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When you are arrested in La Quinta, CA, you spend time in jail until your case’s conclusion. When you face a misdemeanor charge, you could walk out of jail through your own recognizance. However, when you face a felony charge, posting bail is the most viable option available. The judge could deny you bail when the alleged crime is a violent felony, or you are thought to be of flight risk.

The general bail bond process could be challenging, and that's why you need to work closely with a well-insured and licensed bail bond company. At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we are ready to help you post bail thanks to our extensive knowledge of posting bail in California.

How does bail work in La Quinta 

Bail refers to the money you post or your family member posts to secure your release from jail and ensure you attend future court dates. The funds may be in the form of cash or property. The bail will not be imposed in all criminal cases. However, it depends on the severity and the nature of the case. The criminal court judge may use the bail schedule to reduce or increase the amount based on your case's facts.

Types of Bail Bonds in La Quinta 

There are several types of bail bonds in California. Each class has different qualifications that each defendant must fulfill. The types include:

Surety Bond

A surety bond is a standard form of a bail bond in which the bail bond company pays the bail amount entirely. It will cost you 10% of the total bail amount. Your bail amount is always set by the judge, who uses the nature of your case to determine the amount you pay.

Many defendants select a surety bond as their bail bond since the judge sets your bail at a dollar value that exceeds their average budget. Since most defendants cannot pay the bail on their own, they opt to use a bail bond company and purchase a surety bond. Later the defendant bears the bail bond company over time.

Property Bonds

A property bond involves the defendant using their property as collateral. For property bonds, the defendants must use the full rights of the property( you can't use partial). Real estate is the most accepted collateral for property bonds.

The defendant uses property instead of cash used in surety bonds in a property bond. It requires a lot of time to secure a property bond. Property bonds require inspections of the defendant's property. It also involves a lot of paperwork which may take weeks to go through.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is the most accessible type of bail. Cash bail involves the defendant paying the bail-in total cash. Cash bail is the best option available for you when you have extra money. After paying cash bail, you only need to appear for all your court dates and court appointments. After you appear in all your appointments in court, your trial ends immediately. The court will return you the entire cost of the bond. Therefore using cash bail, you don’t lose money.

Release on Citation

Under this type of bail bond, you will not pay any bail to secure your release. Also, the judge and the arresting officers have the discretion to release you. The only main difference with a citation release is that you will have to defend yourself in a court of law.

Immigration Bail Bonds

Immigration bail bonds only exist for immigrants(non-citizens). Immigration bail bonds have strict requirements due to different countries' laws. Again, they have lengthy procedures followed, and they take a lot of time to be completed.

Immigration bail bonds are very complicated, and you should never attempt to handle them alone. You want to hire a professional bail bond company that is a member of the professional bail agents of the United States of America.

Federal Bail Bond

Federal bail bonds are bail bonds for federal offenses. Federal bail bonds are costly and challenging to acquire. If you need help with a federal bail bond, you want to hire a professional bail bond company.

Own Recognizance Release

In a recognizance release type of bail, the judge determines that you, the defendant, have been granted freedom on trust alone. It is one of the best types of bail bond since you don’t have to pay a dime to be released. Recognizance release depends on the discretion of the arresting law enforcement officer. However, you will have to fight for your freedom in court.

Setting Bail in La Quinta 

In California, a bail schedule is followed when setting a bail amount. When the police arrest your loved ones, you might review the bail schedule or ask the bail bond agents to do so on your behalf. When the crime in question is minor, like driving under the influence, the arresting officers will more likely release you immediately after your arrest.

However, when your offense appears on the bail schedule, the arresting officer will require you to post bail before your release. Remember, in various instances. You might pay more or less bail following the bail schedule. The judge will have the final say on your bail amount. The law allows them to differ with the bail schedule depending on the nature of your case. After the arraignment, your criminal defense attorney may request a hearing. The main aim of the hearing was to convince the judge to lower your bail amount.

The Factors to Consider When Reducing a Bail

When seeking to reduce your bail, the criminal court judge will consider the following elements:

  • The severity of the offense
  • The type of drug or weapon involved during the occurrence of the crime
  • Whether you posed threats during the time of the offense
  • The type of damages and injuries suffered by the victims
  • Your criminal record
  • Whether you are a flight risk

The criminal court judge may decide to reduce or modify your bail once they find unusual facts in your case, including:

  • You are gravely ill
  • A change in the factual of your case
  • When the witnesses fail to cooperate or disappear
  • When the court discover exculpatory or incrimination evidence

What are the Conditions for Bail-in

Whether the court releases you on your recognizance or bail, conditions of bail are usually set. The law allows your defense attorney to convince the court to reduce the bail amount. The possible conditions the criminal court judge may order include:

  • Staying away from the alleged victim
  • Avoiding alcohol and drugs
  • Surrendering drivers license and passport
  • Remaining under house arrest with a monitoring tool
  • Staying within the state

Working with Bondsman to Post a Bail

Hiring a skilled and competent bail bond agent is the most prevalent way to post bail. Many bail bond agents usually charge a fee of around ten percent. For example, when your bail is $60,000, they will charge $6,000 as their fee.

