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Fugitive Recovery

Fugitive Recovery In California

When a person is arrested, they’re taken to jail, to await hearings and trial. Cash bail has been a means of obtaining a pretrial release for defendants in America since before the Revolutionary War. Cash bail is the process of depositing a sum of money with the courts to ensure that the defendant will appear for court proceedings. The defendant can pay their own bail, or someone else may pay that bail for them. Collateral such as property, vehicles, and stocks or bonds are sometimes used in place of cash bail. Whoever makes the payment of bail to the court is known as the “depositor of bail.”

When bail is deposited with the court, the depositor and the arrestee sign documentation that acknowledge that the bail will be forfeited if the arrestee fails to appear for court proceedings. The depositor of bail is gambling on the integrity of the arrestee and making an investment in that person’s life. Depositors of bail are most often friends, spouses and family members of the arrestee who want to keep the defendant out of jail for as long as possible.

Fugitive Recovery Terms Defined

The terminology used to discuss bail bonds, pretrial release conditions and the circumstances that might require you to hire a fugitive recovery agent could use some clarification.

Bail – Money or property deposited with the court to ensure a defendants compliance with court-ordered appearances and trial proceedings.

Bail Depositor – The person or entity that pays the money to the court on behalf of the defendant. This could be the defendant themselves, or another person on their behalf.

Bail Bond – A bond filed with the court on behalf of a defendant to obtain their release from jail. A bail bond is issued by a surety company, through a bail bond agent or agency.

Bail Bond Agency – A company that works with a surety company to write bail bonds on behalf of defendants.

Bail Bond Agent – A licensed individual, working for a bail bond agency or a surety company to write bail bonds to help defendant obtain release from jail pending hearings and trial.

Bail Fugitive – A person who has been released on bail and failed to appear for court-ordered proceedings. Also known as a bail skip or bail jump.

Bail Forfeiture – An order issued by the court requiring that the full amount of bail promised by the bond or deposited with the court by the depositor be surrendered to the court because of a defendant’s failure to fulfill the conditions of their pretrial release.

Fugitive Recover Person – A person trained to apprehend those who are avoiding their legal obligation after an arrest, also known as a bounty hunter.

Authority To Apprehend – A document issued by the person or entity who deposited the bail or filed a bail bond with the court on behalf of the fugitive. A bounty hunter must have this document in their possession when they pursue and apprehend the defendant and return them to the proper authorities.

The details of the penal code pertaining to bail fugitive recovery can be found in Penal Code Part 2 Of Criminal Procedure, Title 10, Chapter 1, Article 5.5.

What Is A Bail Fugitive?

When a person fails to uphold their obligation to appear for legal proceedings in a criminal matter, they become a fugitive from justice, subject to arrest if located by proper authorities. They are officially known as a bail fugitive and most of the time a judge will issue a bench warrant for the bail fugitive’s arrest. If the bail fugitive’s freedom has been secured by a financial bond deposited by another person, the depositor of bail understandably wants this person found and made to appear for his legal proceedings.

If you have placed financial security for someone's bond, and they have failed to appear for their legal proceedings, you may want to employ someone to help you find them and return them to the proper authorities. This will enable you to reclaim the money or property that you placed at risk on their behalf.

The professional, licensed bail bond agents with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds are highly trained in fugitive recovery. They employ methods that ensure the safety of the fugitive and the agent, allowing them to appropriately track and locate people who are avoiding their legal obligation and return them for processing.

Forfeiture Of Bail

When a person out on bail fails to appear, the judge will most often issue a bench warrant for their arrest and an order for the forfeiture of the bail that the court is holding. One of the most important parts of fugitive recovery is the financial recovery that is due to the depositor of bail. Extensions need to be filed immediately to postpone the forfeiture of bail and give the depositor and their agents more time to locate the bail fugitive.

One of the ways that Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can be of service to you if you are the depositor or guarantor of someone’s bail, is to assist you in filing the appropriate paperwork to buy more time to locate the individual in question. It is important to get help with this aspect of the recovery as quickly as possible after the failure to appear has taken place.

Only the depositor of bail or the Indemnitor, also known as the co-signor, of the bail, can retain the services of a fugitive recovery person to assist them in locating the fugitive and returning them to custody so that the bail can be released. If you are the depositor or cosigner of bail for someone who has failed to appear, don’t waste any time. Call Mr. Nice Guy today and get someone on your side who can help you get your money back! Call (844) 400-2245.

What Is A Fugitive Recovery Agent?

