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Bail Bonds in Gilroy, CA

Gilroy, California is a city of 50,000 people, located in Central California, just south of San Jose.  The warm, Mediterranean climate of Gilroy, including average temperatures that don’t get above the upper 80s and lows that rarely dip below freezing, make the area perfect for growing a variety of agricultural crops. Gilroy is known as the “Garlic Capital of the World,” producing large quantities of garlic each year, as well as mushrooms.

Nestled at the foot of the Santa Cruz Mountains in the Santa Clara Valley, Gilroy is a part of Santa Clara County, whose county seat lies in San Jose. The fertile soils of the Santa Clara Valley make it ideal for growing fruiting and flowering trees, as well as other crops. While the Valley is mostly urbanized now, it was once the largest fruit producing and packing region in the world, home to 39 canneries. The northern end of the valley has given way to urbanization, with Silicon Valley just to the north of the Santa Clara region. But around Gilroy, the agrarian lifestyle is thriving.

Gilroy is a part of the Santa Clara Valley American Viticulture Area, popular in wine tourism. At one time, the Santa Clara Valley was home to more than 11,000 acres of vineyards, though that area has declined as urbanization has taken over. In the late 1990s, however, the Valley began to see a resurgence. In 2014, Gilroy joined with other cities in the Santa Clara Valley, to form the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail, bringing growth to agritourism in the area.

Gilroy Garlic Festival

The Gilroy Garlic Festival began as the “crazy” brainchild or Dr. Rudy Melone in 1978. The President of Gavilan College in Gilroy, Dr. Melone read an article about a town in France that claimed to be the “Garlic Capital of the World.” Dr. Melone declared the title “nonsense,” as Gilroy’s Christopher Ranch was and still is the world’s leading producer of garlic in the world. Dr. Gilroy set out on a quest to convince the local government and townspeople to support his idea for a garlic festival that would establish Gilroy as the true “Garlic Capital of the World.”

The first festival was held in 1979, despite reservations by the local community. None of the organizers, other than Dr. Melone, really believed anyone wanted to attend a “Garlic Festival.” However, the volunteers running the festival were quickly overwhelmed by the more than 15,000 people who attended.

Today, more than 4,000 volunteers work to put on the Garlic Festival and more than 100,000 garlic-loving visitors flock to Gilroy to attend. The festival focal point is “Gourmet Alley” where chefs create dozens of garlic inspired dishes. The festival includes other food vendors, art and craft booths and live entertainment. Festival tickets, when purchased online and in advance, range from $17.99 for adults to $7.99 for children between 10 and 16, while those under 9 get in free. At the gate, patrons will pay $20 for adults and $10 for youth, though children under 9 still get in free.

Wine Tasting in Gilroy, CA

As a part of one of the oldest wine growing regions in California, Gilroy is home to more than 30 family-owned wineries and tasting rooms. Gilroy is central to the Santa Clara Valley Wine Trail, with more than half of the tasting rooms and wineries lying inside the city limits.

If you are visiting Gilroy to enjoy the delicious boutique wines available there, be sure to plan ahead for safety. Never drink and drive in Gilroy, the DUI laws in California are among some of the stiffest in the nation. If you have too much to drink while tasting wine in Gilroy, call a cab, Uber, or Lyft. Always better safe than sorry.

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Law Enforcement in Gilroy, CA

Law enforcement services in Gilroy are provided by the Gilroy Police Department located on Hanna Street.

Gilroy Police Department

7301 Hanna Street

Gilroy, CA 95020

(408) 846-0300 (General Information)

(402) 846-0310 (Administration)

In the unincorporated areas surrounding Gilroy, the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s office provides law enforcement service from the main office in San Jose.

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Where is the Jail in Gilroy, California?

The city jail in Gilroy is located at 7301 Hanna Street. This is the same address shared by the local police department. This local jail is a temporary holding facility for arrested persons until they can be transported to one of the larger county jails.

The Santa Clara County Jail is located on Hedding Street in San Jose.


San Jose Jail

150 W Hedding Street

San Jose, CA  95110

(408) 299-2306

Bail in Gilroy, CA

The bail for each county is set according to a schedule that is posted at each jail facility and available in court. The judge can set a different amount of bail, during a bail hearing, however. The standard Felony Bail Schedule for Santa Clara County and the City of Gilroy can be found here.

To figure the total amount of bail required for felony charges requires several steps, you can complete the worksheet found here.

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What Happens if I Get Arrested in Gilroy, CA?

If things don't go as planned in Gilroy and you find yourself having to deal with law enforcement in Santa Clara County, California, it's important to remember a few things that will help keep you from making matters worse. When interacting with the police remember:

  • Stay Calm!
  • Don't struggle physically with the police, even if they feel they need to detain you.
  • Don't yell, or shout obscenities, at law enforcement or any other party.
  • Try to remain reasonable.
  • Conduct yourself in a way that will allow the police officers to see that your conduct has only been what was required by the situation. Even if you are still arrested, your good conduct will leave you in a better position to bargain for a reduction in charges at a later date. And, at the very least, you run less of a risk of doing something that will lead to increased charges, like assault on a police officer.

If you are arrested the arresting officer should inform you of your Miranda Rights:

  • You have the right to remain silent – They can't make you talk, other than to provide your name, address, and show some sort of identification, upon request.
  • Anything you say can be used against you – If you choose to talk to the authorities, the statements you make can be used against you in court.
  • You have the right to an attorney – You can ask to have an attorney present while they question you. If you ask for an attorney but continue to talk to the officers, while you wait for your attorney, the answers you give can still be used against you.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you – If you cannot afford an attorney, but would like to have one, the court will appoint an attorney for you, free of charge.

