Bounty Hunting


Services through Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds don’t simply end at Bail Bond and Immigration Bond services.  The licensed staff is prepared to assist in recovery, legal and investigation operations with the same commitment to the justice system.  The agents are trained to find the fugitive, the subject of interest, and service the essential needs of the courts or other civil demands.  Mr. Nice Guy will probably never have a TV Show because the staff is committed to maintaining a level of professionalism under all circumstances.  Here’s a list of what they can accomplish:

Bounty Hunting – Return bail fugitives to the system so that all of the commitment that family or associates have given is not forfeited.  Deploy the same energies to assist area law enforcement or legal entities to achieve the same result.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed staff has experience seeking and finding persons where others don’t want to go.

Process Serving – Deliver legal documents to individuals as part of a trial (summons, eviction, ) or part of a complaint (lawsuit, restraining order, etc.) or for legal disclosure (subpoena) or the formal court documents for any type of litigation (official filings) that are required for court delivery.

Private Investigations – Why can’t this person provide child support?  How well do you know this person?  Am I being cheated on?  How incapacitated is this person who claimed total disability after a car accident?  Some things beg to be found out truthfully and honestly.  For every request Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed staff can help answer those questions.

For inquiries into how Mr. Nice Guy can assist in your or your business’ needs in moving forward with any of the above call (844) 400-2245.

Recovery of Bail Fugitives

It’s not beyond the staff of Mr. Nice Guy to apprehend their own bail bond candidates to shuttle them to appropriate lock up so that they can make their commitments to the court and prevent family members from forfeiting their support stake in their bail.   A bail fugitive is a defendant in a pending legal case, released from custody under a financial bond, who has violated the conditions of their bond. When a person violates the conditions of their bond and the bond has been declared forfeited, the person then becomes subject to apprehension and re-incarceration under the conditions of the bond.

The licensed and professional bail agents with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds are also licensed as a bail fugitive recovery agents, capable of tracking, completing accurate surveillance, and recovering persons who have “jumped bail” or abandoned their legal obligation to appear for their court proceedings.

People forget that freedom from jail came at a cost (however small the premium may seem), that someone else paid in order for them to get out.  That money is forfeited if they fail to appear and-or fail their obligations in the disposition of the case.   If a bailed out offender skips the obligation, they are harming the people who helped them to begin with, and Mr. Nice Guy agents operate to recover the investment of faith for the people who cared enough to try.  What happens beyond that is up to the individual, but no one is going to continue to assist if you can’t prove your worthiness to stand up to your charges.

Mr. Nice Guy agents serve all persons who have faithfully put up the collateral or investment to secure the bond for a significant other or relative’s freedom and now find themselves without a means to recover their investment.  It’s a hard lesson, but agents are trained and prepared to seek out, locate, safely apprehend and deliver those candidates back to court or incarceration so that bail investments can be recovered.  Call (844) 400-2245 for information about finding persons who have skipped on their bail conditions and left you holding the financial bag.  Do you have time to spend all the effort in wild goose chases after friends and contacts of the bail skipper – find out where they are working or living or why they can’t answer their phones or get to their court obligations.

In these cases there are clues to the problem before it becomes critical:

  • The person out on bail does not answer your calls.
  • The person out on bail no longer resides at last known address.
  • The person out on bail no longer works at the same location.
  • No friends or associates are giving up information about the person out on bail.

What can a trained bounty hunter provide you with?   Mr. Nice Guy agents are licensed and trained to safely perform surveillance and deploy non-lethal means to support capture of individuals on the lam from their responsibility.  They are experienced at tracking and locating persons, and have a network of agents prepared to quickly accomplish what a single person might never be able to accomplish safely.  Here are some examples of why you might need Bounty Hunting services:

  • You posted bail for a relative and used collateral (house, car, or other) to secure the bond. That person has ignored their responsibility and doesn’t acknowledge your calls or your existence.  They don’t have any respect for the magnitude of your support or the impact that it bears on you.  Your time is better working with estate planners and letting Mr. Nice Guy’s agents deal with recovering the bail fugitive.
  • You posted bail for a boyfriend or girlfriend and have since broken up and they refuse to acknowledge your calls or own-up to your help. Even close mutual associates ignore your requests to find them.    Again, this individual has no respect for the assistance that you gave and is operating in complete disregard for your situation.  It is fitting that they will only get the opportunity to make things difficult for you ONCE.
  • You find out that you posted bail for someone who has since moved to a remote place in another county where that person and friends are squatting in an unoccupied house. Consider your personal safety!

Licensed and Safe Recovery of Bail Fugitives

While you may have a personal interest in ensuring that someone be returned to court before the bail money is lost, it isn't generally safe to go after a defendant and try to return them to court on your own. Special regulations govern bounty hunting, and specialized training is needed to ensure the safety of both the seeker and the person being sought.

The experienced bounty hunters with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds are licensed and trained in tracking, locating and bringing back people who are running from the law. They use methods that ensure the greatest safety to both the agent and the fugitive.

California Bounty Hunters

If you need a bounty hunter in California, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-BAIL. The licensed and professional agents with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help you find the person you're looking for and return them to law enforcement agents, allowing you to recoup your financial investment.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for Bounty Hunters in California at (844) 400-2245.


1.  Bounty Hunter for a Wayward Grandson

Grandparents have put up their home as collateral for a grandson's bail. But the grandson decides he'd rather hang out with friends than show up for court. If the grandparents are unable to locate the grandson in the days before the court date, and encourage his attendance, they may begin to worry that their grandson has no intention of showing up in court to face the charges against him.

The grandparents know that if the grandson doesn't appear for his proceedings, their home will be lost. Calls to the boy’s phone go unanswered and friends claim to have no knowledge of his whereabouts. Busy with jobs and life, the grandparents have no time or desire to be the one to hunt down the grandson and ensure that he appears for trial. However, they can't afford to lose their home.

This would be the perfect time to call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. The licensed and professional agents with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds will take care to ensure the safety of a grandchild, while still making sure they fulfill their legal obligation to appear in court. Upon the grandson's appearance in court, the property will be released safely back to the grandparents, where it belongs.

  1. Bounty Hunter Puts an X on the Ex

Claire writes: My boyfriend got arrested for DUI and called me for help in posting his bail. I didn't want to leave him in jail, so of course I used my credit card to post the bail. He promised he would make sure I got my money back. I was happy to have him home, soon afterward we started fighting and he moved out.

His court date was coming up and I hadn't talked to him for days, so I decided to call and remind him that he better show up in court so I could get my money back. But he wouldn't answer his phone! I started calling his friends and family, but they wouldn't tell me where he was, either.

Finally, I called got a bounty hunter to help me out. He helped me find my ex and made sure he showed up for court when he was supposed to. I got my money back!

These are services that Mr. Nice Guy can provide through their network of licensed agents.  If you need a bounty hunter in California, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-BAIL.   They know how important your investment is to you and will make certain you get it back.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for Bounty Hunters in California at (844) 400-2245