A fugitive recovery agent, also known as a bounty hunter, is a person over, 18 years of age, who have completed the training required by the state in which they operate, who is retained by a depositor of bail to locate and return a bail fugitive. Fugitive recovery agents work with bail bond agencies, law enforcement, and the public, assisting the legal system by locating defendants who try to evade their legal obligations.

In the State of California, you’re not required to obtain a specific license to become a fugitive recovery person, but certain training requirements must be met and proof of that training must be carried at all times. Many people who work in fugitive recovery are also licensed bail bond agents who work for a surety company to writing bail bonds. Bail bond agents must meet additional training and licensing requirements overseen by the California Department of Insurance.

Fugitive recovery persons work on behalf of those who have deposited bail for a defendant. When a defendant has failed to keep the terms of their pretrial release by failing to appear for their court date, they must be located and returned to the proper authorities so that the cash bail, collateral or bond can be released from the court and the depositor can regain their investment. If the defendant is not returned to the proper authorities, the bail depositor will forfeit their deposit. In other words, if the defendant doesn’t show up for a court hearing, the person who paid their bail won’t get their money back.

If you have posted bail for a friend or family member and are concerned that they will not or have not complied with the terms of their release, you may need the help of a fugitive recovery agent. You can call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to discuss your situation. They can help you determine the best way to proceed, in order to ensure that your financial investment is safe.

When Should I Consult A Fugitive Recovery Specialist?

It may be difficult to know the exact moment that it’s time to employ a professional fugitive recovery person. Here are some real-life examples of situations that need the assistance of a recovery agent.

Locating A Wayward Grandchild

Grandparents who have used their home or other property as collateral for a grandchild who is in trouble with the law may worry that they could lose their home if the grandchild doesn’t fulfill the terms of their pretrial release by attending court dates. As the date draws closer, the grandparents reach out to their grandchild, to reassure themselves that all is well. Instead of reaching their grandchild, however, calls go unanswered and messages unreturned. A visit to the grandchild’s home reveals that they’ve moved and friends won’t tell grandma and grandpa where they’ve gone. This is the moment that they need help. A fugitive recovery agent can locate the grandchild and ensure their appearance in court, relieving the grandparents of the worry and stress of losing their home.

Relationship Tanks – Taking Your Money With It

When relationship partners put up bail money for a boyfriend or girlfriend, the deposit of bail is seen as a financial investment in the relationship. They make the investment under the assumption that the relationship will outlast the legal proceedings. This isn’t always the case, however. Once the arrestee has moved on from the relationship, the person who made the bail deposit understandably becomes nervous about their investment, which may now be at risk.

As the court date gets closer, the depositor reaches out to the arrestee, only to find that they’ve changed their phone number. Friends refuse to tell the ex where the arrestee is, and there’s no indication that they intend to fulfill their obligation to the court or the bail depositor. As the court date comes and goes, the judge issues a forfeiture of bail order, and the ex-partner is in danger of losing all of the money they’ve put up.

Even at this late date, a fugitive recovery specialist can help. They can assist you in filing paperwork with the court to put off the forfeiture, to give you and them time to locate the bail fugitive and return them to the proper authorities.

Once the bail fugitive is located and returned to jail, the bail can be released to the depositor. For assistance in locating someone that you’ve posted bail for, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. The licensed and professional bail bond agents that work with Mr. Nice Guy can assist you by locating the bail fugitive and making sure you get your money back. Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245 to speak to a fugitive recovery specialist today.

Where Can I Find A Fugitive Recovery Person?

Fugitive recovery agents are private citizens who have received the training required by their state to engage in fugitive recovery. In California, fugitive recovery does not require a specific license, but the professionals who work in this arena are also often licensed as bail bond agents. The bail bond industry is licensed and overseen by the California Department of Insurance. Bail bond agents receive training and maintain a license to write bonds in the State of California. These same agents are often trained and experienced fugitive recovery specialists.

If you’re looking for a fugitive recovery person to assist you in locating and returning a bail skip to the proper authorities, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds and speak with one of their experiences bail fugitive recovery agents. (844) 400-2245

How Much Do Fugitive Recovery Agents Get Paid?

Whether you’re thinking of becoming a fugitive recovery person, or need to hire one, you may wonder what a fugitive recovery person gets paid. Often fugitive recovery agents are referred to as bounty hunters because, as the name suggests, the rate of pay is often tied to the value of the person being sought.

