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Lake Forest is one of the youngest Orange County cities and it suffers from such an identity crisis that the answer to a simple questions like “where do you live?” might yield a surprising result.  Ask a high school student, wearing the blue and gold colors of the “Chargers” and your answer might be “El Toro.”  El Toro High School, named like the former Marine Air Base (the bull in Spanish), is the name of Lake Forest’s High School.  Ask a senior who has lived in town for a long while and they might answer “Foothill Ranch” to identify themselves with the hillside community that literally oversaw the dismantling of the military structures and their potential hazard bi-products.  The EPA remediation process was actually pretty quick even though the terms “superfund” and “federal responsibility” implied that process be protracted longer than necessary.  If you ask a kindergarten student where they live, the answer could be “Portola Hills” and it’s probably the most sincere answer because they know the name of the school that they attend.  That’s a lot of different social identities for a single city that spans just less than 18 square miles.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds knows that the best way to survive through a crisis is to acquire the things that help you and to sink the things that hold you back.   The licensed bail bond agents at Mr. Nice Guy are easy to acquire and perfect for consulting during the most trying of crisis – an arrest.  They are always available at

1-844-400-BAIL (2245) or use the alternate non-toll free number 1-949-445-3420 for text messages or e-mail messages.  They are the best help for what seems to be a storm.

How bail out of jail in Lake Forest?

Aside from complicating your life, an arrest can occur or be further complicated by the existence of a warrant.  This can be for something as small as a traffic ticket that wasn’t dealt with, or as major as not fulfilling a court obligation for a different problem.  You know, or maybe you don’t know, what may lurk in the records of the people close to you.   Use Mr. Nice Guy’s link Free Orange County Warrant Checks to check on the status of you and your loved ones.

If something turns up, there are steps to take toward resolving a neglected ticket or clearing up a standing warrant.  You may have to go to the regional justice center issuing the warrant.   If you have lived in Lake Forest, El Toro, Portola Hills or Foothill Ranch for a long time (as well as the person with the warrant) then you will deal with the Harbor Justice Center in Newport Beach.

The complication of an existing warrant determines where the arrested person is taken for booking.  It doesn’t matter if they were arrested in Seal Beach or Anaheim, and it doesn’t matter if the incident was a traffic stop, a warrant means that they will be jailed in the Orange County Sheriffs Department Main Jail in Santa Ana.

Call Mr. Nice Guy toll-free at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) and a licensed agent will confidentially discuss the steps to take if you or someone you love has a warrant.

Orange County Sheriff Deputies and the California Highway Patrol and most of the Law Enforcement agencies in California use the system called Automate License Plate Recognition.  It allows officers to scan vehicles (at the rate of about 50 per second) within line of sight to be scanned and their license plates read.  The information provided aids in recovering stolen vehicles and identifying drivers who are associated with the vehicles. 

Arrested in Lake Forest?

No one talks about family members who have been arrested or have an arrest record unless they truly trust the other person.  It’s not a topic that comes up over lunch or while you are entertaining guests.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents know that the majority of people don’t deal with arrests regularly and have no idea what to do about the situation.  Well Mr. Nice Guy deals with arrests all the time, and can explain the bail and bail bond process in the strictest of confidence.

In a given week, they will process bail bonds for persons arrested on any of these charges:

  •               shoplifting
  •               prostitution
  •               DUI/DWI
  •               domestic battery
  •               assault and battery
  •               burglary
  •               drug possession
  •               larceny
  •               public intoxication
  •               vandalism

Bail permits a person to leave jail under the agreement of appearing for an arraignment (enter a plea before a judge) and all issues (hearing or trial) beyond that.  The bail amount is set based on statewide standards for the charges of the arrest and don’t worry if you don’t know the charges because Mr. Nice Guy can look that up.  Remember that once someone is in jail, they no longer have their personal phone so you can’t call them to get that answer.  Mr. Nice Guy agents serve two purposes: find the arrested person and get them released from wherever they are being held.

Lake Forest Bail Bonds cost?

A Mr. Nice Guy bail bond is in the bail park of 10% of that bail amount, and you can process the bail payment or the bail bond through Mr. Nice Guy’s website from the convenience of your home.   Remember that other expenses may surface like car impound fees and attorney fees, so consider your resources before you decide. 

Mr. Nice Guy provides all the forms available for a bail bond on the forms tab above and accepts electronic signatures.  Call 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 (toll free) or reach them at the alternate number 1-949-445-3420 that accepts text messages or e-mail messages as well as calls. 

What is a bail bond in Lake Forest?

Some people do choose to handle the situation themselves, but Mr. Nice Guy suggests you consider the time of day you are embarking on this quest.  Consider the amount of cash you’ll need, the printing on your personal check, the status of your identification (must be valid and state-issued), or the maximums on your credit cards.  For bail amounts over $7,500, you can’t use checks at all.  You save a little on Mr. Nice Guy Bail fees, but you risk compounding your problem and waiting for up to 8 hours for the release to process (there are 1300 other people in the OCSD Jail):  

550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA, 92703

Call (714) 647-4666 for inmate records

Open 24 hours

It’s your choice, but you can spend a long time in the waiting area or you can wait quietly at home while a Mr. Nice Guy Bail agent does everything to resolve the crisis.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds Inc. knows that these types of situations are not easy to deal with and their agents will keep your secret.  They are the necessity for this type of crisis and can help make your problems past tense while delivering your loved one freedom.