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Mr. Nice Guy Sorts Out Santa Ana:

Santa Ana is the seat for Orange County (if you snicker at what that means you failed your government classes).  The city of Santa Ana maintains the Orange County Court building and the Orange County Sheriff’s Department main intake jails for men and women. Santa Ana also maintains its own Police department, independent of the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Jail, and its own jail that’s classed as a level II detention facility. 

Like its neighboring cities, Santa Ana was built in the tradition of Orange County’s master planners and has a relatively modern city silhouette.  Santa Ana has the second largest population in Orange County with approximately 330,000 normal free-ranging residents, and a strong commercial business base.

What is a bail bond in Santa Ana?

Bail bonds in Santa Ana are a form of collateral paid to the court in exchange for the release of an arrestee or defendant from one of the Santa Ana area jails. The purpose of the bond is to help ensure the person will show up to court on the specified appearance date(s).  Bail is only permitted before sentencing, once a defendant is sentenced; they cannot post bail and must serve the sentence. In other words, if you or someone you care about gets arrested, most likely they or you will have to decide to either leave them in jail awaiting trial and sentencing. Or post a bail bond as collateral that they will show up to court. If they fail to appear in court on the set court dates, the bond is forfeited and the bond company will have track down the defendant or pay the entire bail amount.

How to bail out of jail in Santa Ana?

The quickest, easiest way is to contact our helpful staff at Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We offer free bail information, easy payment plans, 24 hour service to all jails and courts in addition to simple straight forward answers to your questions. In addition, our Santa Ana office is proud to advertise the lowest bail premium rates in Orange County. No hidden fees and most bail bonds can be done online using your phone or computer without the need to travel to our Santa Ana Bail Bond office. Calls, text messages, emails and even faxes are all welcome and answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

For the Santa Ana Jail, the bail information for an inmate may be verified by calling or looking up the inmate through the Inmate Locater on their city website.   It’s unknown how long it takes between booking and the information to be available.

For the OCSD Central Jail, it may take 2 to 3 hours for charges and bail information to be available.  The average time to complete the bail process with payment or bail bond is 4 hours, but it’s subject to differ.

How much is bail in Santa Ana?

The bail amount is set by the Superior Court system of Orange County. Each county sets their own bail schedule to determine the appropriate amount of bail needed to secure a defendants release from jail while awaiting court dates.

The bail premium is the amount paid to the bail bonds company in exchange for the service of posting and servicing the bond. Here is an example; the judge sets bail at $20,000. Then you would need ten percent ($2,000) to pay the Santa Ana Bail Bonds office to post the bond. This bail premium or fee of ten percent is the non-refundable onetime fee paid to the bail bondsman for the service. Make sense? It is a little confusing, so feel free to contact us and we can help make sense of it for you and give you an accurate quote on what the total cost will be. The California Department of Insurance sets the amounts Bail Bond companies can charge, which is ten percent on appearance bonds. Please note Federal Bonds and Immigration Bonds cost around fifteen to twenty percent and are regulated by the Federal Court system. Still not sure what to do? Make the call to Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we are always happy to explain the bail process and all costs associated with it, no obligation, totally free bail consultation.

Are discounts available for Bail Bonds in Santa Ana, California?

Yes; bail can be discounted for military members, union members, and clients that have retained private council and are paying in full. Certain restrictions apply in Santa Ana, please contact us for an exact price quote. We offer the lowest allowed bail premium rates in the State of California.

How many people are jailed in Santa Ana?

The total number can vary depending on conditions. Typically around 2200 between all of the jail complexes combined. Santa Ana is home to several jail facilities including the Santa Ana City Jail, and the Orange County Men’s and Women’s Jails

Santa Ana Area Arrest

If you are in any of Santa Ana’s facilities it is a guarantee that you aren’t alone, the Santa Ana Police Department Jail houses 480, the OC Men’s and Women’s Jails house a combined total of 1813 at full capacity.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail agents know that the key to the puzzle of where you are is derived from 1) where you were arrested and 2) under what terms were you delivered.  If you weren’t even near Santa Ana when you were arrested, you are probably in the County Jail.  If your uniformed driver was wearing a California Highway Patrol emblem or an Orange County Sheriff’s Deputy patch, you are in the County Jail. If arrested by officers of the Santa Ana Police Department, then you are in the city jail unless you had a warrant. 