A person becomes a bail fugitive by failing to fulfill the obligations that would release the bail that has been deposited. If no one was able to post cash bail, then a bond might be arranged for with a bail bond agency, and the bond would be held by the court. If the defendant fails to appear for court, a bench warrant will be issued and the defendant becomes a bail fugitive. The court will demand that the entire amount of the bond is paid or that the cash bail being held by the court be forfeit. The amount of bail or bond that is at risk depends on the crimes that the defendant was charged with.

Once the defendant becomes a fugitive, the “value” of that defendant is tied to the amount of money that is at risk of being lost to the court. The amount that the fugitive recovery specialist will earn is generally a percentage of the entire amount of the bail in question.

How To Hire A Fugitive Recovery Person

When you need help finding a bail fugitive, you need someone you can trust on your side. You want to be sure that the bail recovery person you hire will care about your investment and about the safety of the person you cared enough about to post bail for them.

You can often find trained fugitive recovery agents working as bail bond agents, as they are often called upon to put those skills to work recovering bail fugitives that have bonds written by their agencies. A trained fugitive recovery specialist is a valuable part of the bail bond industry, helping law enforcement to ensure the compliance of defendants with pretrial conditions. However, not all bail bond agencies are the same and not all fugitive recovery agents are them.

You will want to speak with several recovery specialists, finding someone who relates to your situation and helps you feel at ease with about the way things will be handled. You want someone with experience in investigation and surveillance, someone with a good track record in finding and returning bail fugitives, in a safe manner. You want someone who will take the time to communicate their progress with you and keep you informed along the way.

Questions To Ask When Looking To Hire A Fugitive Recovery Agent:

  • Can they help you file the necessary court paperwork to put off the forfeiture of bail?
  • What is their experience in the field?
  • How often do they find the person they’re looking for and return them to custody?
  • What is their safety record?

You want to call the fugitive recovery specialists at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. Mr. Nice Guy only employs agents who are highly trained and successful in their field. With years of experience in bail bonds and fugitive recovery, the recovery specialists with Mr. Nice Guy understand the stress and financial strain people can be under during these times. They will communicate clearly and help you understand the process. Most importantly, they will locate the bond fugitive and ensure that he or she is returned to the proper authorities so that you can recover your financial investment.

Call the recovery specialists at Mr. Nice Guy today! Call (844) 400-2245.

Out of State Fugitive Recovery

If an arrestee flees the state, you might feel you don’t have any options and will simply have to forfeit the money you’ve deposited with the court on their behalf. However, Mr. Nice Guy employs fugitive recovery agents who are skilled in cross-country investigations. They work with other investigators across the nation and can travel to wherever you believe the arrestee might be hiding, to recover them and bring them back to the appropriate authorities.

Bail bond agents from other states may need assistance in recovering a fugitive in California. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds' agents are licensed and experienced in finding and recovering fugitives and transporting them to the state where they face charges and are under bail restraints.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can assist in the transportation of fugitives from California to the state where they are under bail. Whether you need assistance in locating your subject or just need a hand with transportation, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help out. We are committed to a professional relationship with surety companies across the country.

Surety Bond Fugitive Recovery

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has built a network of contacts across the U.S., allowing them to locate and return bail fugitives almost anywhere in the nation. If you are looking for a bail skip that you believe has fled to California, Mr. Nice Guy can help you find them and get them back where they need to be. The Licensed agents that work with Mr. Nice Guy are committed to a professional working relationship with other bail bond and surety companies across the nation.

Fugitive Recovery Case Management

Often there is more to fugitive recovery than just finding the person in question. Paperwork will need to be filed with the court to exonerate the bond, or perhaps an extension will need to be requested in order to gain more time to find someone. Before a fugitive is ever located, there will be a lot of paperwork to be done. You need someone who understands the intricacies of the court system and knows just what paperwork to file and where.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can manage every aspect of a fugitive recovery case, including filing the necessary court paperwork to gain more time to ensure a fugitive is recovered and the bail exonerated. If you are facing a forfeiture-of-bond order, you need to call Mr. Nice Guy right away. Call (844) 400-2245 today!

Safe And Reliable Fugitive Recovery In California

Our licensed and professional agents are trained to track, locate, and return those seeking to avoid their legal and financial obligations. We employ methods that ensure the greatest possible safety to the agents and individuals being sought.

Fugitive Recovery Services in Orange County, California

For the best in fugitive recovery services in California, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We'll help you locate and recover bail fugitives, wherever they may be hiding.

For a safe and reliable fugitive recovery agent who has your interest in mind, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245 today or click HERE to complete the fugitive recovery form to get started.

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