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Bail refers to the money you pay to a court or jail facility as assurance that you will make court appearances after being released. After being arrested for supposedly committing an offense, you are transferred to the nearest jail or police station for booking. Under usual circumstances, you are supposed to stay in custody until your case is resolved. However, in California, you are entitled to make bail and secure your release.

But arrests happen suddenly, and raising the bail amount in a short period may be a challenge. If that is the case, a bail bond service can come to your rescue and help you post bail by securing a bail bond for you. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we understand how local courts and jail facilities in Pauma Valley, CA operate. We will help you out of jail within a short period and without going broke.

Defining a Bail Bond

A bail bond or simply a bond is also called a surety bond. It is the money another party, usually a bail bond agency, posts on your behalf to secure your release from custody. As we mentioned earlier, after a judge sets bail, you can pay the bail amount out of your pocket, or your friend or friend can help pay the amount in cash (some Pauma Valley courts accept checks and credit cards). But if you cannot raise the bail amount on your own, you can reach out to a Pauma Valley bail bond company and ask them to post the bail for you by securing you a bond.

Bail companies work with bail agents/bondsmen to help arrestees post bail. The agent will make bail for you at a given fee and save you from sitting in jail a little longer while raising the bail money. The fee is usually 10% of the whole bail amount, which is non-refundable.

You can also post bail using your valuable property, whereby you give your property to the court in exchange for your freedom and the promise that you will appear in court. However, posting bail with a property is time-consuming since the procedure is lengthy. The court has to appraise the property to ensure it is valuable enough before you can post it as bail.

Federal Bail Bonds

In addition to surety bonds, some Pauma Valley bail bond companies also provide federal bonds. Federal bonds apply to federal offenses like bank robbery or drug trafficking. Most federal offenses are serious; thus, a hearing may have to be held to establish if you are eligible for this kind of bail. Federal bonds may cost higher than surety bonds.

Immigration Bonds

Immigration bail bonds are types of federal bail bonds posted to release people arrested for immigration-related offenses from jail pending trial. These bail bonds cost the highest because of the defendants’ higher chance of being a flight risk. If you need an immigration bond, a Pauma Valley bail bond agency may help you secure it.

Bail Hearing in Pauma Valley

When arrested, being released on bail may not be automatic. The judge may have to hold a bail hearing, during which they will determine whether they should grant bail, the exact bail amount you have to pay, or whether they should deny bail altogether.

Bail amount determination is significantly based on the severity and nature of your offense. Judges generally refer to the bail schedule when setting the bail amount. Per this schedule, severe crimes carry a higher bail amount while minor ones have a lower bail value. However, the judge also considers other factors and may reduce or increase the scheduled bail amount based on these factors.

During the bail hearing, you have the right to request the judge to reduce your bail amount if they have set it too high. But also note that just like you have the right to request a bail amount reduction, the DA can request a bail increment. For instance, when you ask the judge to reduce your bail amount, the prosecution may submit new proof about your charges, which could persuade the court to raise the amount or even deny bail altogether. 

If accused of a serious or violent felony, the judge may be unwilling to lower your bail amount from what is indicated on the bail schedule. Thus, your request for a bail reduction may not bear any fruits.

Bail Denial in Pauma Valley

Once you have been arrested for an offense in Pauma Valley, your first impulse will be to make bail and secure your freedom as soon as possible. However, as we mentioned, the judge may opt to deny bail. If this should happen, you will be forced to remain in jail until your case is resolved. Circumstances under which the judge can deny you bail is if your supposed crime is a violent or serious felony. Here, the judge will consider public safety before setting you free.

Note that bail is not a punishment. It is only an assurance that you will make all court appearances as required. In this sense, bail is like collateral you leave with the court to make sure that, after your release, you will come back to attend the remaining proceedings of your case. That is why, once you make all court appearances, the court will return the money to you. But if you do not appear even on one court date or violate the set bail conditions, you may lose the bail amount. If you secured a bail bond, the bond company loses the amount.

