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Irvine Bail Bond

Irvine went from being a set of vacant hills in Orange County (filling the gap between Laguna Beach and the split of all highways leading to Los Angeles) to the Nationwide Top Ten of planned communities over a short span of decades.  Yes, each distinct development (including the original tracts) is maintained with a theme and design that identifies their age in respect to others, but all are part of the Irvine vision.  Each section is model representation of style and sensibilities from different areas of the globe and now as they reach maturity they offer the features and function of promising lifestyle amenities.  Mediterranean design, Moroccan design, Atlantic Countryside design, it doesn’t matter what your tastes are as they have progressed in both style and HOA tolerated customization to second and third ownership tastes.  The houses in each section may have their base design similarities but everyone’s castle is usually the inside of the property boundary as permitted. 

The city of Irvine encompasses campus areas for reputable higher learning schools and is defined by visible modern architecture that serves as a hub of science and engineering.  Buildings off of the 405 have been incorporated into the lore of Southern California, for being featured in movies and for being noteworthy headquarters.  Young and aggressive California businesses undergo name changes, but they contributed to the creativity and wealth of the region.  This is an area where e-commerce and on-line services thrive in that the community has a demand for keeping things a text or a search away.  They provide the headquarters of several major brands and technology participants that distribute worldwide.

Some things come with any region and people aren’t as likely to talk about them candidly: the arrest of a family member, a student busted after a party or a concert, neighbors in a domestic dispute, or arguments with an HOA over the size of a light display during the holidays.   For the most part, Irvine issues are undertaken by the civil law process and until court, there is simply an exchange of papers between lawyers.  Issues regarding public safety or general crime are dealt with in more immediate terms by the Irvine Police Department, sometimes Orange County Sheriffs or other law enforcement teams involved with the campuses.  This is where Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds serves the residents of Irvine, providing the infrequent but often necessary service of Bail Bonds anywhere but with the ease of being part of the Irvine community.  Need advice or help 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, call (844) 400-BAIL to speak to a licensed professional bail bond agent.

Who Can You Call When You Are Arrested in Irvine?

Laws change and while some issues become relaxed others become more stringent in the interest of public safety.  There are tens of thousands of people affected by arrests every day for one-time incidents or simply not thinking through a situation; these are not all situations that make local headlines.  We don’t hear about all of them because they are private matters and usually not made public.  Criminal complaints and arrest records are skeletons in many closets.  Seek out your first advisor in dealing with an arrest in the same manner you would any other professional service.

What are the most profound qualities that you seek with any business?

  • Professionalism – fast response and non-judgmental service and patience
  • Experience – have processed bail bonds for every type of arrest charge
  • Reputation – you never hear about them because of strict confidentiality
  • Dedication – part of the justice system that exists to serve and they know it

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond Agents have a network throughout the State and the Country.  They can support your efforts and help you make decisions that don’t necessarily occur often but do have lasting impact.  Don’t let the woes of the situation make you feel pinched financially or de-stabilized.  Call them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (844) 400-BAIL or (844) 400-2245 and rest easy with your decision.

What Is A Bail Bond in Irvine, CA?

Bail is dependent on what charges placed a person under arrest.  The amount is a uniform sum based on those charges filed and that applies to the state of California (not just one particular city) and in principle remains the same in other states.   The amount can be increased only if it is a second or third offense of same charge.  The bail allows the individual to be freed to carry on with existing obligations while promising to deal with the court appearances surrounding the case.   The circumstances of the arrest define the charge, so it can’t be inflated if someone thinks that one individual is likely to pay more.  The process now confines most arrested persons in a holding facility and depending on space, there might be a transfer to a larger facility where the arrested individual waits until bail or a bail bond is posted.

The right to furnish bail or get sponsorship for bail (a version of a bond) is a right that’s been around since prior to the US Constitution being drafted.  The arrests requiring court decisions, however, probably don’t differ that much in that they are meant to resolve accusations or assess damages from bad behavior.   Several hundred years ago, a person would be released on a bail agreement or sponsorship (a precursor to bail bond) to accomplish survival needs before appearing before a magistrate for trial and sentence.  In our modern world, the rules remain the same but the delay is not in waiting for the magistrate to travel by carriage from Los Angeles to Irvine, the delay is simply the overloaded court system.   Once the arrested individual completes court obligations and after the case is resolved by applicable sentence (or charges are dropped and-or fines assessed), the bail or bail bond funds are returned. 

