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Huntington Beach..Surf City...HB...whatever you call it, it's very nearly paradise. Nine and a half miles of gorgeous, sandy beaches, warm temperatures that rarely vary more than ten degrees either side of perfect, and about 281 sunny days per year make Huntington Beach, CA one of the most desirable places to live or vacation in the State of California.

With more than 200,000 full-time residents and an additional 8 million visitors per year, Huntington Beach has a great deal to offer in terms of nightlife and entertainment. Sometimes, all of that temptation can lead to trouble. If you or a loved one find themselves locked up for DUI in Huntington Beach, make sure your first call is to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has been serving the people of Surf City and the greater Orange County area for years with full-service bail bonds for everything from DUI to domestic violence. Mr. Nice Guy, as his name implies, understands that sometimes bad things happen to good people. So, when you call Mr. Nice Guy, you won't face a lot of judgmental nonsense. Instead, you'll discover good-hearted people with the experience you need to get out of jail fast.

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Huntington Beach Nightlife

If you're over 21 and looking to have a good time in Huntington Beach, there is no shortage of exciting places offering a great time. From neighborhood bars to wild, rockin' dance clubs, HB has something that everyone can enjoy.

Huntington Beach Beer Company

If you're looking to relax and take in some locally brewed beer and some good old American chow, the Huntington Beach Beer Company is the place for you. Winner of a number of awards for their handcrafted ales, the folks at HBBC have been bringing freshly made food and great drinks to the visitors and residents of HB since 1992. 

Huntington Beach Beer Company
201 Main Street #E
Huntington Beach, CA  92648
(714) 960-5343 

Johnny's Saloon

If you're looking for a “roadhouse” feel and down-home vibe, Johnny's Saloon is just the ticket. Offering rock'n'roll, beer, and whiskey alongside some pretty great pizza, according to patron reviews. One visitor had this to say about Johnny's: “I did the whiskey journey and they have a very extensive selection. Kendra was excellent and knew her stuff. The bar is small...great music, very cool vibe. The ambiance is not what you'd a good way. Check this place out, it won't be a waste of time.”

Johnny's Saloon
17428 Beach Boulevard
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(714) 848-0676

Distractions Lounge

Distractions offers plenty of just that, distractions, for those who'd like to drink a little and look a little. Bikini-clad waitresses bring drinks in this small pub with sports on the TV and a couple of pool tables. Patrons describe the place as “cold beer and pretty girls.” If that sounds like your cup of tea or mug of beer, then head on over to Distractions Lounge and see if you can pay attention.

Distractions Lounge
16612 Beach Boulevard C
Huntington Beach, CA  92647
(586) 565-2089 

Finding a Ride in Huntington Beach, CA

When you're going out to have a good time with friends, it's always best to designate a driver who won't drink any alcohol and stay away from drugs so that you can have a safe ride home. Now and then, however, even the “designated driver” has a little too much fun and you realize that there's no one fit to drive everyone home. Don't give in to the temptation to risk driving drunk or buzzed, just because you think you can make it.

Call a cab, get an Uber, call your whatever you have to do to ensure that you and your friends get home safe and you avoid a DUI.

Yellow Cab Taxi
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My OC Taxi of Huntington Beach
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H A Taxi Service
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Who Can Stop You For DUI in Huntington Beach?

Naturally, the police department or members of the Orange County Sheriff's Department can stop and question someone who is driving erratically, to determine whether or not that person might be driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. However, lifeguards along the Beaches of Surf City are also law enforcement officers who are fully authorized to question and arrest someone for DUI.

What Constitutes a DUI?

Driving under the influence (DUI), or driving while intoxicated (DWI), means that you are operating a vehicle when your blood alcohol level is .08% or greater. If you drink and drive in Huntington Beach, CA, even if you “only had a couple of beers” you are running the risk of being pulled over for DUI.

California's legal definition of DUI is operating a vehicle under the influence of any substance, including drugs, that can affect your nervous system, brain, or muscles and includes illegal substances, prescriptions drugs, and even over the counter drugs if they affect you to a significant degree. You are driving under the influence if you drink alcohol or take any kind of drug that impairs you to the point that you are unable to drive like a sober person and, yet, you drive, anyway.

What Happens if I Refuse a Breathalyzer?

If you are arrested, or pulled over, on suspicion of driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, you are required by the California State “implied consent” law to submit to a test to determine the amount of alcohol in your blood.

There are three tests available for testing your blood alcohol level:

  • Blood
  • Urine
  • Breath

If you cannot or do not wish to take the breathalyzer test, you may elect a blood or urine sample test, but you must submit to one of the three. Failure to submit to the chemical test of your blood alcohol level, as required by law, will result in the automatic loss of your driving privileges for one year.

