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California Bounty Hunter

Thanks to reality TV shows like “Dog The Bounty Hunter,” many people think they know what a bounty hunter is and does. It appears to be a glamorous career, perfect for the movies made in California every day. However, the realities of bounty hunting in California are much different than the edited and re-enacted “reality” shows would lead you to believe. Bounty hunters are a valuable asset to bail bond companies, law enforcement agencies, and private citizens. They assist the legal community by helping to ensure that accused persons who have been released on bail make their appearances for court and trial, fulfilling the terms of their pretrial release.

What Is A Bounty Hunter?

Bounty hunting services are provided by individuals who are trained in investigative and recovery processes. They help locate individuals who are avoiding their legal obligation to the courts while out on bail. Many times, bounty hunters are employed by the bail bond agencies who issued the bail bond in the first place. However, there are times when private citizens find themselves in need of a bounty hunter, as well.

When parents, spouses, partners, friends or relatives become the depositor of bail to the court so that an arrestee can get out of jail, they have made a significant financial investment in that person. They cannot have their deposit returned unless the arrestee honors their obligation to the courts and appears for all hearings and trial. When the arrestee “skips out” on their bail, bounty hunters are trained to find the fugitive and ensure that they appear in court to satisfy the demands of the legal system. This also allows the bail deposit to be returned to the person who made it.

Defining Bounty Hunter Terminology

Bail – Money or property deposited with the court to ensure a defendants compliance with court-ordered appearances and trial proceedings.

Bail Depositor – The person or entity that pays the money to the court on behalf of the defendant. This could be the defendant themselves, or another person on their behalf.

Bail Bond – A bond filed with the court on behalf of a defendant to obtain their release from jail. A bail bond is issued by a surety company, through a bail bond agent or agency.

Bail Bond Agency – A company that works with a surety company to write bail bonds on behalf of defendants.

Bail Bond Agent – A licensed individual, working for a bail bond agency or a surety company to write bail bonds to help defendant obtain release from jail pending hearings and trial.

Bail Fugitive – A person who has been released on bail and failed to appear for court-ordered proceedings. Also known as a bail skip or bail jump.

Bail Forfeiture – An order issued by the court requiring that the full amount of bail promised by the bond or deposited with the court by the depositor be surrendered to the court because of a defendant’s failure to fulfill the conditions of their pretrial release.

Bounty Hunter – A person trained to apprehend those who are avoiding their legal obligation after an arrest, also known as a bail fugitive recovery person.

Authority To Apprehend – A document issued by the person or entity who deposited the bail or filed a bail bond with the court on behalf of the fugitive. A bounty hunter must have this document in their possession when they pursue and apprehend the defendant and return them to the proper authorities.

The details of the penal code pertaining to bounty hunting can be found in Penal Code Part 2 Of Criminal Procedure, Title 10, Chapter 1, Article 5.5.

Who Needs A Bounty Hunter?

Many people need to use a bounty hunter to locate someone who has skipped out on their bail. Often, friends or family members will deposit the bail money with the court on the arrestee’s promise to return for all court dates and appearances. If the arrestee complies with all of the terms of their release (most importantly appearing for hearings and trial), the depositor will have the bail money returned to them at the conclusion of the legal process. However, if the person who is out on bail fails to appear, that bail can be lost. If property has been pledged as bail, the depositor could lose their home or other property to the court. This is when a bounty hunter becomes an asset to ordinary citizens.

The depositor of bail has a right to expect that the arrestee will fulfill their obligation and return for court appearances. All too often, however, the individual who is out on bail will just disappear, not wanting to risk going to jail if they appear for their court proceedings. Then, they “skip out” on their bail, or just disappear.

Once the arrestee has disappeared, it can be difficult for the depositor of bail to know where they’ve gone or how to make sure they get back to the authorities. They need help. And, the help they need, is a fugitive recovery specialist, aka a bounty hunter.

How To Hire A Bounty Hunter

If you are a depositor of bail who doesn’t know where the arrestee is, you’ll need to hire a bounty hunter. There are a lot of choices out there and you’ll want to be sure you find the best fugitive recovery agent for the job. You will need a fugitive recovery agent who is experienced and has a good track record for both safety and successful conclusions. Don’t be afraid to interview several potential candidates and choose a person that you can relate to and you feel will represent your best interests.

Where To Find A Bounty Hunter

Many bail bond agents are also trained and experiences bounty hunters. All of the experienced bail bond agents at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds have years of experience in locating and returning bail skips, both for their own business and for others. They have worked been working in the bail bond industry for many years and understand the unique stresses that legal difficulties can place on a family. They will work with you to ensure that the bail skip is returned to the proper authorities, safe and sound, and they’ll be considerate of your feelings in the process.

If you need to find a bounty hunter in California, call Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245 or click HERE to complete the online fugitive recover form to get started.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Bounty Hunter?

You need a fugitive recovery agent to return a bail skip to the authorities so that you can get your bail deposit back from the courts. It’s normal that you would wonder how much a bounty hunter is going to cost. After all, is it worth it?

