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Need a Bail Bond in San Clemente?

The air temperature in San Clemente will be 66 degrees and the water is 70 degrees.  Ho hum, it’s a rough life for the residents of this coast city.  Perhaps in the hillside residential areas just East of the San Diego Freeway it may be slightly warmer.  The climate type is called “Mediterranean,” meaning that it the town will average in the 70-degree range over the course of the year.  The sun shines better than 300 days a year, so no one can complain about the great possibilities offered by every day.

So why would Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds need an introduction to a city with so many healthy, happy people? That has a pretty simple answer:  Mr. Nice Guy and the licensed agents that serve all of Orange County provide services on-line and free private consultation about the personal storm clouds that can dampen your otherwise perfect days or chill you like December when your city averages 64 degrees.

From the beach to the ocean manors on the bluffs above the sea, and from the perches of homes in the hills, there is always the possibility of a crime and an arrest.  If it’s a crime done to you or your property, you are probably in agreement with the person being taken by the Orange County Sheriff Deputies.   If it’s a family member in trouble in San Clemente or anywhere else in Orange County, you may want to talk to someone other than your neighbors about how to proceed.  No community is immune to both types of incidents, and no one should turn down free consultation when the arrested person is one of their own.

Find yourself in a tornado of emotions over a private incident?   Call Mr. Nice Guy toll-free at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) to confidentially discuss an arrest in Orange County and the bail process for retrieving the person.  You can make the call ANY TIME day or night.  Mr. Nice Guy’s agents can also be reached by calling 1-949-445-3420 and that number accepts text messages or emails as well, but it’s not toll-free.

How to bail out of jail in San Clemente?

In order to have a bail bond posted in San Clemente you would need to contact an independent bail bonds agent to discuss payment and other bail requirements. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds we are always happy to solve the problem or an individual or an unlucky group in custody needing to post bail. We have professional bail bondsmen and bondswomen in the greater San Clemente area that are mobile and can even arrange a bail bond over the phone or online. In addition, we have a central office located close to the main county jail facilities in Santa Ana, Orange County. Most bail bonds in the San Clemente area require a few signatures, copy of an ID, additional paperwork may be required include: references, utility bills, paystubs and other information to be used to verify identity. These requirements will vary depending on the type of bond and bail amount, so please contact us.

What is a bail bond in San Clemente?

A bail bond is a method of securing the release of an inmate in order to guarantee the defendant will show up to their assigned court dates. The bail bond(s) work as a financial transaction with very real consequences that will gladly explain in plain talk and provide everything up front in writing. San Clemente does not have its own jail facility therefore arrested persons requiring bail to be posted will be taken to the Orange County Sherriff’s department jail complex located in the city of Santa Ana.

How much does bail cost for San Clemente?

San Clemente does not have its own unique bail schedules; rather the city is included in the Orange County bail schedule posted every year. The bail schedule shows the long list of charges common to Orange County and the corresponding bail amount for each charge. When a person is accused of multiple charges, the bail amount for each charge may be listed and added together. In other instances, one bail amount may be listed for multiple charges. The law enforcement agencies have some protocols from deciding on the bail amounts for San Clement. Based on the bail amount, the bail cost will be a set percentage which is typically around 10% but prices may be lower in some cases. The exact price will vary; contact one of our super friendly bail agents to give you a quote today!

Where are the jails and inmates in San Clemente?

When you are ready to go or when your Mr. Nice Guy agent has told you the release is imminent this is where you or they will be:

Orange County Sheriff’s Depart. Central Jail Complexes

550 North Flower Street

Santa Ana, CA 92703

What is the phone number to call regarding arrests in San Clemente?

Mr. Nice Guy is in the business of getting people back on track to their jobs and re-connected after the embarrassment of an arrest.  But if you talked to a Mr. Nice Guy agent, you, the agent, and the person who was arrested are the only people who have to know about it.  Reach out!  Mr. Nice Guy is judgment free and toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245.

Incidents in San Clemente

San Clemente’s law enforcement is the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, and you probably know the commander and deputies by name or sight.  San Clemente has no proper jail, so arrested persons from the city or unincorporated areas are taken to the OCSD Main Jail in Santa Ana.  That’s not unique to your situation because all the cities that contract with the OCSD for law enforcement send their arrests to Santa Ana and the OCSD main jail.  All the California Highway Patrol stops that result in arrests will drop their passengers at the OCSD main jail. Even cities with a police department, like Newport Beach and even the city of Santa Ana, will look for obvious reasons to shuttle their arrested persons to the OCSD main jail.

The main reason for a person being sent to OCSD main jail from anywhere in Orange County is the existence of a warrant.  Mr. Nice Guy offers Free Orange County Warrant Checks so that you can check on your own status or the status of others you care about.  The CHP officers who stop to cite for a small traffic violation or even a broken tail-light warning will act on an existing warrant.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond agents are open to discussion about warrants too, and what steps need to be taken.  It is free to call and talk at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245).

What happens in San Clemente after being arrested?

Bail is payment for an arrested person’s release prior to a legal hearing.  Bail payment amounts are dictated by the charges against the person.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has dealt with different charges all over Orange County, from petty to serious.  The agents can give a definite answer of the amount once the arrested person is booked into the OCSD main jail or one of the smaller local jails, etc. 

Going to the physical jail to pay is your personal choice, but you can pay for either a Bail Bond or the Bail itself through Mr. Nice Guy’s website (which you are looking at).   A bail bond allows you to pay a percentage of the amount and with the proper paperwork completed (also 100% on-line) you can take advantage of payments over time.  You know your finances, but consider that there may be extra fees involved with the arrest.  For example, if your family member was arrested for a DUI/DWI, there might be fees for the impounded vehicle in addition to fees applied at the hearing date based on the plea entered.  You can conserve resources by taking the bail bond option and the process can be started with paperwork on Mr. Nice Guy’s forms page.  Agents are ready to provide confidential support to assist.

Every city including San Clemente has different policies on bail for their jails.  They all accept cash, Money Orders, Personal Checks with proper ID, Cashier’s Checks with a letter from a bank contact, or Traveler’s Checks, but some have limits and more express rules about payment.  All of them will accept a Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond as proper bail and the release is usually quick and your agent will give you the directions and address of those facilities.

The release process of anyone arrested from San Clemente and send to the OCSD Main Jail can take anywhere from 4-8 hours after the bail is processed.  For sake of comfort and safety, Mr. Nice Guy suggests that there are better ways to use your time than to wait in downtown Santa Ana for that release.

The Weather Outside Is Delightful

In San Clemente, the farthest point South in Orange County, the sky is clear and the air temperature is between 64 and 70-degrees.  There’s a slight breeze, and a beautiful view.

Mr. Nice Guy agents are always available to restore your day to normal.