What Happens if I'm Arrested for DUI in HB?

The Huntington Beach Police Department and the Orange County Sheriff's Department provide law enforcement services to the City of Huntington Beach. Within the city limits, the city police department is responsible for the oversight of law enforcement and safety for the citizens of Huntington Beach.

Currently, the Huntington Beach Police Department has 212 sworn officers and 121 civilians providing law enforcement services to more than 200,000 full-time residents and more than 11 million visitors to the City each year.

The HB Police Department
2000 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648(714) 960-8811

If you are arrested in Huntington Beach for DUI or DWI, you will likely be taken, temporarily, to the Huntington Beach City Jail where you will be booked and charged with a specific crime. The HBPD maintains a Type 1 jail facility, which houses pre-trial arrestees. The HB City jail is capable of housing 56 male inmates and 16 female inmates. This city jail is not intended to provide long-term housing for inmates awaiting a trial or hearing date in the distant future. It is primarily utilized for the temporary housing of arrested individuals until they can either arrange for bail or be transferred to one of the large, county facilities.

If you, or someone you love, has been detained at the Huntington Beach City Jail on DUI charges, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (714) 529-3000. It is much quicker and more simple to arrange for someone to be released from the HB City Jail, rather than one of the county facilities. Mr. Nice Guy's office in Huntington Beach is located just minutes from the City Jail and Police Department. Mr. Nice Guy can have a licensed, professional bail bondsman by your side in minutes, to help get you home where you belong.

Penalties for DUI in Huntington Beach

The consequences of drinking and driving get increasingly severe with multiple convictions. This is especially true in Orange County, which requires stiffer punishments, even for first-time offenders.

First Time DUI Conviction

A person convicted of a first-time offense of DUI can expect to pay a substantial fine, receive up to three years probation, and a requirement to attend an alcohol program for 3 to 9 months, depending on the blood alcohol level detected at the time of arrest.

Second Time DUI Conviction

In the State of California, the penalty for a second offense DUI conviction is 96 hours in a county jail facility. However, in Orange County, the penalties are much stronger for a second time DUI conviction. Orange County Courts often give sentences starting at 45 days in a county jail and can be up to as much as 75 days in custody.

Third Time DUI Conviction

In many other parts of the State of California the result of a third time DUI conviction could result in 120 days in a county jail. In Orange County, however, the penalties are much more severe, up to nine months in jail.

Fourth Time DUI Conviction

In Orange County, the conviction of a fourth DUI charge is an automatic felony and punishable by one year or more in state prison. In fact, the most common sentence for a 4th DUI is 16 months in a state penitentiary.  

VC 23152(e) – DUI of Drugs Charge

Driving under the influence of Drugs is a violation of the Vehicle Code 231452(e), which reads: “It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle.” It is very similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. One way that this charge differs from a regular “DUI” charge is that when an officer suspects the presence of drugs in someone's system, a breathalyzer test will not show drugs and a blood test will have to be ordered. Other evidence that can be used to charge someone with DUI of drugs includes the defendant's statements, behavior, and appearance.

DUI Laws In Orange County California

While driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is illegal throughout the State of California, Orange County and Huntington Beach has some of the toughest laws for punishing those convicted of DUI charges.

The drunk driving laws for California are found in Vehicle Code Section 23152 and Vehicle Code section 23153, which says that:

  • 23152(a) – It is illegal for anyone who is under the influence of alcohol to operate a vehicle
  • 23152(b) It is illegal for anyone who has a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.08% or more to operate a vehicle.
  • 23152(e) – It is illegal for anyone who is under the influence of drugs to operate a vehicle.
  • 23152(f) – It is illegal for anyone who is under the influence of any combination of drugs or alcohol to operate a vehicle.

In many cases, both the 23152(a) and 23152(b) charges will be filed together.

To put it in layman's terms, DUI charges result when a person drives or otherwise operates a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whenever you are planning a fun evening (or day) out with friends and alcohol may be consumed, it is always best to either designate a driver who will not be drinking or to utilize some sort of public or paid transportation like a taxi service or Uber driver.

