Process Services

Mr. Nice Guy has agents experienced in providing fast, accurate and efficient services to all areas of the legal community, both corporate and private. Our attention to detail guarantees that your firm's documents will be a priority at all times.

We have an understanding of the State and Federal Court System and are able to provide all service of process in accordance to their rules. Because the safety of your documents is our top priority, all of our agents have had extensive background checks and will comply with all privacy policies.

Our network of professionals across the nation means that we can serve as your single point of contact for process service anywhere in the United States. Regardless of where process service is needed, we can manage any location, local and national.

Why Hire a Professional Process Server?

It can be difficult for the layperson, and even lawyers unfamiliar with California Law, to understand the civil procedure for having papers served. If papers aren't properly served, or if your proof of service is incomplete, you could experience costly and frustrating delays to your case. Professional servers are required to know the all of the laws regarding process serving and can help you comply, avoiding costly mistakes and delays.

What is a Process Server?

Process servers are responsible for delivering legal documents to defendants or others who are being summoned to court, and for providing proof of the service to the court and others involved in the case.

The service of due process is a right set out in the constitution. All citizens of the United States have a right to be informed about a summons to court proceedings. The legal guidelines for the process of summoning are specified in the fifth and sixth amendments of the Constitution. Process servers were initially intended to serve as a messenger system, to notify people of their constitutional right to defend themselves. Their original purpose was to “serve” people with a notice that a state's legal issue was involving them.

In the beginning, legal papers were served to individuals by their local county sheriff. But, as the population expanded, it became more difficult for local sheriffs to attend to the legal duties of their district while still trying to disperse the legal paperwork that was needed. For this reason, process servers as a “job” came into being.

Process Services We Offer

We offer the regular, rush, and same-day service of subpoenas, writs, summons and complaints, notices, eviction papers, divorce papers, and all other legal documents required by law firms or private individuals. Our routine service includes 3 attempts to serve, with due diligence and a notarized affidavit. Rush and special request services will incur an additional fee.

We offer:

Rush Service: Same day or next day service attempts available at an additional charge.

Skip Tracing: We offer location services to find an evasive defendant and serve process.

Detainer Services: Assistance in filling out, serving, and filing Unlawful Detainer summons and other paperwork.

Courier Services: Safe and secure transfer of your legal documents and other important paperwork to courts or other offices.

Court Filing: Assistance filing any and all legal documentation with local, state and federal courthouses.

Family Law: Serving due process for temporary restraining orders, child custody cases, divorce and other family law issues.

Skip Tracing for Process Service

When attorneys need to find a witness or defendant, it can be tough to find the time to track an individual down. Attorneys are highly skilled in many areas, but often not in private investigation and location.

 As cell phones have become more common, landlines have been ditched in favor of cheap, portable phones with numbers that can change as quickly as a t-shirt. If you have a defendant or witness who has moved, it can difficult to find new contact information. Locating someone who doesn't want to be found can be difficult and time-consuming unless you know exactly what you're doing.

The licensed professionals with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds are trained to locate individuals who don't wish to be found. They can help you find the person you're looking for quickly and efficiently, leaving you to pursue other issues. The trained agents with Mr. Nice Guy are committed to representing themselves and their clients with professionalism. Give them a call today, to see how they can help you locate the person you're looking for!

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds about skip tracing at (844) 400-2245.

Process Service For Eviction Notices

Being a landlord is a big job on the best day. When you have tenants who won't pay, things can get really tough. Serving eviction notices can be uncomfortable and difficult for some landlords to handle themselves.

People being evicted from their home sometimes feel as if they can talk a landlord out of the eviction and will try anger and emotional tactics to avoid the eviction. Hiring a process server to handle the delivery of evictions notices keeps the landlord outside of a potentially volatile situation.

Hiring a Process Server for Evictions is Safer

Once an eviction notice has been served, the tenant has three days notice to pay the back rent or vacate the home. If they do not, the landlord can then continue with the court proceeding to formally evict. If an eviction notice is improperly provided, the landlords attempts to evict may be jeopardized.

Because the success of your eviction is so dependent upon proper service of the eviction notice, it makes sense to use someone skilled at process serving. A nominal fee will ensure that the eviction notice is served correctly the first time!

Risks of NOT Hiring a Process Server for Evictions

The success of your eviction depends heavily on the proper service of the eviction notice. If the tenant decides to hire an attorney to fight the eviction, and it is discovered that the notice was impoperly served, the landlord can be found responsible for paying the tenants attorney's fee. In some cases, landlords have even lost the property they were trying to evict from, because of improperly served notices.

An experienced process server will ensure that your eviction notice is properly served and that the eviction can proceed without any problems. The small fee required to hire a process server is more than recovered in peace of mind.

For a process server for evictions, call Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-2245.