Orange County has its own set of jails and regional justice centers that are full of persons serving sentenced time or waiting for their arraignment and sentencing to begin.  The James A. Musick facility is the secured facility on what’s now called Honor Road in the Southeast corner of Irvine (near O’Neill Regional Park).  It is, like other facilities in Orange County, full to capacity to accommodate an excess of immigration detainees in addition to well-behaved inmates serving their sentences.   Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents work with all types of bonds for the newly incarcerated or those that are still awaiting status.  Call (844) 400-BAIL for issues of immigration or any arrest, get information about your family member or friend, get the fairest facts on what will be required to free them.

Mr. Nice Guy’s Experience Speaks:  Bail –vs- Bail Bond

The choice of making the full bail payment or utilizing a bail bond is a choice based on personal economics.  The money is held until the individual completes the legal processing of their case (arraignment, trial).  Bail amounts can be posted by anyone and must be made in person at the location where the individual is incarcerated and very specific rules on checks (personal or business) apply.  It is best to make certain what the facility will accept in payment.  For example, you may present a business check but you will additionally need to show proof that you are authorized to sign by showing notarized corporate charter, etc.   You have a choice to consult a bail bonds agent to post a percentage of the bail amount, and with Mr. Nice Guy that amount is guaranteed to be no more than10% and in cases of Immigration, the bond is usually 20%.  Mr. Nice Guy provides a single one-time fee and requires competitively low percentage at competitive interest rate!   All the forms for examination and completion are within this site AND you may make payment arrangements to achieve the bond amount.  The best part of a bail bond, aside from a lower cash requirement, is that a licensed agent posts the bond – this means no driving, no disruption of your schedule to handle the incident.  This helps in maintaining the confidential nature of the matter.

On-line Bail Bond Service in Orange County

Nothing beats being able to complete the release process for a family member or loved one without ever leaving the comfort of home and without an excursion into the Los Angeles (or other county’s) Jail system.  Mr. Nice Guy agents are licensed professionals who are prepared to locate and serve the bail bond wherever it needs to be delivered and are authorized to do so.  If the arrest occurs in Orange County, neighboring Santa Ana is probably the ultimate location for arrested persons.  If the arrest occurs in San Bernardino, Riverside, Ventura, or anywhere in or outside the state the Mr. Nice Guy network of bail servicing agents can deliver the bond and free your family member from any jail as quickly as possible.

How much does it cost to bail out of jail in Irvine?

In knowing that the arrest is usually the beginning of a stream of other possible costs, like attorney fees or impound fees (for vehicles), some people do not want to tie up their resources for an unknown period of time during the process of waiting for case disposition.  Doesn’t a bail bond at 10% of the bail amount make better sense?  It offers an easy solution and minimizes the resource impact for freedom and allows for other fees associated with an arrest.  A Mr. Nice Guy bail bond offers the smartest easy solution (844) 400-BAIL will reach a licensed bail bond agent any time of the day or night.

How can you check for warrants in Irvine? 

Mr. Nice Guy’s comprehensive website provides information and guidance on all the questions people face when someone they care about lands in trouble.  From the information bar at the top of the screen, you can navigate to find important information before it may cause an incident of its own. Free Warrant Checks for determining your Warrant status within Orange County.  The presence of a warrant in Orange County or from elsewhere in the state means you can be arrested even during a routine traffic violation or checkpoint stop.   An outstanding warrant needs to be dealt with if one exists and Mr. Nice Guy agents can explain the processes involved there too.  Use the link on our website under Resources on the navigation line.

Maps and Directions for every possible lock-up facility in Orange County is available under the Orange County Location tab.  Scroll down and click on the facility to get a map.   For simple reference, the most common locations for look-up in Orange County are: 

James A. Musick Facility
13502 Musick Road
Irvine, CA 92618

Please note that the County Jail located within the city of Irvine houses those who have already been sentenced. If you have a friend of family recently arrested they will most likely be taken to the main OC jail in Santa Ana while awaiting their court date. The Irvine jail does not allow the posting of bail bonds and has very strict rules regarding visitation and communication with inmates. It is a good idea to contact the facility before driving over to view visitation hours, rules and regulations. Please contact us for information on posting bail from Irvine area jails.

