Fugitive Recovery

When a person fails to uphold their legal obligation to appear for legal proceedings in a criminal matter, they become a fugitive from justice, subject to arrest if located by proper authorities. When a persons freedom has been secured by a financial bond, known as bail, then those responsible for the bail understandably want this person found and made to appear for his legal proceedings.

Often family members will post bail for defendant, with the understanding that the person accused of a crime will appear for their legal proceedings and honor the bond that has been purchased for them. Once the accused person has fulfilled their legal obligations, the money or property that was used to secure the bond will be returned to the person who “put up” the bond in the first place.

However, sometimes people fail to honor those obligations, leaving friends and family members to suffer the loss. If you have placed a financial security for someone's bond, and they have failed to appear for their legal proceedings, you may want to employ someone to help you find them and return them to the proper authorities. This will enable you to reclaim the money or property that you placed at risk on their behalf.

The professional, licensed bail bond agents with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds are highly trained in fugitive recovery. They employ methods that ensure the safety of the fugitive and the agent, allowing them to appropriately track and locate people who are avoiding their legal obligation and return them for processing.

Out of State Fugitive Recovery

Bail bond agents from other states may need assistance in recovering a fugitive in California. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds' agents are licensed and experienced in finding and recovering fugitives and transporting them to the state where they face charges and are under bail restraints.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds can assist in transportation of fugitives from California to the state where they are under bail. Whether you need assistance in locating your subject, or just need a hand with transportation, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help out. We are committed to a professional relationship with surety companies across the country.

Surety Bond Fugitive Recovery

If you have reason to suspect that one of your clients is hiding out in California to avoid a court appearance in another state, contact Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We can help located and apprehend your defendant, returning them to you for a court appearance or to ensure a return of surety bonds. Our licensed agents are committed to a professional working relationship with other bail bond and surety companies across the nation.

Fugitive Recovery Case Management

Often there is more to fugitive recovery than just finding the person in question. Paperwork will need to be filed with the court to exonerate the bond, or perhaps an extension will need to be requested in order gain more time to find someone. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can manage every aspect of a fugitive recovery case, including filing the necessary court paperwork to gain more time to ensure a fugitive is recovered and the bail exonerated.

Safe And Reliable

Our licensed and professional agents are trained to track, locate, and return those seeking to avoid their legal and financial obligations. We employ methods that ensure the greatest possible safety to the agents and individuals being sought.

Fugitive Recovery Services in California

For the best in fugitive recovery services in California, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We'll help you locate and recover your fugitive, wherever they may be hiding.

For safe and reliable fugitive recovery services, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245 today.