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DUI in Gilroy

California's legal definition of DUI is operating a vehicle under the influence of any substance, including drugs, that can affect your nervous system, brain, or muscles and includes illegal substances, prescriptions drugs, and even over the counter drugs if they affect you to a significant degree. You are driving under the influence if you drink alcohol or take any kind of drug that impairs you to the point that you are unable to drive like a sober person and, yet, you drive, anyway.

VC 23152(e) – DUI of Drugs Charge

Driving under the influence of Drugs is a violation of the Vehicle Code 231452(e), which reads: “It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle.” It is very similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. One way that this charge differs from a regular “DUI” charge is that when an officer suspects the presence of drugs in someone's system, a breathalyzer test will not show drugs and a blood test will have to be ordered. Other evidence that can be used to charge someone with DUI of drugs includes the defendant's statements, behavior, and appearance.

Penalties for DUI Conviction

DUI is most often charged as a misdemeanor. The penalties for DUI can include:

  • Driver's License Suspension
  • Fines Up To $1,800 For A First Offense
  • Possible Jail Sentence
  • Probation Of Three To Five Years

Felony DUI Penalties

DUI charges can be filed as a felony, if:

  • You have already had three DUI offenses.
  • You have already been convicted of DUI, at least once.
  • Your actions cause an accident that injures someone else.

A felony conviction of DUI can carry more severe consequences than that of a misdemeanor DUI, including incarceration in a state penitentiary.

DUI Causing Death Or Injury

California Vehicle Code 23153 VC deals with death or injuries caused by a person driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

Code 23153 VC reads:

"(a) It is unlawful for a person, while under the influence of any alcoholic beverage to drive a vehicle and concurrently do any act forbidden by law, or neglect any duty imposed by law in driving the vehicle, which act or neglect proximately causes bodily injury to any person other than the driver. (b) It is unlawful for a person, while having 0.08 percent or more, by weight, of alcohol in his or her blood to drive a vehicle and concurrently do any act forbidden by law, or neglect any duty imposed by law in driving the vehicle, which act or neglect proximately causes bodily injury to any person other than the driver. . . . (e) It is unlawful for a person, while under the influence of any drug, to drive a vehicle and concurrently do any act forbidden by law, or neglect any duty imposed by law in driving the vehicle, which act or neglect proximately causes bodily injury to any person other than the driver. "

Vehicular Manslaughter While Intoxicated

If you kill someone while driving drunk, you could be charged with vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated, a more serious crime than DUI causing injury. This charge may result if you drive under the influence and inadvertently cause the death of another person.

If, while driving under the influence, you intentionally engage in activity that is likely to result in the death of another person. The second scenario, intentionally engaging in activity that is likely to cause death, will result in the more serious charge of gross vehicular manslaughter while intoxicated and carries an even more serious penalty.

Penal Code 273(a)

The second statutory provision that applies to a child endangerment enhancement of DUI is a violation of Penal Code 273(a) which covers crimes that involve cruelty to a child while under the influence of alcohol and includes driving a care with a minor passenger while under the influence and intentionally inflicting harm or mental anguish on the child while under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

DUI Bail Bonds

If you are arrested in Gilroy for DUI, your first call should be to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed, professional bail bondsmen can help you negotiate the DUI bail process and get out of jail fast.

A DUI bail bondsman will pay the bail on your behalf, and you pay the bondsman a fee, usually 10% of the total cost of bail. When the case is resolved, the court will return the money to the person who paid it, in this case the bail bondsmen. He keeps the fee as payment for helping to secure bail more quickly and for assistance to the court in tracking and ensuring the compliance of defendants who are out on bail.

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Assault Bail Bonds in Gilroy

The crime of assault doesn't require any physical contact. You may have heard, or even used, the phrase, “He (or she) assaulted me!” in a situation where someone was actually hurt by physical violence. However, assault is not necessarily an attack of any kind, but merely the attempt to make unlawful contact with the intent of doing harm.

Assault is defined in Penal Code 240 as having three components:

  • There must be an unlawful attempt
  • There must be an ability
  • There must be another person upon whom violence or injury was threatened or attempted

“Attempt” means that someone tried to do something; not that they thought about it or wanted to, but that they tried.

Assaults that can be charged as felonies are violations of PC 241.1, PC 241.2, PC 241.4, PC 241.7, and PC 241.8 and include assault against:

  • doctors and nurses
  • emergency medical technicians and paramedics
  • school employees
  • firefighters
  • lifeguards
  • animal control officers
  • highway workers
  • members of the United States military, if the assault is motivated by the fact of service in the military
  • public transportation employees
  • probation department employees

Felony assault can be punished by up to three years in jail, a fine of up to $2,000, and probation up to three years.

Felony battery penalties include up to three years in county jail or state prison, depending on the offender's history, a fine of up to $2,000 ($5,000 if the victim is a juror or $10,000 if the victim is a public transport worker or passenger), and up to three years probation.

Battery With Serious Bodily Injury

Aggravated assault includes assault with a deadly weapon or assault where there is an intent to commit a felony such as rape or murder.

Aggravated battery is a violation of PC 243(d) and can be called battery with serious bodily injury or aggravated battery. This is the result of battery that caused serious injury to another person, making it different from simple battery where no injury needs to have been inflicted in order to be charged.

Assault & Battery Bail Bonds in Gilroy, CA

Often, prosecutors and law enforcement officers will charge you with the most serious versions of the crimes they believe have been committed, even if those charges will be reduced, later on. But, this leaves you in the position of having higher amounts of bail money to produce, in order to get out of jail after an arrest.

It is common for people to lack the cash funds to post their own bail. If this is the case, you can call a bail bonds company, like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. They will post bail for you, in return for a small fee, generally 10% of the total bail due. This allows you to get out of jail at a fraction of the cost of paying the full bail yourself.

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