DUI Enhancements

In addition to a charge of Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, there may also be circumstances in which the charges will be increased or “enhanced.” These enhancements include:

  • Child Endangerment
  • Reckless Speed
  • Open Container
  • Hit And Run
  • Evading Arrest
  • Blood Alcohol Above 0.15%
  • Blood Alcohol Above 0.2%
  • DUI Refusal/Forced Blood Draw
  • Multiple Offenses 

How To Get Out Of Jail After A DUI

The fastest way to get out of jail after being charged with a DUI is to post bail. What is bail, you ask? Bail is an amount of money deposited with the court to secure a person's release from jail until their legal case can be resolved. Once a person has paid their bail to the court, the court will hold the money and allow the defendant to return home to work and family, until their legal proceedings come to a close. The bail schedule outlines the amount of bail required for each offense. In order to understand the full amount of bail that will be required to secure someone's release, you must know all of the charges against the defendant and add all of the bail amounts together.

Once the legal process has been completed, whether convicted or not, the money used for bail is returned to the person who posted it with the court. If a friend or family member posts bail with the court system, then the money is returned to the person who posted it.

Anyone who is arrested and charged in HB will have an opportunity to post “bail” in order to get out of jail to work, maintain family relationships, and prepare for their legal defense. The amount of bail varies, depending on the exact charges that are filed against an individual. he bail schedule is available at each booking facility and county jail or it can be located online here.

How Much is DUI Bail?

The amount of bail required to get out of jail after being charged with DUI, DWI, or DUI of Drugs will vary, depending on a number of factors. Whether this is your first charge for DUI, or if you already have a DUI case pending or DWI conviction will play a large part in how much your fine might be. In Orange, CA, the fine for a first time DUI offense is usually $1,800 for a conviction, but the amount of bail required initially may be quite a bit more than that as several charges are usually filed at the same time, even though they may not all go to trial or result in a conviction.

If you've been charged with DUI in Orange, and you're not sure how much your bail will be, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. One of the friendly, professional agents with Mr. Nice Guy can walk you through the bail schedule, speak with the officers involved, and help you determine the total amount of bail needed to get out of jail fast!

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Huntington Beach DUI Bail Bonds

Many times the amount of money required for bail is more than someone can conveniently come up with. If you don't have friends or relatives from whom you can borrow the money for bail,  you may need to enlist the help of a bail bondsman like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed, professional bail bondsmen can help you negotiate the bail process and get out of jail fast.

A DUI bail bondsman will pay the bail on your behalf, and you pay the bondsman a fee, usually 10% of the total cost of bail. When the case is resolved, the court will return the money to the person who paid it, in this case the bail bondsmen. He keeps the fee as payment for helping to secure bail more quickly and for assistance to the court in tracking and ensuring the compliance of defendants who are out on bail.

Call (714) 529-3000 for help with DUI bail bonds today!

How Much Are DUI Bail Bonds In Huntington Beach?

The state of California requires that all bail bond companies charge 10% of the total amount of bail, in order to post bond for a defendant. That means that if the bail is $20,000, the bail bondsman is required to charge $2,000 to post a bond in place of the bail. While this may still seem like a lot of money, it's far less than having to pay the entire amount. The rates the law requires for Federal and Immigration Bonds can be as high as 15 – 20%. But, all of these rates are set by statute, and all bail bond companies are required to charge the same amount.

California law allows for a discounted rate on bail bonds if the defendant retains a private attorney and pays the premium in full within 72 hours. These discounts are allowed for government union workers, members of the military, and AARP members. These discounts are determined by the surety company that is writing the bonds for the bail bond company.

Best Rates On DUI Bail Bonds

The amount of bail required to get out of jail is sometimes more than someone can easily afford. In fact, it is more common than not that an individual might need help getting out of jail. DUI bail amounts are often more than $5,000, not an easy sum to come up with on a Friday night.

This is where a bail bondsman comes in. A bail bond agency, like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, works with a surety company to post a bond with the court that says that the bail bond agency will ensure your appearance for court-related business, and the court accepts that bond in place of the cash money they would normally require. Once you have honored your court appearances and brought your court case to a close, the bond is returned to the bail bond company.

Bail bonds require a fee to be paid to the bail bond agent, usually 10% of the total cost of bail. This fee is non-refundable and is payment for the part that the bail bond agent and the surety company play in ensuring a person's cooperation with the court system and the convenience of being able to get out of jail much faster than having to wait for a court hearing and trial.

Bail bonds allow people to get out of jail and return to their “real” lives, holding a job, paying bills, and taking care of their family. Nobody has time to sit in jail, waiting for days, weeks, and even months for their court case to come to a close. Bail bonds allow you to take care of  the important things in your life, while still assuring the court that you'll be available to take care of all of your legal matters.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to start the bail bond process and get out of jail fast! (714) 529-3000 Call Now!

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If you or a loved one has been arrested and need to be bailed out quickly and confidentially or if you simply have questions regarding bail, an arrest, or inmate information please do not hesitate to call or fill out our contact us form. We are available 24/7 for all of your bail needs.