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We offer 24 hour bail bonds services in the city of Norco, California and all of Riverside County as well as the surrounding areas. For immediate bail assistance please contact us 24/7. We provide free bail information, price quotes and fast easy payment plans. The following article will discuss frequently asked questions about bail bonds in Norco, California.

“Western” as a traditional type of American style conjures images of cowboy hats, boots, guns, horses, territorial conflict, and vast space where livestock graze and through which people pass but don’t dwell.  If we take the images from the movies of old and a dwindling number of new movies, we see the home as an earthen brick shelter or a thin timber structure and the land markings are split-rail fences or posts wrapped with barbed wire.   That’s the culture of the old west: land ownership of vast space and everything contained within the boundaries … it is a romantic ideal that few inside of Southern California will ever see in the modern city-scape.

Norco, a city in Riverside County, is named for North Corona Land Company and was officially opened in 1923.  It was not incorporated as a city until 1964 and since has maintained a set of city rules and traditions to maintain a rural western ambiance.  Norco is an equine-lovers community and a livestock owner’s community, equipped with trails and hitching posts where other towns might have sidewalks and parking meters.  In the new 21st century land-rush for suburban growth, the Norco charter that favors the ideal west is having an identity crisis of sorts (like the western movie) as the demands of new growth diminishes the space for maintaining its association with livestock of all types and rural living. 

The city continues to pride itself as being a horse community and is a base for several equine groups and associations.  It has one of the largest covered horse arenas that doubles as an event center, named for George Alan Ingalls (medal of honor recipient).  The annual Norco Fair takes place over Labor Day weekend and includes rodeo-type competitions that are kin to western motif lifestyle.  NART (Norco Animal Rescue Team) was founded there in 2003 after the first of many devastating wildfires in the region.  NART and its staff of trained animal handlers and special equipment for rescuing large animals has made the city a centerpiece for Animal refugees from fires and other natural disasters throughout the Southern California.

Where are Bail Bonds Services in Norco, California:

Arrested in Norco

Are you in need of rescue for behaving poorly in Norco?   Make the first and only call to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to 844-400-BAIL or 949-445-3420 any time of day or night to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman regarding the process of posting a bail bond for any arrest.  Mr. Nice Guy answers to the visitor, overly curious tourist, resident and immigrant needs with equal rates for the type of bond needed and equal service commitment – the best rate, the fairest deal.  It is a certainty that Mr. Nice Guy will state the one-time fee for the bond processing, a lower than 10% rate in most situations, and nothing hidden or cloaked in the agreement to surprise you later.

What is Cow Tipping in Norco?

Cow tipping is an urban legend and it has appeared in modern media as an exercise for bored people seeking excitement; it really involves a cow or steer and an attempt to tip it over onto the ground.  It has its metaphorical origins in the conquest period of the Roman Empire, meaning that once “tipped over” a conquered area could not upright itself.  In the study of cows, most cows do sleep lying down and they can get up.  In some circumstances cows or steers do not right themselves if their feet are positioned uphill from where they lie because they cannot roll over like a dog might.  The truth is that the actual mathematical problem of the force needed to exert on a standing cow to force it to lay down is so immense that it would take several people (like 14 people) to exert enough uniform force to make a cow “tip over.” 

The “cow tipping” metaphor in modern American lore is a remark on boredom or groups intoxicated by substances - some places seem to lack excitement, so what better than to find a cow sleeping upright (standing) and tip it over.  The process has been determined nearly physically impossible for a single individual against an adult cow or steer without harm to one or the other.   Barring injury, as cows or steers can easily hurt humans in a fight, you would have to corner (e.g. torture) an animal and then exert the collective force to knock it down (e.g. abuse).  Since it has been proven to take a group, not an individual, to accomplish the force necessary, a group of perpetrators of such a test might be considered a gang and now per most of the laws in any state “gang affiliation” is not a bargaining chip in front of a judge.

Wobbler Offenses and Animal Cruelty Charges

Remember that in Norco, the acreage of properties and the distance between structures tempt the adventurers and the curious to “stupid-up.”    You will see marked areas of fencing No Trespassing and livestock of all types grazing beyond.  Stepping over the fence or opening a gate without permission might just lead you into the realm of combined charges that fall into the realm of “wobbler” charges.  In the California legal system, a wobbler is a charge that straddles misdemeanor and felony, depending on the leaning of the judge, prosecutor, or circumstances of the arrest.

For example, trespassing is normally a misdemeanor and as long as it doesn’t involve intrusion into an inhabitable structure.  Trespassing requires the intent to stay on the property, to encamp, and or utilize resources of the property.  It is hard to prove a vagrant sleeping within the fence line as trespass, providing they do no more damage then displace the area of their sleeping bag for a night.  Trespass with the intent to vandalize, harass livestock (such as attempting the rumored prank of “cow tipping”), or cause harm to the property would wobble toward felony trespass with damages.   Your own life history will dictate how the charges accumulate.  The owner of the property can assess damages of your intrusion and that can also cause the wobble to lean toward felony.   If you do approach or break into a structure, you are now subject to California “castle doctrine” which permits the rightful owner to defend himself.   Take that advice for what it’s worth.

California Penal Code 594 prohibits defacing, damaging, or destroying someone else’s property and can extend to losses of property directly attributed to your intrusion.  You can face charges of trespassing and vandalism and if the purported damage exceeds $400, which can include the loss of livestock or injury to livestock, you are now wobbling between misdemeanor and felony. 

Mr. Nice Guy suggests you save your hard-earned dollar for the legal assistance you will need to handle this type of charge in court.  A bail bond, in order to free you from arrest at the moment, will at least allow you to collect your senses and your defenses for handling the long-term issues of your case.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to 844-400-BAIL or 949-445-3420 any time of day or night to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman regarding the process of posting a bail bond.