Bounty hunters generally recover a bail skip for a percentage of the amount of the bail that has been deposited and they only get paid once the arrestee has been turned over to the proper authorities and the bail deposit has been returned. While each case may differ in cost, it is going to be in your best interest to employ a bounty hunter who is invested in the return of your bail deposit. They’ll be motivated to assist you in the quickest way possible while taking care to ensure that the bail skip is safely apprehended.

How To Know If You Need A Bounty Hunter

You may need a bounty hunter because you’ve been the depositor of bail for a friend or family member and they’ve neglected their duty to you in appearing for court proceedings. If you suddenly find that they aren’t taking your calls, or not showing up when they’re supposed to, aren’t where they’re supposed to be at night, you might get suspicious that they’re not planning on keeping their upcoming court date. Often, arrestees who have been bailed out by friends or family members will avoid those same people if they’re not planning to honor their obligation to appear in court. They may stop going to work or even leave town so that law enforcement officers won’t know where to pick them up once they’ve missed their court date.

If you’re the depositor of bail for an arrestee and have become suspicious of their behavior and doubt their intention to show up for a court hearing, call a bounty hunter and get some help. If the arrestee has already missed a court date, you need a bounty hunter immediately! Don’t let the individual in question get even further away by waiting to see if they show up in a week or two. The sooner you call a bounty hunter for help, the sooner they can get your money back from the court and the arrestee with the proper authorities.

If you need a bounty hunter, or even if you’re not sure if you do, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds and visit with one of the experienced bail bond agents. They have years of experience working with people in legal trouble and can help you determine if the time is right to hire a bounty hunter. Call (844) 400-BAIL (2245) to speak to an experienced bounty hunter who can help you today!

Bounty Hunting Across State Lines

If an arrestee skips bail and leaves the State of California, you’ll need a bounty hunter who is able to work across state lines. The fugitive recovery specialists at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds have been building relationships with bail bond agencies and other bounty hunters across the nation for years. Not only can they personally travel anywhere in the nation to find the person you need, but they can reach out through their network of contacts to sometimes work even more quickly to apprehend the individual in question.

Do I Need A Bounty Hunter?

If you have posted bail on behalf of another person who has failed to meet the requirements of their pretrial release, you might need the services of a bounty hunter to locate the defendant and return them to custody so that you can get your money back from the court. Posting bail for another person can represent a large financial investment, with the bail amount often running in the tens of thousands of dollars. Whatever your reason for being willing to put up cash or collateral for an individual to get out of jail on bail, you won’t want to lose that investment just because the defendant has decided not to honor their obligations.

A bounty hunter will work on your behalf to locate the bail fugitive and return them to the proper authorities. This is NOT something that you should try to do on your own. Bounty hunters are trained professionals who are skilled in investigation and apprehension who can work more quickly and safely on your behalf.

Here are just a few situations that might indicate that you require the services of a bounty hunter:

  • You have posted bail on behalf of a relative and use collateral, such as a house or car to secure the bond. Now, that person is ducking your calls, avoiding your visits, and has failed to complete the terms of their pretrial release.
  • You have posted bail on behalf of a boyfriend or girlfriend who has since broken up with you. They are avoiding your calls and no longer live at their last known address.
  • You have posted bail for a friend or loved one who suddenly no longer lives where they used to. You can’t find them or learn that they’ve moved far away.

In all of these situations, the person for whom you have posted bail shows no regard for your investment or your feelings. They have used you to get out of jail and now aren’t willing to help you get your investment returned. You need the services of a bounty hunter who can locate and safely detain the bail fugitive and retrieve your investment for you.

Real Life Situations Requiring Bounty Hunter Expertise

Grandparents are often called upon to help out grandchildren who have gotten into trouble with the law. Their affections for their grandchildren make grandparents an easy target for requests of this nature. One set of grandparents were willing to help out a grandson by allowing their paid-for home to be used as collateral for his release.

As time went on, however, the grandson quit coming around. He stopped answering their phone calls. His trial date was approaching and the boy was nowhere to be found. Even his friends claimed not to know where the boy was.

The grandparents became worried, knowing that if the grandson failed to appear for his trial date, they could lose their home as a forfeiture of bail. This was the perfect time to call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. The grandparents lacked the experience and knowledge to track the grandson through his friends and social media accounts. But trained bounty hunters know exactly what to do. They were able to locate the grandson and return him to the authorities in time for his court appearance, saving the grandparents the embarrassment and legal jeopardy of failing to appear.


Bounty Hunter For An Ex

Oftentimes a boyfriend or girlfriend is willing to post bail in order to have their significant other safely home again. The relationship doesn’t always last long enough for the legal trouble to get sorted out. This can leave an ex who’s on the hook for bail money, while the defendant is living it up with someone else.

Claire writes: My boyfriend got arrested for DUI and called me for help in posting his bail. I didn't want to leave him in jail, so of course, I used my credit card to post the bail. He promised he would make sure I got my money back. I was happy to have him home, but before long we started fighting and he moved out.

