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San Bernardino Jail – Central Detention Center

The Central Detention Center, also called the San Bernardino Jail, was originally opened in 1971 and for twenty years served as the primary county jail. Overcrowding issues resulted in a new jail being built in nearby Rancho Cucamonga. Central Detention Center was then closed for a few years but reopened in 1994. The Central Detention Center now serves at the primary booking facility for law enforcement officers operating in the east valley area.

The Central Detention Center houses approximately 900 inmates, and they book over 20,000 inmates throughout the year. Many inmates, booked at the San Bernardino Jail, will be transferred to the West Valley Detention Center, or other jails throughout the county for long-term incarceration. The Central Detention Center also serves as a hub for transportation and housing of federal inmates, processing inmates from locations throughout the US and Pacific Rim Islands.

What to do if You are Arrested, Held at the San Bernardino Jail

If you are arrested in San Bernardino, California or the surrounding area you will be taken to the San Bernardino Jail, officially known as the Central Detention Center. There, you will be held until you post bail, are released on your own recognizance, or stand trial. It can be upsetting and difficult when you find yourself being arrested. But, any time you interact with law enforcement officers, it is important to remember to stay calm and not make the situation any worse than it already is. Remaining calm during the interaction with police can avoid additional, and more serious, charges, such as assault and battery against a police officer.

If you are arrested, remember:

  • Cooperate with police officers, physically. Don't resist them, even if they feel the need to restrain you.
  • Speak as calmly as possible, if you choose to answer their questions.
  • Don't speak to or yell at any other involved party.
  • Conduct yourself in a dignified way, allowing the officers to see that your behavior was only what was necessary.

If you are arrested in Banning, California, the arresting officer should inform you of your Miranda Rights:

  • You have the right to remain silent – They can't make you talk, other than to provide your name, address, and show some sort of identification, upon request.
  • Anything you say can be used against you – If you choose to talk to the authorities, the statements you make can be used against you in court.
  • You have the right to an attorney – You can ask to have an attorney present while they question you. If you ask for an attorney but continue to talk to the officers, while you wait for your attorney, the answers you give can still be used against you.
  • If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you – If you cannot afford an attorney, but would like to have one, the court will appoint an attorney for you, free of charge.

Bail at the San Bernardino Jail

Bail is an amount of money that the court holds onto in order to ensure that a person shows up for court dates and hearing, etc. The amount of bail that is required will vary depending on the charges. The bail schedule is set in for each county and should be posted at the Central Detention Center where you can find out how much bail you will need to post.

To figure out how much bail you will need:

  • First, find the charge that carries the highest potential jail time and fines.
  • Use that charge to determine the basis of the bail.
  • Now find any “enhancements” or additional charges and the bail that applies to those enhancements.
  • Add all of that together to find the total amount of bail that will be required.

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Sending Money to Inmates in San Bernardino, California

Inmates in the Riverside Jail System have an account, which they can use to purchase snacks, hygiene items, phone cards, and writing materials through the commissary. Each inmate is assigned a financial account, which is maintained by the Department of Corrections in San Bernardino County. To make a deposit into an inmate account, you can take cash or cashier's check, but NO personal checks, to the lobby of the West Valley Detention Center. For online deposits, visit www.sbpackages.com or call (888) 218-7444. Fees may apply.

You can send money through the mail, using a US Postal Money Order. Remember to put the name and booking number of the inmate for whom you are depositing money, on the front of the money order. Cash and checks are not accepted through the mail and will be returned marked “Return to Sender.”

Sending Mail to Inmates at The Central Detention Center

When sending mail to an inmate at the Central Detention Center, the address must contain the inmate's name, booking number, and housing location of the inmate to whom you are sending the mail. For help in locating the housing location or booking number, use the San Bernardino Inmate Locator here.

Address your mail this way:

Inmate Name and Booking Number

Housing Location
Central Detention Center
630 East Rialto Avenue
San Bernardino, CA  92415

There are strict rules regarding what can and cannot be mailed to an inmate at the West Valley Detention Center. You may NOT send:

  • Blank Paper
  • Envelopes
  • Stamps
  • Any Type of Food Item
  • Any Kind of Metal or Plastic
  • Stained or Dirty Mail
  • More Than 10 Photographs
  • Anything Gang Related
  • Anything Depicting Violence
  • Anything Depicting Sex
  • Nude Photos or Drawings (or partially nude photos or drawings)
  • Books or Magazines

When sending mail, you may not use white out, crayon, gel pen, markers, glue, glitter, tape, stickers, or labels on or in your letters. Do NOT put any kind of powder or cologne on your mail. Magazines and books may be sent to inmates, but ONLY when sent directly from the publisher or bookstore. Only paperback books are allowed. All incoming mail is subject to being scanned, read, and inspected. Incoming legal mail will be scanned, but not read. Mail that does not fit the requirements, or is determined to have any kind of contraband, will be returned to sender or discarded.

Visiting an Inmate at The Central Detention Center

Visiting days are Wednesday through Sunday. Visitors must call ahead, at least 24 hours in advance, to schedule a visit. Call (909) 887-0364 to schedule a visit. You will need the inmate's name, booking number, and housing location to schedule a visit. You may find the housing location by visiting the Inmate Locator. Inmates may have one visit, per day, with a maximum of 2 guests. Arrive early for your visit, as you must report 30 minutes prior to your scheduled visitation time. Late arrivals will not be permitted to visit.

**Inmates under specific classifications may have different visitation guidelines.

When visiting someone at the West Valley Detention Center, you may not bring your cell phone, purse, camera, recording devices, weapons, or cameras.

You will need to bring one of the following with you for identification:

  • Drivers License
  • State ID
  • County or State Employee ID
  • Military ID
  • Passport

Visitation Dress Code

When visiting an inmate at the West Valley Detention Center, you must be appropriately dressed, or risk having your visit denied. The following clothing will not be allowed:

  • Gang Attire
  • Hats
  • Clothing or accessories that depict obscene or offensive language or pictures.
  • Sheer or see-through garments.
  • Tank tops, halter tops, spaghetti straps, or strapless tops.
  • Any clothing that exposes the breasts or chest, genital area, buttocks, or midriff.
  • Shorts or skirts that are shorter than mid-thigh.
  • Clothing that shows underwear.
  • Bare feet. (Shoes must be worn at all times.)

The Central Detention Center Reserves the right to deny visitation to any visitor if they meet the following criteria:

  • People who have been incarcerated in a California State Prison
  • People on formal probation (may apply for permission from the Jail unit commander)
  • People with outstanding warrants
  • Co-defendants with the inmate, whether convicted or awaiting trial.

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