Private Investigations

Most of us prefer to think of the world as a great place, full of good people, sunshine, and light. We know that bad things go on, but mostly those things happen to other people, right? We don't like to think about the world as a place where, fraud and corruption, infidelity and misrepresentation, investment scams and pyramid schemes can affect our day to day life.

The truth is, bad things happen to good people. And when they happen, you need someone who can help you figure out the truth of the matter. Once you understand the truth, you can make a plan to move forward. Information is power.

If you find yourself in a position to need more information about a situation or an individual, you might not know how to move forward in obtaining that information. While we all have a natural curiosity, we are not all born snoopers, and we hate to ask the uncomfortable questions that need to be asked when we suspect that something may be wrong.

Why Hire A Private Investigator

There are many reasons why you may feel the need to hire a private investigator.

  • Child Support Investigations
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Fraud Investigations
  • Background Checks
  • Missing Persons
  • Online Dating Investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity

Child Support Investigations

Sometimes people fail to disclose their full financial picture to their spouse, ex-spouse, or significant other. When the relationship ends, especially if children are involved, it can be very difficult to reach a clear understanding about support. Getting all of the financial details about an individual is an important part of determining their net worth and a reasonable expectation of child support.

A private investigator can find information you never thought to look for. They can uncover secret bank accounts, second jobs, jobs that pay only cash (under the table income), and other sources of income. If it is important to know about someone's finances, it's important to know EVERYTHING about their finances. Employing a private investigator can help ensure that you have all of the information necessary to move forward.

For child support investigations, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. A licensed and experienced agent will discuss your situation and help you find the information you need. Call (844) 400-2245.

Child Custody Investigations

What could be more important than ensuring that your children are safe and being cared for properly? And, what could be more terrifying than the thought that a judge might send your children to live where they were not safe?

In a child custody dispute, having all of the available information is more important than ever. You need to know where the other parent spends their free time, who their associates are, who your children will be coming into contact with. There's no end to the questions you might have if someone else is trying to gain custody of your children.

The licensed professionals with Mr. Nice Guy understand the angst and turmoil associated with child custody matters. They are experts in uncovering all of the relevant information so that a judge can make an informed decision about the welfare of the children in question. If you have concerns about a child custody case, you can rest easier knowing that Mr. Nice Guy is on your side.

For child custody investigations call Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-2245.

Infidelity Investigations

There aren't many more painful situations in life than suspecting infidelity, but not being sure. Even knowing the truth is sometimes less painful than the suspicion. But, how to know for sure?

Private investigators know how to follow without being seen; how to get proof without being compromised. You can know for sure and make a plan for moving forward, once you have all of the relevant facts about your significant others faithfulness.

Mr. Nice Guy understands that suspecting infidelity is painful and emotional situation. The caring and trained agents who work with private investigations are trained to handle your traumatic situation in a gentle but informative manner. They understand that even painful truth is better than a state of uncertainty.

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Whether you suspect cheating or that your spouse might be hiding important assets, knowing the facts during a divorce is important. There are ways to discover whether or not your spouse is hiding assets, or why your spouse has suddenly become distant and withdrawn. You may need to hire a private investigator who can discover bank account records or other hidden assets, and who can establish once and for all whether or not the other party is involved in an affair. A private investigator can work with your attorney to uncover all of the information you'll need for a successful conclusion to your divorce proceedings.

Speak to a private investigator today about your divorce situation. Call Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-2245.

Background Checks

Hiring can be a tricky process. You want to believe the resume and leave it at that, but can you? Reducing risk for your company, especially when hiring for positions of trust, can mean that you need more information than a potential employee is willing to disclose. You need a thorough and professional background check to ensure that you're getting someone your company can rely on for years to come.

For employment and other background checks, contact Mr. Nice Guy today. (844) 400-2245

Online Dating (or even real-world dating)

So you've met Mr. or Mrs. Right online and you're ready to take the relationship to a real-world level? Maybe you've already met a few times and he or she seems perfect, but how can you be sure?

Dating online is a great way to meet someone, but it's also a great way to hide who you really are. Before you commit to an off-line relationship, you may want to ensure that your soon to be partner is everything they're supposed to be.

We can help you discover:

  • Employment Status
  • Marital Status
  • Living Arrangements
  • Education
  • Criminal Background
  • and more....

Don't leave your romantic life up to chance. Take control through information. Know for sure that the person you're dating really is who he/she says she is.

For dating background checks, call Mr. Nice Guy at (844)400-2245.

Missing Persons

Whether you've just lost touch over the years, or there is someone significant in your life who is missing, a private investigator can help you find the person you're looking for. We can help you find:

  • Birth Parents
  • Adopted Children
  • Family Members
  • High School Sweethearts
  • Old Boyfriends or Girlfriends

Whoever you want to find, and why ever you want to find them, Mr. Nice Guy can help. The licensed, professional investigators with Mr. Nice Guy are experts at locating all sorts of people for all sorts of reasons. Give us a call today! (844)400-2245

Private Investigators in California

If you find yourself in a position to need more information about an individual than you feel you can comfortably find on your own, consider hiring someone to do the digging for you.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds licensed and professional agents are experienced in many forms of private investigation and can quickly help you get the information that you need. We can work for you in California or worldwide!

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