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Arrests are usually scary, which is why your priority after apprehension is to leave jail. Luckily, the law allows defendants to secure freedom before the hearing and determination of their cases. You could be released on personal recognizance, where you do not pay any money with the court but only on a written promise to show up for the remaining court dates. Alternatively, the court could release you on bail. If you cannot afford to pay cash bail, bail bond seems like the easiest and most efficient way of obtaining a pretrial release.

If you are behind bars and cannot afford bail in Descanso, we invite you to use our bail services at the Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We understand the frustrations of arrests, which is why we will ensure you reunite with your family as soon as possible.

Understanding San Diego County Bail Bonds

Once the arresting officer informs you that you are under arrest in Descanso, the next stop will be the Pine Valley Substation. The officers will book and process you before sending you into a holding cell. The booking procedure entails mugshot, fingerprinting, medical examination for emergencies, recording personal information, and the alleged crime you have commissioned. Further, they will take your clothing and personal effects, then issue you a jail uniform. The process takes a maximum of eight hours.

Once you have been booked, you should be presented before a judge within forty-eight hours, unless it is on a weekend or holiday. It is not mandatory to appear before a judge for a bail hearing to secure a pretrial release. Sometimes, the arresting officers will use the bail schedule to set the funds you should deposit with the court to leave jail pending trial. Again, they will issue you a citation, indicating the date you should appear in court.

Nonetheless, if the offense in question is a severe one, you must wait to appear before a judge, who reviews your file to grant or deny bail. When setting bail, the court refers to the bail schedule, although they have the discretion to increase or lower the funds, depending on the case’s nature.

When you choose to pay bail in cash, you must understand that the money could be rejected if suspicions exist on its origin, especially where the bail is in tens of thousands of dollars. This could prolong your detention because a hearing must be set where you prove the origin of the funds is legitimate for the money to be accepted.

Many defendants in San Diego County cannot afford to consolidate a comprehensive bond. Therefore, if you are among the individuals who find themselves in these situations, you should retain the services of Descanso bail bonds. These bondsmen will pay your entire bail when you agree to pay them a non-refundable fee of 10% of the total bail.

Also, the company will need security for the money they have paid in court on your behalf. You could rely on a cosigner, which the agency will go after to recover their money when you fail to appear or disregard bail conditions. Your Descanso bail agency will want to meet the cosigner in person and ensure they have a permanent job or assets that can be seized and auctioned if you fail to honor the agreement. Very few people will want to be your indemnitor, so you must use your assets or property as collateral if you are unlucky to find one. However, the dollar value of the collateral must be more than the remaining balance of your bail after deducting the non-refundable premium fee.

When working with a Descanso bail agency, you must ensure they are available around the clock because arrests occur when least expected, even in the middle of the night. Also, you want a bondsman who accepts electronic payments and processes all the necessary paperwork electronically to ensure a speedy release procedure.

You will have an opening for a single phone call after the apprehension. You can use the call to contact your preferred bondsman or a family member. If you call a family member, give them the details of your jail location, name, and the alleged offense. The family member will share the information with a bail agent to draft a bail application agreement. The contract will be sent via mail or brought to you in jail by a bondsman. The agreement states your financial responsibilities, so ensure you carefully read the terms and ask questions where details are unclear. This is like a loan contract, so you must be keen not to sign an agreement that will stretch your finances or with hidden costs.

Once you sign the contract, your licensed Descanso bail agent will move swiftly and deposit your bail funds with the court. Luckily, bail agents operate around the clock, so they can post bail anytime, eliminating the need to wait until office hours to leave police custody.

Benefits of Using Descanso Bail Agency Services Over Other Bail Options

If you must pay bail to leave detention, you must choose between cash bail and bail bond. Nevertheless, for a person who has never been behind bars again, choosing between paying cash or securing a bond is not a walk in the park. Luckily, the benefits of working with bail agents are discussed below:

  1. You Can Exercise Your Constitutional Mandates

The US constitution's eighth amendment allows defendants the liberty to leave jail pending trial because they are presumed innocent until the court closes the case and gives a verdict. Although many people are denied this right when they are denied bail because of their offenses, some are still granted bail but remain in jail because they cannot consolidate the funds required as bail. At this juncture, the Descanso bail agents come into play by offering bail services. A licensed bondsman will ensure you obtain freedom awaiting trial even when your pockets are not deep enough to cover the bail.