Wobbler offenses are also part of Animal Cruelty charges.  Most rural sections of Riverside County and all other California counties with sparse population and the space to support livestock adhere to the State guidelines on Animal Cruelty, California Penal Code 597.  As a visitor into any of these areas, like Norco, be aware that the community will seek the full extent of the law’s capacity to punish an alleged perpetrator of this type. The misdemeanor charge carries a potential fine of up to $20,000 and up to a one year sentence in county jail.  A felony for animal abuse can extend the sentence from 6-months to three years in State prison, with a fine in the same range.  Civil complaints attached to your arrest layer complications on to the situation, media attention (self-posted or news reported) in combination with animal abuse or cruelty will bring the wrath of Animal Rights organizations to sustain community pressure on your case and judgment.  Do remember that fines for a crime (if you are determined guilty) are not included in the bail figure.

Who to call to about bail bond in Norco

Use Mr. Nice Guy Bail bonds for the stupid-impulsive arrest problem as well as the normal 21st century California charges such as, DUI, Aggravated Assault, Shoplifting or Theft, Public Intoxication, etc.   It doesn’t matter what kind of trouble you are immersed in, when arrested you need to seek out Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to 844-400-BAIL or 949-445-3420 any time of day or night to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman regarding the process of posting a bail bond.  Depending on your charges, a bail bond fee is minimal expense against the other fees that you may incur.

The Best Choice for Bail Bonds in Norco

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds agents have determination and quick response, you say go and they won’t say “no.”   You will be delivered from incarceration and free to move on with legal expertise against your charges.  They have experience dealing with a myriad of charges that are unique to each arrest.  Yes, they remain confidential and will not judge the charges because that is not their responsibility: they leave the game plan for fighting or bargaining to you – and make sure that you are rocking in the free world to complete it all. 

How do I bail someone out of Norco jail?

Mr. Nice Guy licensed agents operate to get you out of jail immediately, but don’t let up on all the steps you need to take to fight or plea your charges.  Take that time to look inward and outward and far down the road to what you want associated with your legacy.  Seek professional legal help if you don’t want the charges weighing you down like an anchor.

Remember that Mr. Nice Guy’s band of licensed agents are entitled to get you out of jail so that you can face the charges (from whatever party) in court and deal with the comprehensive charges, from federal arrests that Arrested with evidence of vandalism in your possession?  Caught driving poorly and a higher than acceptable Blood Alcohol Content or smoldering paraphernalia in your vehicle (remember that cannabis is a private privilege)?  Are you facing vagrancy, suspicion of burglary or robbery, accused of assault or domestic violence, violation of a restraining order?  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has one objective:  getting you out of your nightmare almost as fast as you found it.  Call 844-400-BAIL for 24 hour – 7 day a week confidential assistance in these not so happy matters.  A licensed bail bondsman will be available to answer your questions and clarify how the process works.

Checking Warrants in Norco

If you are arrested on warrants (failure to appear in court or unpaid traffic fines), that can put a damper on any excursion.   If you are with a group of qualified friends (not intoxicated or under the influence) you may get out of leaving the car for the tow to impound but you can very easily be incarcerated.  You can check your warrant status or anyone else’s through Mr. Nice Guy’s website.  That being said, no one who suspects they may not have come clean on a fine, child support payment, or a ticket should go anywhere without checking.    You can look up this information privately on Mr. Nice Guy’s website and if you get results that you don’t like, call and get the information.  As a courtesy the licensed bail bonds staff at 844-400-BAIL can determine what’s needed to clean up a warrant.

Bail bonds are usually purchased at 10% of the total amount of bail specified and you are obligated to pay an initial processing fee (with Mr. Nice Guy this occurs only once and he offers competitive purchase prices and interest rates).  Sometimes, bail bonds offer an even lower rate with the addition of collateral (property or possessions) to secure a release.  In the case of most bail bonds that address the 4-digit bail amounts (1000 to 9999) and this includes trespassing and animal cruelty arrests, any bail service may advertise a reasonable rate for a bail bond.  However, look at processing or other fees (per month, per year) to ultimately make your determination.  Mr. Nice Guy licensed agents handle bail bonds for any mishap with a single fee, fair interest, and lower than average pricing call 844-400-2245 toll free or 949-445-3420 to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman. 

How much is a bail bond in Norco?

Remember that all arrests come with expenses, in addition to bail.  You need to know that before enlisting family members to help you out.  The $1000 to get out of jail can become $1500 to address the impounded car or stay-over costs of friends and relatives in their attempt to free you.  If you are arrested for a DUI, there will be impound fees for your vehicle, perhaps towing fees, license fees, and then insurance increases.  Keep the fees for an arrest under control by choosing the bail bond option that requires only a small percentage of the bail amount plus a one-time fee.  Your immediate situation can consume way more than the dollar bail amount by the time the month is over.  Recommend Mr. Nice Guy to anyone who you’ve enlisted to your aid as they can process the bail bond for you using any type of payment (VISA, MC, crypto currency, and standard cash).  Remember that until you appear in court to face charges, for which you may not even be determined guilty, the remainder of the process is up to your direct participation.   The legal system and warrant systems are not perfect either so choose where you want to wait out the situation.

How to post bail in Norco

Most images of the west are beautiful and bountiful, and celebrate the culture of freedom that we all enjoy now.    In Norco, as with any other place, your freedom is relative to the way you choose to enjoy it. Act irresponsibly toward your fellow man, their property or your kindred animal and you might just lose out on that freedom you enjoyed.

Remember that Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds exists to help you, your friends, and everyone important in your life to reach a happy conclusion.