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Alhambra Courthouse in Alhambra, CA

The Alhambra Courthouse is open from 8:00 a.m. To 4:30 p.m., and the Clerk's Office is open from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., Monday through Friday (except court holidays):

Alhambra Courthouse
150 West Commonwealth
Alhambra, CA  91801

Jury Service at the Alhambra Courthouse

The Alhambra Courthouse is a part of the “One-Trial” jury service program. Under the “One-Trial” term of service, jurors are placed on call for five days. During this time, the prospective juror is required to call in to receive instructions on whether or not he or she must report for service the next day.

Once the juror has been instructed to report to the court, and if selected to serve on a jury, the obligation is fulfilled upon the conclusion of the deliberation, whether a verdict is reached, or not. The obligation is also fulfilled at the end of the five days, if the juror has not been asked to report for service, or if asked to report but not selected to serve on a jury.

When reporting for service, a person should be prepared to accept a jury trial. The average trial lasts 5-7 days.

Call in after 5:00 P.M. to receive instructions on whether you must report for service. Call (800) SRV-JURY or (800) 778-5879.

Report for service at:

Alhambra Courthouse
150 West Commonwealth – Room 447
Alhambra, CA  91801

Being Excused From Jury Duty at the Alhambra Courthouse

There are several reasons for asking to be excused from Jury Duty at the Alhambra Courthouse. Each reason must represent an EXTREME hardship. If the problem is a temporary hardship, the jury staff will work with you to postpone your service to a time when better arrangements can be made.

Some of the situations that may qualify you for an excuse from jury service include:

  • Financial Hardship – You must be able to prove that this is an extreme hardship. Simply being a sole proprietor, sole practitioner, or being employed by someone who will not compensate your during your jury service will not be sufficient to have you excused from service.
  • Care of Others – You must be able to prove that you provide care for a child or disabled adult and that jury service would be an extreme hardship. You must provide care continuously from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.
  • Medical Hardship – If you have a medical hardship that prevents you from being able to serve as a member of a jury, you must let the jury staff know about your hardship by completing the jury summons form.

An excuse from service should be requested before you appear.

For more information about Jury Service at the Alhambra Courthouse, please call (626) 293-2197, Mon. - Fri. 11:00 am to 12:00 pm and 2:00 to 4:00 pm.

When reporting for jury duty, business attire is suggested. No tank tops, shorts, strapless dresses, beach shoes, or bare feet are allowed in the courtroom. You must pass through the metal detectors located at the north and south entrances. Remember that no weapons, of any kind, are allowed in the courtroom, and cameras are prohibited, as well.

Jury Parking for the Alhambra Courthouse

Free juror parking is provided in the parking lot located behind the courthouse. The entrance to the parking lot is on 1st Street.

Bail at the Alhambra Courthouse

Felony Bail Schedule in Los Angeles County can be found Here.

To figure the total amount of bail required for felony charges, you can complete the worksheet found here.

How Much Is Bail at the Alhambra Courthouse?

To figure out how much bail will be required to get someone released from jail, you can complete the felony bail worksheet found here.

You will have to follow several steps:

  • List all of the offenses for which a defendant is being charged.
  • Find the charge with the highest bail schedule amount.
  • If the arrestee is charged with more than one offense, on seperate dates or against separate victims, list the amounts of the bail required fro those charges and add them to the original charge.
  • Next find if there are any enhancements that require additional bail. Enhancements include things like:
    • Gang-related offenses
    • Offenses committed with a weapon
    • Does the defendant have any prior convictions?
    • Has the arrestee been in prison during the past five years?
    • Is the victim under 15 or over 65?
  • After finding all base charges and all enhancements, add all of these amounts together to find the total amount of bail that will be required to bail someone out of jail.

Bail For Misdemeanor Charges at the Alhambra Courthouse

If a person is charged with a crime that does not have a a uniform bail amount provided in the Misdemeanor Bail Schedule, the bail is $500. If the charge against a defendant could be a felony or a misdemeanor charge, sometimes called a “wobbler,” and the bail is not clearly defined in the bail schedule, then the minimum bail will be $750.00.

Los Angeles County Warrants

If you fail to appear for court proceedings, a warrant may be issued for your arrest. An arrest warrant or bench warrant means that, should you come into contact with law enforcement, you may be arrested and taken to jail until you resolve the matter for which the warrant has been issued.

Taking Care of Warrants at the Alhambra Courthouse

If you have a warrant in Los Angeles County, you must appear in person to take care it. It is a good idea to have a bail bondsman present with you, to pay the necessary bail to keep you from being placed in jail until the bail can be paid. The court requires that a bail bondsman be present if the charges are a felony.

If you have an active warrant in Los Angeles County, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds today! They will help you work through the process and get the warrant matter taken care of. One of the licensed professionals at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can attend the court hearing with you, to ensure that you don't have to spend time in jail before being allowed to post bond and return to your home and family.

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PC 1275 Hearings

If a1275 Hold has been placed on someone's bail, a hearing will be held to determine whether or not the money that will be used to pay the bail is, in fact, from illegal sources. In order to prove that the money is “clean,” a person will need to bring bank and credit card statements, bill payment statements, car payment information, tax returns, and proof of income to their PC 1275 Hearing.

It is advisable to have an attorney and a bail bondsman with you, when you appear for your 1275 Hearing. You can also bring anyone with you who can testify as to the source of your income and help give clarity to your financial situation.

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Removing a PC 1275 Hold

Once the judge has determined that the money being used to post your bail or bond has not been obtained through illegal sources, he or she will lift the 1275 Hold and you or your loved one will be able to post bail.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for help in clearing up matters regarding a 1275 hold. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed bail bondsmen are standing by, to help you post bail and get back to your home and family, as soon as (844) 400-2245.

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