Where are people taken from Irvine that are arrested?

The Orange County Sheriff’s department takes arrested individuals to the Inmate Reception Center next door to the OC Central Jail in Downtown Santa Ana, the address is below. This is where bail is posted, and defendants are released from: 

Orange County Central Men’s or Women’s Jail
500 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 647-6000

Where is the Irvine Police Station?

The police station in the city of Irvine does not allow for the posting of bail or release defendants from this facility. So, before you drive over to the police station be advised that the booking process usually takes several hours, and most arrestees will be transported from Irvine to the OC Main facility in Santa Ana. The Irvine station is administered by the Orange County Sherriff’s department. All defendants being held on bail are transferred to the IRC in Santa Ana. Once defendants reach the IRC, they will be rebooked and processed before being clear for bail, this typically takes around 4 hours. It is important to contact a licensed bail bonds company to help navigate to process.

The Irvine Police Station address is listed below: 

Irvine Police Station
1 Civic Center Plaza
Irvine, CA 92623
(949) 724-7144

How do I pay for bail in Irvine?

Mr. Nice Guy offers a complete array of payment types and options as part of their Commitment to Service, learn why they are Orange County’s best choice for dealing with the unmentionable.  The bail bond can be purchased with any credit card, debit card, and even bit-coin as a flat purchase or on a payment plan.  Contact them 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at (844) 400-BAIL (2245).  Every case is different and everyone has different reasons for their concern, so call and get your questions answered by a licensed bail bond agent.  Even if it is to authenticate the bail claim as it was conveyed to you.  The agents know where to start, locate, and validate and perhaps make an offer for a more appealing bail bond option.

What to do if arrested in Irvine:

All arrests have a cost, in time, inconvenience, and in dollars, especially if a person intends to legally fight to reduce or eliminate the charge.  Once you see the process and the cost structure of the process in its entirety, it’s easier to see where a bail bond is a practical solution.  The incarcerated person is free to continue working and earning with relatively small disruption, committed to appearing for all the scheduled court times regarding the case.  There are more resources readily available to handle all the other costs associated with the arrest, like consulting an attorney.

If you are assisting a family member or a loved-one, doesn’t it make sense to pay less in up-front costs? Mr. Nice Guy offers expertise in the field, and can also substantiate any claims about the arrest, the bail amount, or how it can be paid.  There are groups who attempt to get people to pay for someone’s bail through fraudulent means so it is always best to make the toll-free call to Mr. Nice Guy and get to the truth of the matter – (844) 400-BAIL any time day or night.

Where is the Irvine Superior Court?

The city of Irvine does not have a Criminal Court House. Criminal cases originating from the city of Irvine and surrounding areas are heard at the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach of the North Justice Center in Fullerton. Tickets, citations and case information will list which court the defendant will be required to report to. This information can also be found on the courts website.

How to post Irvine Immigration Bond:

Immigration bonds are a type of Federal Bond posting electronically through the Federal Court system. Immigration bonds have very different requirements than a traditional criminal bail bond in California. It is very important to contact an experienced bail bonds company such as Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds to walk you through the immigration bail bond process.

Lowest Price for Bail Bonds in Irvine, California:

The prices for bail are set by the department of insurance in the state of California. Most bond companies will charge around 10% of the bail amount. Discounts are available, along with financing options. The exact price will depend on the type of charges, the jail location, down payment, type of payment, criminal record and if collateral will be used to cover the bond amount. A quick phone call or email with the inmate full name can quickly narrow down an exact quote. Flexible payment plans are available as well.

Irvine Bail Bonds just minutes from the Jails and Police Station!

Options for posting bail in Irvine:

  1. Complete the bail application online using our website or bail app for mobile devices (link on home page).
  2. Call 1-844-400-2245 and complete the bail process over the phone.
  3. Mobile bail services, one of your friendly bail agents can meet you at the jail, police station, office, coffeeshop or home. Where ever it is easiest for you to expedite the bail process and get your loved home fast and safe.
  4. Visit one of your office locations.