His court date was coming up and I hadn't talked to him for days, so I decided to call and remind him that he better show up in court so I could get my money back. But he wouldn't answer his phone! I started calling his friends and family, but they wouldn't tell me where he was, either.

Finally, I called got a bounty hunter to help me out. He helped me find my ex and made sure he showed up for court when he was supposed to. I got my money back!

What Can A Trained Bounty Hunter Do For You?

The trained, licensed, and experienced bail bond agents who work with Mr. Nice Guy can safely perform the surveillance and investigation necessary to locate a bail fugitive at your request. They are experienced in tracking and locating persons, and skilled in non-lethal methods of detention.

By hiring a bounty hunter to track down a bail fugitive for you, you can avoid potentially dangerous situations, leaving the apprehension and return in the hands of skilled fugitive recovery agents.

Other Services Bounty Hunters Can Provide

Beyond the obvious service of locating someone who is trying not to fulfill their legal obligations, bounty hunters can provide a number of other important services, as well. A large portion of the value a bounty hunter provides to a bail depositor is helping to negotiate the court system, knowing what paperwork to file and with whom, to avoid or delay the forfeiture of bail, allowing more time to find the bail fugitive.

Bounty hunters are often licensed private investigators who can:

  • Perform child support investigations.
  • Background checks and surveillance.
  • Infidelity investigations.
  • Disability investigations.

If you find yourself in need of a private investigator or bounty hunter, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away. The licensed and experienced bail bond agents can also provide you with bounty hunting services, locating and returning your bail fugitive without you having to be in harm’s way.

For trained bounty hunters near you call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245

ICE Bond Bounty Hunters

In these days of immigration uncertainty, many people find themselves wanting to help out a friend, loved one, or neighbor who has been arrested by ICE. Bail bond agencies are not often used to post ICE bonds, leaving individuals to make sizable bail deposits with the agency so that their friend or loved one can go free, pending their immigration hearings. All too often, however, the person out on an ICE bond just disappears. This leaves the friend or family member at risk of losing their entire, often sizable, investment.

A bounty hunter can work on behalf of the person who paid the bail to ICE. They will locate the bail skip and return them for their hearings so that the individual who posted bail on their behalf can reclaim their cash or collateral.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds works with individuals who seek bail fugitives who have skipped out on ICE bonds. They can help you get your bail money back so you can get your life back to normal. Don’t try to chase down a bail skipper on your own, let Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds do the hard work for you. Call (844) 400-2245 for ICE bond bounty hunters today!

Out Of State Bounty Hunting

Whether your bail skip is from California and has fled to another state, or fled from another state into California, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help you locate them in a hurry. Through their wide network of bail bond agencies and bounty hunting contacts, Mr. Nice Guy can help locate and return a fugitive from places that other people wouldn’t want to go. Their training and years of expertise ensure that the person you’re seeking will be back with the proper authorities in no time.

What Can A California Bounty Hunter Legally Do?

Bounty hunters are trained individuals who are skilled in investigative techniques, have complied with state-mandated training, who can locate bail fugitives, detain them and return them to the proper authorities. While the majority of the time this is done without a lot of fanfare, bounty hunters do have some leeway in the way they are allowed to search for and detain bail fugitives.

When a person signs their bail agreement, they surrender some rights to the person who has deposited their bail. They give up certain rights to search and surveillance that make it easier for bounty hunters to track and locate bail fugitives.

Bounty hunters are generally allowed to enter the home of the bail fugitive without a warrant and also to transport them across state lines if needed. Bounty hunters are allowed to detain the bail fugitive, including the use of handcuffs or other restraints, if necessary.

In California, bounty hunters are required to inform the local law enforcement departments of their intentions to apprehend a person within their jurisdiction. This notification is required to take place no more than 6 hours before the apprehension. They must carry on their person the authorization from the bail depositor to detain the bail fugitive, as well as all documentation pertaining to their compliance with the state-mandated training.  California does not allow bounty hunters to wear colors, clothing, uniforms or badges that would lead an ordinary person to mistake them for law enforcement.

Can Bounty Hunters Carry A Gun?

Most of the time, the apprehension of a bail fugitive doesn’t require the use of force. Once found, the defendant willingly returns to the authorities without incident. However, bounty hunters are also private citizens who are generally allowed to carry weapons in compliance with local laws.

Find A California Bounty Hunter Near You

If you find yourself in need of the professional services that a bounty hunter in California can provide, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds should be your very first call. They have locations throughout the state and relationships with bail bond agents throughout the nation. They will work hard to locate a bail fugitive for you and regain the investment you stand to lose.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds as soon as you suspect something might be off with your situation. Call (844) 400-2245 to find a bounty hunter near you today!


*This article is an just an opinion piece and is not legal advice. Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds does NOT offer training, and NO we are not hiring.  For those interesting in the bail industry for employment, please contact a licensed bail education provider in your state.