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San Clemente is technically where Orange County ends.  The hillsides across from the former San Onofre Nuclear Power station have some homes but basically mark the North edge of Camp Pendleton Marine Corps Base area.  The Freeway has no exits or services between San Clemente in Orange County and Oceanside in San Diego County.  Aside from the Border Inspection Stop on the northbound side of the freeway, there’s nothing but a great view along the highway.  Camp Pendleton’s South entranceway is easily accessed from Oceanside exits.

If you’ve never been to the Pacific coast before, welcome to paradise.  It is easily the most beautiful stretch of scenery that you will see while you train or prepare for deployment.  One of problems is the temptation of all the fun things that you know are brewing just North of the camp, in areas like San Juan Capistrano, Dana Point, Laguna Beach.   You can enjoy the beach and pier-front areas of Oceanside or take the drive South.  Once you approach the exits for the Half Moon Bay you can go inland to the now Marine Airbase at Miramar, or continue further to the college towns in La Jolla and San Diego. 

There are two reminders for service men whether you adventure North or South from the base on your R&R days.  The first is don’t drink and drive, because there is a long a stretch of highway in both directions to return back to base.  The second is to keep Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds toll free number handy in case you find yourself in any trouble off-base: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245.  Mr. Nice Guy licensed bail bond agents are the regional jail experts in San Diego and Orange Counties.

You can have anyone in your family or base community contact Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents or access this website and start the bail process for you.

Bail Bonds for Military:

The rules on the base are pretty clear for behaving badly.  There are on-base rules that can result in detention and even discharge, and those are matters of the MPs and their officers.

As for the reach of the Corps off the base, the civilian penalties for any arrest will carry over for review.

Per MCO 5110, “the immediate suspension of installation driving privileges is authorized for Active Duty military personnel, family members, retired members, and DoD personnel pending the resolution/adjudication of an intoxicated driving incident regardless of the geographical location of the intoxicated driving incident.”

All civil processing of documents goes through the Office of the Base Magistrate, (760) 725-5561, who is responsible for issuance and retraction of Military Protective Orders (MPOs) and all civil matters of servicepersons.   They handle all service of process (like personal legal issues), subpoenas, warrants, felony warrant turn-overs (for police or sheriff’s from outside the base), vehicle repossessions, and other civil documents.

Reference:  MCIWEST-MCB CAMPENO 5000.2 and JAGINST 5800.7_ (JAGMAN)

If you have been arrested in Orange County or San Diego County during previous assignments at Pendleton or Miramar, call Mr. Nice Guy for a free consultation or look up your status with these links Free Orange County Warrant Checks and Free San Diego County Warrant Checks.  Call Mr. Nice Guy for a free consultation on dealing with warrants or posting a bond for the warrant 844-400-2245.

How much is bail near Camp Pendleton:

Bail is a scheduled amount fixed to arrest charges.  You have the option of paying the bail or posting a bail bond, which is 10% of the bail amount plus a one time premium.   Remember there may be additional costs for retrieving a vehicle or consulting with an attorney.  Bail releases the arrestee from jail, but they are still obligated to appear for an arraignment and perhaps additional court proceedings.

Mr. Nice Guy has licensed bail agents ready to assist 24/7 in the Camp Pendleton area, and can get help quickly to where it is needed.  Use the website navigation bar to access Forms for bail processing and Payments for entering the payment toward bail or bail bond, and also check Mr. Nice Guy’s About tab because it explains why they are the leaders in bail services throughout Southern California.

Do you have Military Discounts for Bail Bonds?

YES; Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds offers Military members and their families a 20% discount on bail bonds. We also have flexible payments plans with zero finance fees. The friendly professionals at Mr. Nice Guy have many years of experience bonding out service people from Camp Pendleton and other military bases. We understand the needs of clients and provide quick, confidential bail bond service and discounted rates for our military members and their families.

Semper Fi!