Factors Affecting Bail Amount Determination in Pauma Valley

We mentioned that apart from referring to the bail schedule, the judge considers various factors when deciding whether to set bail or reduce, increase, or deny bail. These include:

  • How severe your supposed crime is — the severer your crime is, the higher your bail amount is likely to be. Mostly, law enforcement officers arrest people suspected to commit severe crimes that facts can support. So, if, for example, you are accused of a capital offense, the judge will likely set a higher bail amount or even deny the bail. And if your crime is minor, your bail amount will be lower.
  • Flight risk— if you are a flight risk, it means the chances of you fleeing the country once out on bail are higher. If the judge finds you are a flight risk, they may deny you bail or set a higher amount.
  • Public safety — when deciding whether to grant bail or not, the judge looks at your safety and that of other people in the community. If you have been accused of a violent offense, such as sexual assault, the judge may deny you bail with the argument that you are a threat to public safety.
  • Criminal history— If you do not have a criminal record, the judge may grant you a lower bail amount compared to an arrestee with an active, lengthy record. Although, having a criminal record does not necessarily mean you will be awarded an excessively high bail amount. Judges consider how severe the past crimes were and whether or not you were eventually convicted. The judge may refuse to grant you bail if you have an outstanding warrant in another jurisdiction or are on probation/parole.
  • Previous court appearances— the primary purpose for bail is to assure that you attend court hearings. If you have a history of failing to show up on scheduled court dates, the judge may award you a higher bail value or deny bail. Judges will less likely grant bail to people with a tendency of failing to show up at court hearings.
  • Personal status— the judge may review your wealth and employment status when determining your bail amount. If you have dependents and a stable job, you will likely have fewer reasons to skip court hearings. Therefore, the judge can grant you a lower bail amount.
  • Community ties— you may be wondering how ties to the community affect bail. Someone with strong ties to the community —participating in community organizations, family living there, or an excellent reputation, has a lower bail skip and flight risk. Therefore, a judge will agree to grant them a reduced bail amount due to their community ties.

Other Ways You Can Secure Your Release Pending Trial in Pauma Valley

Apart from making bail, there are other ways through which you can secure your release after an arrest pending trial. These include release on your own recognizance and citation release.

Release on Citation

Release on citation is a choice that arresting officers have. It means that after an arrest, you are taken in for questioning. The arresting officer simply issues you a citation and permits you to leave after signing it. In the citation, you promise to show up for court proceedings of your case. A citation refers to a written notice. You are released at the site of the arrest.

Release on citation is an option for minor crimes. You must not pose any threat to the public and should be nonviolent to be released on citation.  You also must have no criminal record.

Release on Your Own Recognizance/Own Recognizance Release/OR Release

An OR release entails being set free from jail without making bail. Here, you will only be required to sign a written promise that you will appear in court on the required dates. Unlike being released on a citation, you will first be taken into custody and booked before being released. In Pauma Valley, you can be released OR unless:

  • Your offense carries capital punishment
  • Your release may compromise public safety
  • The OR will not ensure your appearance

What a Pauma Valley Bail Bond Agent Will Do For You

If you wish to hire a Pauma Valley bail bond agency to bail you out of custody, you must provide the agent with info regarding the arrest, including where you are held, your identification, and the bail amount required. After providing this information, you will pay the bail fee, which, as we mentioned, is 10% of the whole bail amount. Additionally, the bail agent may require you to provide collateral to secure the bond. The collateral will be returned to you provided you attend all your court hearings. However, the 10% fee is non-refundable.

Hiring a bail agent to post bail for you is advantageous as it is fast and easy. The only disadvantage is that the fee you pay the agent is not refundable even if you are found innocent. Failure to obey bail conditions will additionally prompt the agent to engage a bounty hunter who has the legal right to rearrest and hand you over to the authorities.

Jail Information

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Court Information

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Securing your release from custody pending trial can be costly. You may be required to post bail, which involves a high amount of money. Fortunately, you can reach out to a bail bonds company to post bail for you if you cannot afford the amount. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we will walk through the bail bond process apart from posting bail for you. Our bail agents operate 24/7 to ensure you are never stranded even after being arrested on the weekend or holidays. They are also responsive and quick to ensure you do not spend another minute in jail. We also boast flexible payment plans and a wide range of payment options that will satisfy your needs. Contact us today at 844-400-2245 if you have been arrested in Pauma Valley, and let us secure your release as fast as possible.