Santa Ana Warrant Search

Mr. Nice Guy provides a simple tool for avoiding a greater problem: Free Orange County Warrant Checks or call toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 if you think you may have a warrant in Orange County.  You can also reach an agent by voice, text, or email at 1-949-445-3420.

Navigate to Santa Ana Jails:

The Santa Ana and OCSD Main Jails have addresses are on different streets and even have different zip codes, but both Jail facilities are within visible and walking distance of one another from the outside.  The following external link gives directions to the Santa Ana jail from anywhere in Southern California and by finding one of these buildings you are technically in reach of the other so help me find the Santa Ana Jail.

Where is the Santa Ana City Jail?

62 Civic Center Plaza
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 245-8100 general information by recorded selection
Lobby Monday-Sunday 7:00am-9:00pm; closed between 11:30am and 1:00pm daily
Fee Parking structure, no validation

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex Santa Ana

(This is where most people are taken)

550 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, 92703
(714) 647-4666 inmate records for bail amounts
Lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Both of the facilities restrict visitors to specific hours.  Contact the facility and make sure that you have valid state-issued identification (unexpired) and are in compliance with their codes for dress, conduct, and visit limits. The Inmate Reception Center has small lockers to place items in before going through the screening area with metal detectors. The Orange County Sheriff’s facilities are no joke, be sure to follow the rules or you may end up in jail yourself. Dress codes and rules regarding what can be brought into the facility are strictly enforced.

Are Federal Detainees being transferred to Orange County from other locations?

Yes; Immigration Customs Enforcement or ICE has a severe shortage of housing for immigration detainees and needs bed space. The shortage of available housing is critical in Orange County. So, don’t delay in posting bail. If you do you risk your friend or family member being put through the Immigration system and possibly losing the ability to even be bailed out. Immigration holds can be a really serious threat to a person’s freedom. In addition, there is the risk of having to post an additional bond referred to as an immigration bond. Immigration bonds are much different than other types of bonds in California and require that full collateral be taken. In addition, Immigration bonds are part of the Federal bond system and are charged at a much higher rate than state appearance bonds.

Santa Ana Bail Options

Acceptable bail payments are cash in US Dollars, or a pre-printed personal check on a California bank with proper ID for the signer, or a cashier’s check for the exact amount with the issuing bank’s contact person’s name and number, travelers checks, or Money Orders for the exact amount, or a Bail Bond like one provided by a Mr. Nice Guy licensed bail bonds agent. 

The best news for anyone incarcerated in Santa Ana is that a Mr. Nice Guy’s main office is about 1½ miles away and agent can trot down the street to free you because someone called 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245.   That person had a deep and confidential discussion with a licensed bail agent, completed the paperwork from our forms page, and agreed to start the process for setting you free on bond. 

You should have a new sense of who cares about you.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail agents are ready to simplify or streamline the process to help restore your freedom as quickly as possible.  You may not get hotel-styled room services at home, but when you are incarcerated you don’t even get a door to close yourself.

For facilities as large as the jails in Santa Ana, it may 1 or 4 hours to complete the booking process and just as many to retrieve someone from the system once they can be released. At busy times the delays can easily extend.

What is a 1275 Hold? (PC1275, California Penal Code Section 1275)

A 1275 hold is the Penal Code for not allowing a bond to be posted until a bail hearing has been held to determine the origin of the money used to post bond can be determined. Santa Ana PC1275 holds can be challenging and it is important to contact a bail bonds company or attorney as soon as possible to help. Our Santa Ana Bail Agents specialize in PC 1275 hearings and have very high success rates in compiling the necessary documents and appearing in court to have the bail hold released.

Who to call for Bail Bonds in Santa Ana?

Get someone to reach out to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245, anytime of any day.  Mr. Nice Guy licensed agents can also be reached by text, email or voice at 1-949-445-3420. 

Remember Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds when you absolutely positively can’t stay another night.

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