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Malibu Bail Bonds

Mr. Nice Guy’s Guide for the Lost at the Edge of LA

Malibu is almost the northern edge of Los Angeles County, in addition to the world famous beach area and its celebrity dwellings up in the coast’s immediate hills, the range of “Malibu” branches far inland to the 101.   All the canyons, group camps and areas under conservation, from the ocean to the Northern tip of the San Fernando Valley is coverage area of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department base of operations at the Lost Hills station.  These sheriffs serve several exclusive properties and hidden communities woven off of trail-type roads that thread from the coast to the inland freeway.   Their operation is no different from any other Sheriff operated facility and if you are arrested in that command’s service area you will most assuredly find it strict, confining, and sometimes crowded.

What is a bail bond in Malibu?

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds specializes in reducing the time spent in the claustrophobia of jail.   They have dealt with all types of situations where a family member is under arrest in remote corners of Southern California and offer credible front- and first-line advice and solutions for getting someone out of jail.  Call any day, any time, for a confidential discussion on dealing with your own or a family member’s arrest (844) 400-BAIL (2245).

Life is a stream of good things with an occasional belch of imperfection.  Mr. Nice Guy excuses the circumstances and will work tirelessly to process freedom for the moment and beyond.   Whether you are looking up information to assist a loved-one or hoping to get answers, the Mr. Nice Guy licensed bail agents will give you clear directions.

How much is Bail in the Malibu area?

Mr. Nice Guy’s agents and your home computer system can work to prepare bail bonds for persons arrested in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino County, etc.  The amount of bail is set by the charges of the arrest and the same standard is dictated by the State of California, see the California Penal Codes reference under Resources on the site’s navigation bar for identifying charges.

Contact Mr. Nice Guy to locate your arrested family member, find out the bail amount (per their reference to the Uniform Bail document for the county) and get a clearer picture of the charges and where your family member is incarcerated.   Mr. Nice Guy has proven experience with misdemeanor crimes, felonies, traffic related arrests, drug offenses, domestic violence, weapons charges and driving under the influence.

How can I bond someone out of jail of Lost Hills, CA?

Bail releases an individual with the commitment of appearing for all the legal processes to come and delays the arraignment process until they can obtain proper representation.  Bail bonds are a means to meet the bail requirement without coming up with the full bail amount at one time.  There are several other expenses associated with an arrest, and you know your resource situation best.  Bail or the amount paid toward a bail bond is held until the case conclusion and forfeit if the arrested person does not appear as agreed.  Collateral is not a requirement for processing most bail bonds.

Consulting and look-ups are free services so at least call Mr. Nice Guy any day or any time at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) and speak to a licensed agent for confirmation of an arrest.  You can also text or email or call 1-949-445-3420 but charges may apply depending on your phone service provider’s plan.

If you have selected the practicality and safety of a bail bond, you can use the forms page for completing the forms needed electronically.   You can do this all from the privacy of your home through this secured site.  Mr. Nice Guy can process the bond and release after receiving the forms complete with electronic signatures.

How do I bond someone out of jail in Malibu, California?

The bail or bail bond can be posted for arrested person at any time providing they are being held at Lost Hills.  In some cases, transfers occur and bail cannot be posted while the transfer is in progress.  Confirm the status of the inmate before you choose to take the Ventura Highway adventure to:

Malibu / Lost Hills Station
27050 Agoura Road
Calabasas, CA 91301
(818) 878-1808

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail agents offer FREE Consultation and will simplify the complete process.  Mr. Nice Guy is like a compass, always able to find focus and hence a solution for getting what you and your loved one need.