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Cypress Bail Bonds

The City of Cypress now supports a good deal of surface street traffic as it provides street access for its neighboring cities that form a sizable land rectangle between the junctions of five freeways (the San Gabriel River Freeway 605, the Artesia Freeway 91, the Santa Ana Freeway 5, the San Diego Freeway, 405 and it’s junction with the Garden Grove Freeway 22).  Cypress lies between them all, bordered by La Palma, Anaheim, Los Alamitos, Stanton, and Westminster.  Cypress is a city that is completely freeway-locked; you cannot get to a freeway without driving through another city.   Likewise, though, it’s a logical shortcut for people avoiding the clog when one of the big arteries grinds to a halt.  There is congestion on the main thoroughfares every day because of the divide and divert strategy that most commuters live by after getting their traffic reports; other than that rush-hour jam, it would be a nice residential community for some 48,000 people.

Mr. Nice Guy sees this environment as a prime opportunity for the Cypress Police Department to use the Automated License Plate Recognition system and check all those cars rolling through Cypress every day.  Are you associated with a vehicle that has several unpaid parking tickets?  Was your vehicle ever stopped while being driven by someone with no license?  Those are the types of things ALPR can detect at the tune of 50 cars per minute.   Mr. Nice Guy suggests that you check your warrant status in Orange County, because if APLR flags the car the data they retrieve may be probable cause to stop you (officer’s opinion of course).  If stopped and you have a warrant in Orange County, the Cypress Police can arrest you on that alone and deliver you to the Orange County Central Jail in Santa Ana.  Contact Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) and take a pro-active step toward fixing the problem before it is a real problem.

Arrested in Cypress and need Bail Bonds?

The Cypress Police Department has a team of sworn officers (55), professional employees (22) and many reservists and volunteers.  Individuals arrested with an existing history within the Orange County correctional or detention systems may be transferred to the main Orange County Sheriff’s Jail in Santa Ana and then on to the James A. Musick Facility “the Farm” or to Theo Lacy facility of Orange County.

Depending on when the arrest occurs and what conditions may exist within the detention facilities in Cypress, Los Alamitos, or Seal Beach determines the ultimate location of person arrested in Cypress.  The three local law enforcement agencies share communications service, dispatch, and cooperate with each other when needed.

Here are the most important numbers to remember:

                6 – occupancy for Cypress Police Jail (temporary holding)*

              10 – occupancy for Los Alamitos Jail (temporary holding)

              30 – occupancy for Seal Beach Jail (type 1 facility)

              1350 – occupancy of OC Sheriff’s Department Mail Jail (type 2, facility)            

              1-844-400-2245 for return to YOUR occupancy via Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds

Pass Mr. Nice Guy’s name to the person you call for help and have them contact one of Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents will start the process.  Mr. Nice Guy can find you in the small circle of jails North Orange County or in the big circle of Santa Ana.

How do I post bail in Cypress, California?

At any time of the day or night call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds toll-free at: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 and speak to a licensed Bail Bonds Agent.  They can also accept immediate calls, text or email messages at 1-949-445-3420.   The agents can make arrangements to have your loved one bailed out of Cypress Jail as soon as processing is complete of a few simple forms are complete (see our forms page.)   The agent will explain any questions you have about the forms, and any questions about the process and the discussion is completely confidential.  Your signature starts the process and ends your stress.

For your assurance, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has experience servicing Orange County and arranging bail bonds for all these types for:

  • Misdemeanors
  • Felonies
  • Traffic
  • Drug Offense
  • Domestic Violence
  • DUI/DWI – Drunk Driving Bail Bonds

They get them out and home quickly.

Getting a Loved One Out of Jail in Cypress:

The freeways are mentioned at the start of this article because if you use them to get to Cypress, you might miss Cypress.  The Cypress Police Department and detention facility is located in the civic center plaza, the corner of Orange Avenue and Grindlay Street.   The intersection is between Orange Avenue and Moody on the west and Orange Avenue and Walker on the east.  Choose your freeway according to your location and comfort zone for the drive. 

Where is the Cypress Police Department?

5275 Orange Ave
Cypress, CA 90630
(714) 229-6614 M-F 6:00am – 6:00pm, Sat-Sun 7:00am to 12:00pm (noon)

Arrest Booking Fee: $160, payable with other fines upon conviction

All bails in detention facilities in Orange County require Cash, Personal Check with valid ID), Money Order, Cashier’s Check (with bank contact), travelers checks, or a bail bond like the one that Mr. Nice Guy can prepare.

Don’t take the chance unless you have confirmed their whereabouts and the amount.  Call Mr. Nice Guy toll-free at: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 and speak to a licensed Bail Bonds Agent.  They can also accept calls, text messages or email messages at 1-949-445-3420 but additional charges may apply.    

24 Hour Bail Bonds Services in Cypress, California:

It is a near certainty that the city emerged before the freeways, but it wasn’t incorporated until 1956 and it was called Dairy City.  The Union Pacific Electric Railway Red Car line ran between Los Angeles and Newport Beach, Huntington Beach, Santa Ana and added the Cypress Station stop in 1906 but they weren’t a city yet.  The Red Cars were stopped in 1950 as the Santa Ana Parkway construction began (the future Santa Ana Freeway, designated as US 101) and that was the first main roadway to miss Cypress 1957, which was also when Cypress changed its name officially to Cypress.  So the answer is both came first or neither came first.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds knows that there is nothing trivial about an arrest.  In serving your needs to get a loved one out of trouble, your needs will always come first.

* All Orange County detention facility capacities are taken from the Orange County Grand Jury Report (2010)

Cypress Bail Bond Payments & Financing

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