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Bail Bonds for the Century Detention Facility

The Century Regional Detention Facility re-opened in March of 2006 as an all female jail facility. The facility also serves as a booking facility for Century Station, Compton Station and all female prisoners throughout the county. Century Regional Detention Center has the capacity to house 2,100 inmates and includes two wings, serving prisoners with an industrial kitchen, medical and mental health services, offices for chaplains, educators, social workers, and volunteer.

The CRDF is located at:

Century Regional Detention Facility
11705 S. Alameda St.
Lynwood, CA 90262

(213) 473-6100 – Inmate information

(323) 568- 4520 – Visiting Information

Visiting Someone at the Century Regional Detention Facility

Members of the general public (with some exceptions) are allowed to visit inmates at the Century Regional Detention Facility. To schedule a visit with an inmate you must:

  • Register in the Inmate Visitation System
  • Visits must be scheduled in advance. Appointments can be made through the Inmate Visitation System, as well.
  • Arrive one hour before your scheduled visit.
  • Be prepared to present a valid, government issued photo ID.
  • Minors accompanying parents or legal guardians will require documentation that will bepresented to the visitation staff.

Visitation Hours at the Century Regional Detention Facility 

Visiting hours are Saturday and Sunday from 7:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m. and from 2:00 p.m. - 5:30p.m. Visits last thirty minutes. Inmates are allowed one visit per day and two visits within one visitation week. Only two people are allowed to visit at a time, and children under seventeen count as a one of those people. Anyone arriving late for an appointment should notify the staffimmediately, as visits are subject to cancellation if the visitors don't show up early.

Visitors must register at the Main Lobby Center at least one hour before their scheduled visit. Please bring your visitation confirmation number or receipt, and proper photo ID.

Posting Bail at The Century Regional Detention Facility

When posting bail from a Los Angeles County Jail, it's important to call a bail bondsman as soon as possible. Getting bail from one of the sheriff's jail facility is much faster than trying to bail out of one of the county jails. However, if you are already at a county jail, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds immediately to get a professional bail bondsman working fast to get you out of jail as quickly as possible.

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Who sets bail at the Lynwood Jail? 

The bail for each county is set according to a schedule that is posted at each jail facility and available in court. The judge can set a different amount of bail, during a bail hearing, however.The standard Felony Bail Schedule for Los Angeles County can be found Here. To figure the total amount of bail required for felony charges requires several steps, you can complete the worksheet found here.

How Much is Bail at the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood? To figure out how much bail will be required to get someone released from jail, you can complete the felony bail worksheet found here.

You will have to follow several steps:

  • List all of the offenses for which a defendant is being charged
  • Find the charge with the highest bail schedule amount.
  • If the arrestee is charged with more than one offense, on seperate dates or against separate victims, list the amounts of the bail required fro those charges and add them to the original charge.
  • Next, find if there are any enhancements that require additional bail. Enhancements include things like:
    • Gang-related offenses
    • Offenses committed with a weapon
    • Does the defendant have any prior convictions?
    • Has the arrestee been in prison during the past five years?
    • Is the victim under 15 or over 65?
  • After finding all base charges and all enhancements, add all of these amounts togetherto find the total amount of bail that will be required to bail someone out of jail.

Bail For Misdemeanor Charges at the Century Regional Detention Facility

If a person is charged with a crime that does not have a a uniform bail amount provided in theMisdemeanor Bail Schedule, the bail is $500. If the charge against a defendant could be a felony or a misdemeanor charge, sometimes called a “wobbler,” and the bail is not clearly defined in the bail schedule, then the minimum bail will be $750.00.

What if I Can't Pay My Bail in Lynwood?

For many people, it can be difficult to come up with the entire amount of money that is due for bail.   Not only is a great deal of money involved, but that money will be tied up with the court system for a long time. Some cases can take over a year to come to an end. After the case has ended, it can sometimes take some time to get the money back from the court system.

Most people, facing a substantial amount of bail, just don't have the cash to pay the bail outright. A person can post property as a form of bail, but the amount of value in the property has to be double the value of the bail being sought. Often, it's easier to get help from a bail bondsman like Mr. Nice Guy (844)400-2245.

Mr. Nice Guy is experienced in posting all types of bail bonds, from local appearance bonds tofederal immigration bonds. And, the friendly agents at Mr. Nice Guy understand that you don't always have the money on hand to pay the bail bond premium. If you have a job, or can showthe means to repay down the road, Mr. Nice Guy will work with you to create a payment plan for the bail premium the law requires. Call (844) 400-2245 Today!

Can I Make Payments For Bail Bonds?

In California, when you've been charged with a crime, you'll need to post bail in order to get out of jail while you await your charges. The court will hold the amount of bail money that you've deposited with them and return it to you when your case has reached its close.

There are different types of bail in California. Bail for appearance in California is for crimes only involving state violations. There are also Federal violations which may require bail, if you commit, or are accused of committing a federal crime. Immigration violations can also require a substantial bond if it is granted. Depositing bail with the court, for any of these types of bail or bond, allows a person to get out of jail, and the money will be returned, if that person follows through on all of their legal proceedings.

However, it is often difficult for defendants to come up with the total amount of bail required. This is when you need to call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. A Bail Bond agent is able to post the bail amount for you, in return for a premium, generally 10%. If this 10% is still more than you can come up with quickly, Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed, friendly professionals will work with you to create a repayment plan.

Sometimes, this payment plan can require as little as No Money Down!

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Bail Bonds Financing Plans for The Century Regional Detention Center

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Bail Bond Professionals For The Jail in Lynwood

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