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Centrally located Stanton, CA has a long history of being the center for labor in the Orange County area.  It’s a working class city with a modest community that reaches out for service-based employment in other cities.  In recent history, Stanton has had collisions with the world’s oldest profession and they use the media to hopefully shame the participants out of practicing.   Prostitution (or “escort services”) doesn’t stop at any border or limit itself to any one type of community, but Stanton’s problem is with open-air market portion of that type of work and takes in the practice of advertising whomever has been caught and convicted.  The community argument is that this type of activity draws significant increases in other unwanted crimes and behaviors and this tactic reduces prostitution. Since the Orange County Sheriff’s deputies handles the law enforcement for Stanton, it would be interesting to see if the practice of public disclosure (since 2014) has had any impact to the crime statistics.

Stanton Bail Bonds near me:

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds is always available 24hours a day-7 days a week to assist in anyone’s bail needs in Orange County.  If you’re life is interrupted by an arrest, remember 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) to reach a Mr Nice Guy Bail Bond agent.  The service isn’t limited to bail and bail bonds or the specific types of charges, they can find information, give confidential advice to assist with your situation, and answer your questions about all types of arrests.

Where is the Stanton Jail?

If you are arrested in Stanton for being “a john” and making the agreement to engage in prostitution, you will be taken to the Orange County Sheriffs Department Main Jail in Santa Ana for booking and processing.  Actually, if you are arrested for anything in Stanton the same fate awaits you.  You can have bail posted for you or have a bail bond (like one provided by Mr. Nice Guy) posted for your release.  In some cases you may be arraigned on video (enter your plea) or be obligated to appear for an arraignment.  The other option is to wait out the process for 48 business hours to pass before you are transferred to the Justice Center where you’ll be arraigned.   Courts aren’t open on the weekend or on any major holidays (business hours), so if you are arrested on a Friday, you might as well prepare for a full weekend stay.

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex

550 N. Flower Street

Santa Ana, 92703

(714) 647-4666 inmate records for bail amounts

Lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

The classic conviction and sentence for this looks like this:

Convicted of one misdemeanor count of agreeing to engage in prostitution and one misdemeanor count of engaging in lewd contact.  Sentenced to three years informal probation, 10 days in jail with the possibility of CalTrans in lieu of jail (that’s public service), must submit to DNA testing (that’s for criminal records database), and AIDS testing and education.

If you have so been charged, that means that you went through the first part of your obligation to justice system - you were arraigned and you appeared before a judge for sentencing.  In the little details of what you elect to do, don’t ignore your sentence.  If you don’t comply with the testing, education, public service, or fail any portion of the sentence, you may find that you have a warrant for your arrest.  

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds provides this link for Free Orange County Warrant Checks so that you can check your own warrant status or the warrant status of people you care about. Make the toll free call to 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) or call, text or email messages to 1-949-445-3420 which is a non-toll free call, to discuss warrant issues.

What to do if arrested in Stanton?

Most sources will agree that illegal prostitution-sex industry receives a guess-ti-mated 140 billion dollars per year in tax-free money in the United States.  The amount is earned by 1 to 2 million prostitutes who are acting independently or who are in service to a management structure.  This does not include the few thousand legal prostitutes working in legal brothels in isolated counties of Nevada (get it, prostitution isn’t legal in Las Vegas – but it happens).

Stanton and Orange County don’t even come close to the top of the list in the United States for illegal prostitution.  In California, San Diego is the top city for traceable marketing and profit speculation.  It is a cash business but more high-end services through Washington DC, Atlanta, and Colorado have migrated to credit card.

Prostitution is the oldest and most dangerous profession no matter what you hear elsewhere.  There are 204 non-natural deaths for every 100,000 and if it were legal then OSHA would be conducting the street cleanup.   That’s higher than seasonal fishing, logging and construction (so don’t believe those TV shows).

Most customers for prostitutes are looking for “an experience” to resolve impulses in the here-and-now.  There’s little data on how many are married versus how many are not.  The most drastic steps in curtailing prostitution (from the asker and the deliverer) in the US have been making prostitution and the soliciting of prostitution a “sex offense” and then putting all parties into the sex offender registry (New York, Louisiana).   There is litigation in progress to overturn these laws.

How much is a bail bond in Stanton?

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has a staff of licensed Bail Bond agents will have to settle for their little tiny piece of the 28% of the guestimated business expense under “legal fees.”   The legal fees for prostitutes working in a business structure are 7th place in that model, with Transportation and Housing ranking 1st and 2nd.    A bail bond is usually 10% of the pandering or solicitation charge (carrying fines of about $1000 so the bail bond will cost $100) and it takes signatures on a few forms to complete the process, go to Mr. Nice Guy’s forms page.

What is a bail bond in Stanton?

Mr. Nice Guy Bail agents receive calls from all over Orange County to free people who have been arrested for all types of misdemeanor crimes (petty larceny, trespassing), serious felony charges (assault, weapons, drugs) and for serious personal charges like DUI/DWI.  No one really knows about Mr. Nice Guy because that’s usually not the information that people talk about over lunch or dinner.  Mr. Nice Guy agents are willing to be your friend during any situation that has the potential to be one of your most challenging times of need.   Call toll-free 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 to have a confidential discussion.  No one wants jail time to risk missing work or produce greater income problems. 

Mr. Nice Guy Bond agents understand that Stanton is not just close to the middle of Orange County; it is the center from which a high percentage of the labor market in Orange County emerges.  The people who live in Stanton aren’t necessarily the executives, or the facility financial overseers, they are the labor that happily fills the service gap that is needed to fuel Orange County businesses. Stanton is representative of the American working class citizens who thrive by filling the gaps that are necessary for a culture built on science and technology and fueled by Starbucks, Pizza, and Nachos.   Regardless of the situation Mr. Nice Guy will listen and advise.