  1. With Bail Agents, You Can Access Professional Help

When you have been arrested for the first time, you are confused and overwhelmed by the legal system. Having someone who understands how to go about the complex processes involved here is an added advantage because it reduces anxiety and confusion. Additionally, you can easily understand what to expect.

Your Descanso bail agent will provide the professionalism you need, especially when you have not hired an attorney. A bondsman will help you secure freedom while you prepare for trial. During this period, they will be responsible for ensuring you do not skip court and that you obey other conditions imposed by the court as part of the release agreement. Therefore, they will explain your rights and responsibilities, and expectations regarding the court process after leaving jail. Besides, they will remind you of your court dates and, when necessary, help you obtain the services of a defense attorney to help you fight the charges and prevent a conviction.

  1. Streamline Your Pretrial Release

Many defendants whom the court has granted bail stay in jail because they cannot afford what the court requires them to pay. The few who can afford the funds are the ones who leave detention after paying cash bail. Nonetheless, the remaining opt for Descanso bail agents because they do not need to have the entire bail. Instead, they all need to have 10% of the bail funds, and the bondsman will handle the rest. These agents have been around for a long time and understand the process of posting bail. Also, they have contacts in these jails and detention facilities, meaning once you sign the bail contract, the rest of the process will be completed within no time, and you will be ready to unite with your family.

  1. Assist You With the Necessary Documentation

Imagine yourself in jail completing paperwork you have never seen before. The paperwork for bond application is complex. Bail agents understand this, which is why they will help you fill out these forms manually or electronically. The professionals are used to this kind of paperwork every day, meaning they know what and where you need to fill specific information. By helping you complete the documentation, you avoid mistakes in the documents that could have resulted in extended jail incarceration, rescheduling of the set court dates, and delayed proceedings.

  1. Your Personal Finances Remain Private

Paying cash bail is an option to leave jail awaiting the remaining court hearings, but it has its shortcomings. One of the disadvantages of paying the full bail in cash, especially if huge sums of money are involved, is that the court becomes apprehensive of the money’s origin. This will put your private finances in the public eye because you must show the court the monies are proceeds of legitimate business or employment. The judge could require your paystubs, bank statements, and tax receipts as evidence, documents you could have wanted to remain private to back your arguments.

On the contrary, a Descanso bail agency will not request these documents to prove the source of the money you are paying as the fee for the bail services. Also, when the agents pay bail for you, the court will not question the origin of the money because these agencies meet the relevant state requirements. By partnering with a bail agency, it will not be necessary to produce all the paperwork needed to prove the source of your money.

  1. Your Money is Put Into Better Use

You do not want your money to lay in court for months or years, depending on the duration of the case, without any interest. It will not add value when the court holds it. However, you will only pay a fraction of the total bail as a bondsman’s fee when you decide to purchase a bond instead of paying cash. The remaining balance you can invest in other income-generating activities while enjoying freedom pending your court case.

Also, the funds that could have gone towards paying cash bail can be used to employ a renowned defense attorney, increasing the chances of winning the trial.

Considerations Before Becoming an Indemnitor in San Diego County

Like you would want to spend the minimum time in jail, you want the same for a loved one in jail. Therefore, when you learn of a loved one’s arrest, the quickest way to reunite with them is by co-signing a bond. However, as much as you want to help, you must understand that you become like any other indemnitor. When the defendant refuses to return to court after release, the bail company will come after your assets or income to recover the loss caused by bail forfeiture. So, a lot of caution is required when cosigning to avoid financial liability.

One factor to consider before becoming someone’s indemnitor is trust and responsibility. You want to cosign for someone you trust understands the financial implications of skipping bail and will take responsibility by doing what the pretrial release conditions stipulate.

Similarly, you must understand the contract involved to know your responsibilities and other details. One of your major responsibilities is ensuring the defendant abides by the law and shows up in court. Additionally, you must create a positive environment for the defendant to prevent substance abuse. When you understand these responsibilities and the person you want to cosign, it can be easy to determine if you want to become an indemnitor or not.

Moreover, you want to be sure you can handle the financial responsibility of being someone’s cosigner. When the bail is large, and you cannot afford it, you should not go ahead with cosigning.

Lastly, you must understand your rights as a cosigner. For example, the law is clear that you can terminate the agreement to be a defendant’s indemnitor when they engage in suspicious activities that result in bail forfeiture. Then, the bondsman will come after you for compensation.

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