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Bail Bonds in Irvine, California. Irvine is located in the county of Orange, home to the James A. Musick Jail. This facility houses a 1,250 bed facility for both men and women. The Irvine facility also referred to as “the farm” temporary houses arrestees until they can post bail or appear for an arraignment. This jail in Irvine also houses convicted defendants that have been sentenced as well. The James A Musick Jail is where the lower security risk inmates are generally taken. Often when people are arrested in Orange County, they will be taken in the Orange County Intake Release Center(IRC). After being booked, they are transferred to the Musick jail or the Theo Lacy Jail or remain at the Intake Release Center until a hearing or bail is posted.

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*Be sure to note that there is no cashier at the James A. Musick Jail. If you wish to bail someone out of this Jail, you must post bail at either:

The Musick Facility is located on one hundred acres in the unincorporated area of Orange County near the cities of Irvine and Lake Forrest.

13502 Musick Road
Irvine, CA 92618

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