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What Do You Do When You Have an Outstanding Warrant in California?

If you suspect you or someone you know may have an outstanding warrant for missing court, contact us using the contact or online chat function. We can often have the bail bond posted for the warrant immediately, saving you the potential hassle and embarrassment of being arrested. The bail process for warrants often does not require the individual to be present, thus avoiding having to be arrested and booked. Don’t delay call us today before you have the misfortune of being pulled over and finding out a warrant was issued and jail is the next stop.

Warrants are Often Issued for the Following Reasons:

  1. Failure to make timely payments to the court.
  2. Did not complete your classes and or community service within the prescribed time.
  3. Failed to appear in court on a hearing date. (FTA)
  4. Picked up a new case while on probation. (PROBATION VIOLATION)

Warrants may be recalled by posting a bail bond. This will give you a peace of mind, allowing you to appear in court on a scheduled date without an outstanding warrant.

Bail Release Requirements for Southern California Jurisdictions:

  • Orange County – Bail can be posted with defendant present during normal court hours. We can arrange to meet the client at the court in the morning and have the bond posted to recall the warrant and get a new court date placed on the calendar. A new return court date will be issued usually 30 days from the date the bond is posted in most cases. For domestic violence related cases the return court date is typically in a week. For Ramey Warrants the defendant would need to be processed in before being able to bond out.
  • San Diego County – Bail can typically be posted without defendant present. Cases may vary, please contact us for more details on posting a warrant bond in San Diego.
  • Riverside County – Bail can often be posted with defendant present at the court. 
  • San Bernardino County – Bail can be posted after defendant is booked at the sheriff station or after being taken into custody at court.
  • Los Angeles County– The defendant must be present to post bail. Either in court or by being booked into the sheriff station. Please contact us for additional information. We are experts at expediting the bail process and handle each unique case with care and dedication.

We are happy to handle all bail bond documentation by e-mail or text in a matter of minutes. If necessary, we can have a licensed bail agent travel to you to help facilitate the process. In general, one of our agents can be to you in less than an hour. From start to finish, most bail bonds are completed within a couple minutes online or by phone.

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