Once you pay the fee, the bail bond agents will move to the detention facility and ask for your release. Remember, the cost you pay to the bondsmen is nonrefundable. The bondsmen will allow you to place an item of value as your collateral. The common properties put as collateral are real property as personal property may disappear.

What Happens When You Fail to Appear in Court

When you post cash bail, you risk forfeiting the amount of the money to the court. You also risk losing the entire amount you paid for the bond. If you have collateral for your bond, the bond company sells the collateral and pays the amount required by the court. If you did not issue any collateral, the bond company hires a bounty hunter to look for you. The bounty hunters are later paid a percentage of the bond when you are arrested. After locating you, the bounty hunters can arrest you and return you to the authorities you fled.

Why Work with La Quinta Bail Bond Agents

After your arrest, you want to seek a licensed and insured bail bond company to help you post your bail. Not every bail bond company is best for your case. Our reputable and aggressive bail bond agents are the best choice for your situation. The following are the benefits you will enjoy working with our bail bond company.

Knowledge and Experience

The judicial system might be an overwhelming and confusing process. You can evaluate various worries by working closely with an experienced attorney. You might even have little or no knowledge about the bail bond process. With our experience, we will provide a layout of how your case will work.

Walk out of Jail Quickly

Filling forms in the courtroom is time-consuming and confusing. Bondsmen are familiar with the legal process and system. To secure your release faster, you must seek a reputable bail bond company. Avoid bondsmen without certification. Instead, look for a bail bond agent licensed by your state. The fact is, a bail bond agent licensed in your state knows more about the laws of that state. Also, they have deep knowledge of how to post bail and the general bail bond process.

That's why our La Quinta bail bond agents are the best for you. We have a proven record of posting bail bonds in California. We handle your paperwork faster and secure your release immediately. You only have to wait for your freedom.

Payment Plans

When you decide to pay bail, you must pay it in full. It means you will have to liquidate your assets if you don't have sufficient money to do so. However, you can prevent all these by working with our La Quinta bail bond agents. We allow you to choose a payment plan that suits your financial ability. You can negotiate your bail with our bail bond agents when you do not have enough money to pay a cash bond. Again, we allow various payment options to our clients, including checks, credits, and debits.

Less Disruption to Your Family Members

A court proceeding will attract stress to the directly involved party and their families. Spending much time behind bars as you wait for your trial will translate to more emotional trauma resulting from family separation and more child care costs. Our La Quinta bail bond agents will help keep you out of these problems.

We Offer Unbiased Bail Bond Services 24/7

Your arrest may occur anytime-either nighttime or even daytime. At this challenging time, you will receive different opinions and suggestions from other people. Even when these recommendations seem to be well-meaning, they might not help you at all times. When you face a crime in California, it's always advisable you seek legal help from a skilled attorney or bail bond agent.

Our La Quinta bail bonds agents are the best source of unbiased recommendations and advice. We even offer full-time assistance as we know arrests occur anytime, even when you least expect it. Do not worry once you find yourself behind bars.

We Offer Bilingual Services

America is a home of different people. The Spanish-speaking people are the second populous community after the Americans. It means, as an immigrant, you might find yourself violating the law unknowing and being arrested. Like the other people, you require bail to help you walk out of jail. It is usually difficult for immigrants to work with a bail bond company without knowing their language. Our La Quinta bail bond agents offer almost all the languages. We have well-trained and experienced bail bond agents providing bilingual services.

Jail and Bail Information In La Quinta

Riverside County Sheriff

4095 Lemon St

Riverside, California 92501


Thermal Detention Center

86625 Airport Boulevard

Thermal, California 92274


Larry D. Smith Correctional Center

1627 South. Hargrave St

Banning, CA 92220

(951) 922-7300

Robert Presley Police Station

4000 Orange St

Riverside, CA 92501

Phone: (951) 955-4500

Riverside County Superior Court

880 N State St

Hemet, California 92543

(951) 306-3561

Indio Juvenile Court

47-671 Oasis St

Indio, California 92201

(760) 393-2617

Riverside Juvenile Courthouse

9991 County Farm Rd

Riverside, CA 92503

(951) 777-3147

Southwest Courthouse

30755-D Auld Rd

Murrieta, California 92563

(951) 704-7634

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An arrest in La Quinta, CA, can be stressful, especially when it's your first time. Another stressful thing occurs when the court requires you to pay a large bail amount. As mentioned above, an arrest can happen when you are financially struggling. So, you do not have to stress yourself more. Hiring a bail bond company is the best option for your case.

At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we will help you post bail at a favorable fee. We charge a premium rate of 10% of your bail amount. We will help you secure your release and pay the amount in installments. Therefore, if the police arrest you in La Quinta, CA, do not wait until it's too late. Contact us at 844-400-2245, and we will start working on your case.