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Villa Park Bail Bonds


Villa Park (population 6,500) is one of the incorporated cities created in the middle of what was once an unincorporated area of Orange County.  It was founded in 1962 on the heels of a U.S. Post Office, and watched the City of Orange expand to surround it completely.  Villa Park still maintains its autonomy in what is now an island amidst the sea of Orange.  Like another island colony within the boundaries of the City of Orange, Orange Park Acres, it operates independently under its own governance and policies while being surrounded by another completely different identity.

City Survival test question 1:  What defines your city?

Answer: The Post Office.

City Survival test question 2:  If you are arrested for a crime in Villa Park, where will you be taken?

Answer Choices:         A:  The Post Office      B:  The City of Orange Jail              C: Neither

If you chose C, you are correct.  You will be arrested and charged by the Orange County Sheriff deputies responding to the call and transported to the Orange County Central Jail complex in Santa Ana.

City Survival test question 3:  Who delivers help anytime when you are in jail and need to get out ASAP?

Answer:  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.  Call toll free 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 and get connected to a licensed Bail Bonds Agent.  You can also reach an agent by voice, text, or email at 1-949-445-3420 but there may be fees, check your carrier.

City Survival test question 4:  What if I want to help someone who has been arrested in Orange or another city in Orange County?

Answer:  See answer to question 3.

Who to contact for Villa Park Bail Bonds services?

Mr. Nice Guy is a licensed provider of Bail Bonds in Orange County.  The service permits a bond to be posted in order to release a person from incarceration prior to their arraignment in front of a judge.  Bail amounts are determined by the alleged offense (the charge) and state limits for such a charge (e.g. the bail will not be set at $1,000,000 for a person who is caught shoplifting a CD).

Mr. Nice Guy is licensed to provide bail services throughout Orange County and are most likely contacted by the family of the arrested person.  The person may have been arrested while committing a crime or may have been arrested on warrants after a traffic stop or they have been arrested by mistake (it happens).  Use this tool to check whether you or someone you know has a warrant Free Orange County Warrant Checks.   Mr. Nice Guy agents don’t judge the actions of the police or the actions of the arrested individual, it’s not their place to challenge the accuracy of the charges – only to assess the bail amount needed for the written (booked) charges and provide honest options for that person’s release.

Mr. Nice Guy agents provide confidential service and are provide answers to questions about any step in the bail or bail bond process.  Call the toll free number 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) and get connected to a licensed Bail Bonds Agent. The person arrested might need to get to work, legitimately support their family, and later deal with court.  Sometimes a little time “inside” is the wake up call that will turn that person into a more considerate citizen.  Sometimes a little time “inside” is a mistake, and it is the responsibility of the court and district attorneys to sort that out.

How to pay for Villa Park Bail Bonds?

The ability to provide bail, in the form of cash or bail bond, is a provision of the justice system.  Jails, adult prison facilities and juvenile detention centers are parts of the same system.  Most people don’t think about crimes until they affect them and they are rightfully angered.  But sometimes a criminal charge affects a person in the form of a call from a loved one needing help because they have been arrested.  The predicament is more common than you might think; it’s not a topic that comes up much in casual conversation.

How does bail work in Villa Park?

It is Mr. Nice Guy’s intent to provide a serious confidential service when the need arises.  When someone you love is incarcerated, speak to a professional with experience in providing bail bonds throughout Orange County for arrests on misdemeanor charges, felonies, traffic related warrants, drug possession or offenses, DUI/DWI and all the other possibilities. 

A Mr. Nice Guy agent will walk you through the form completion process and answer any questions you have about Mr. Nice Guy’s fees, the bond amount, payments, collateral, and anything else associated with the situation in strictest confidence.  Your loved one can be released on bond after we receive a few signatures on the standard bail application forms (see our forms page.)  Call Mr. Nice Guy toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 and get connected to a licensed Bail Bonds Agent.  You can also reach an agent by voice, text, or email at 1-949-445-3420.  Mr. Nice Guy operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Where to find bail bonds services in Villa Park?

A Mr. Nice Guy agent can find out where your loved one is housed in the Orange County system and what the bail amount is once the charges are on file.  You do have the option to take care of the situation yourself but you’ll need cash, personal check or money order or cashier’s check, and if it’s late or you’re unable to muster the resources right away, you need to think of the safety and convenience of using a Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond.

If you’re loved one is incarcerated in the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail complex, here’s the information you need:

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex
550 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, 92703
(714) 647-4666 inmate records for bail amounts
Lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

24 Hour Bail Bonds Services in Villa Park

Mr. Nice Guy agents prepare bail bonds for persons arrested in Orange County, and can be reached toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 at any time of any day.   Remember that Mr. Nice Guy wants to help your loved one out of the cage and back to the island of Villa Park in the best and fastest way possible.

There will always be room in Mr. Nice Guy’s rescue raft.