working on your case immediately. Call (844)400-BAIL (2245).

How Can I Get Someone Out of Jail in Another State?

If you have a friend or loved one in jail in another state, you'll want to get them home as soon as possible. To bail someone out of jail in another state, you'll need to find out how much bail is required and figure out a way to get the money to the jail. You could also contact a bail bondsman in the area where your friend or loved one is being held. However, by using a California Bail Bondsman, you'll avoid the difficulty of having a restriction placed on the defendant being allowed to leave the state. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is a California Bail Bond Company and will work hard to make it a condition of the bond that the defendant is allowed to return home. Once home, you won't have to deal with an out of state company for continued bonds. Many legal cases can drag on for months or even years. Some bail bond companies require a renewal of premium on the anniversary of the bail bond. Mr. Nice Guy never charges a renewal. Once you've secured a bond through Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, there are no additional fees or recurring charges. Mr. Nice Guy will even work with you on establishing a payment plan for a bail bond, to help get yourself or a loved one out of jail when you're on a budget. It just doesn't get much nicer than that!

How Much do National Bail Bonds Cost?

The rates on bail bonds vary from state to state. For instance, the states of California and Arizona requires that all bail bond companies charge 10% of the total amount of bail, in order to post bond for a defendant. That means that if the bail is $20,000, the bail bondsman is required to charge $2,000 to post a bond in place of the bail. On the other hand, the State of Colorado requires bail bond companies to charge 15% and some states have no set maximum.. The rates the law requires for Federal and Immigration Bonds can be as high as 15 – 20%. But, all of these rates are set by statute, and all bail bond companies are required to charge the same amount.

You can find more information about what each state allows for bail premiums here.

Best Rates on National Bail Bonds

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has the best rates on national bail bonds. There's no lower rate available, anywhere. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds saves you money in other ways, as well.

Other companies charge hidden fees like:

  • Notary Fees
  • Travel Expenses
  • Posting Fees
  • Annual Premiums
  • Late File Premiums
  • Interest on Financing
  • Processing Fees

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds doesn't charge any of these fees. There is always just one flat rate, no interest, no hidden fees, no surprises. Other companies may advertise the same 10% rate that everyone is required to charge. But, what they don't tell you is all the other fees you'll end up paying. Mr. Nice Guy never charges these additional fees, so you'll end up paying a lower rate, no matter what the other guys are advertising.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to start the bail bond process and get out of jail fast, even if you're in jail in another state! (844)400-2245 Call Now!