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Bail Bonds in Anaheim

The city of Anaheim CA is well known as the home to Disneyland –aka- The Happiest Place on Earth and Disney’s California Adventures. It is also the home for major sport venues for American League Baseball’s California Angels and the National Hockey League’s Anaheim Ducks. It is a large city with an incredibly diverse population, dense traffic, lots of tourists and sports visitors from all over Southern California. The city’s eastern side contains many exclusive homes and master-planned neighborhoods in what is referred to as Anaheim Hills (but it’s not a separate city). The city’s central and western side includes the theme parks, the resort hotels, and an environment rich in good times and fun. If you have too much fun, or perhaps a little too much contact with rival sports fans, it can have a negative impact on your visit or your drive home.

What happens if you are arrested in the city limits of Anaheim?

You will be detained at the Anaheim Police Department’s Main Station Detention Facility (Jail). You should remember that Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has a record of providing the following services for Anaheim and Orange County CA as a whole:

  • Misdemeanor and Felony Anaheim Bail Bonds
  • Traffic Bail Bonds for all or the OC
  • Drug Offense Bail Bonds in Orange County
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds
  • DUI/DWI – Drunk Driving Bail Bonds in the greater Orange County area.
  • 24 Hours a Day Mobile Bail Bonds, Bondsman & Agents to Southern California.

Who do I contact about an arrest in Anaheim?

M-N-G B-B “Y” Yes, call Mr. Nice Guy for help with arrests in Anaheim, CA. Mr. Nice Guy has licensed bail bonds agents available 24 hours serving Anaheim and the rest of Orange County. Call Mr. Nice Guy toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 as soon as possible to be connected to one of our licensed Bail Bonds Agents. Mr. Nice Guy can accept immediate calls, text or email messages at 1-949-445-3420, but when you surrender your electronics while being detained best to have friend or family call. Everything you discuss with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is completely confidential.

What to do if arrested in Anaheim?

Anaheim is considered the most populous city in Orange County because it is home to some 330,000 residents in an area of approximately 51 square miles. The city is surrounded by the cities of Fullerton, Placentia, Yorba Linda, Orange, Garden Grove, Stanton, Cypress, and Buena Park.

The Anaheim Police Department maintains three stations to fill the community’s Law Enforcement needs. There is a centrally located main police department station, and secondary sub-stations to service East and West portions of the community. Presently only the East substation is open to the public. Both are used primarily for dispatch and Police Department administration.

The Anaheim Police Department employs one of the latest technologies in vehicle identification, the Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR). This type of License Plate Recognition Technology can process data associated with vehicle license plates in accordance with law enforcement practice. Trained Anaheim Police officers can verify ALPR response against a statewide database of vehicles reported stolen, vehicles associated with suspended license drivers, vehicles without insurance, and outstanding vehicle traffic warrants. The vehicle mounted ALPR system has the top capacity to scan 50 vehicle plates per minute, but is restricted to traffic and road conditions in line with camera scanners when in motion.

Where is the Anaheim Jail?

The Anaheim Police Department runs a level-1 detention facility with the capacity to house 120 detainees. To get there from the Santa Ana Freeway (5) take the Ball Road or Lincoln Avenue exits east to Harbor Blvd. From Ball Road turn left on Harbor and left on East Santa Ana Street. From Lincoln Avenue turn right on Harbor and then right on East Santa Ana Street. The Anaheim Police Department Detention center is on the left.

Anaheim Police Department Main Station
425 S. Harbor Boulevard
Anaheim, CA 92805

714-785-1900 general information
Front Desk hours Sun-Thurs 7:00am-10:00pm, F & Sat 7:00am-12:00am (midnight)

Anaheim Police Department Jail/Detention Center 714-765-1988 Booking Fee $ 265* Base booking fee for standard arrest, processing administration and accommodation.

What is the Anaheim Detention Center Visiting Policy?

No visiting within 24 hours of booking (exceptions are legal counsel or process server, licensed bail bonds agent from an accredited service like Mr. Nice Guy)

Inmate Visits 10:00am – 2:00pm daily

All bail transactions are subject to the following rules:

  • Cash in US Dollars
  • Personal Checks with identification are accepted up to $5,000.00
  • Cashier’s Check or money orders must be made out to “Clerk of the Court”
  • Posted bond from an accredited bail bond agent like Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds

What should I do if I think my friend was arrested in Anaheim?

There Are No Rides at This Theme Park!

If you’re loved one is a guest in Anaheim’s “not-so-happiest place on earth” you need to call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds toll-free at: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 as soon as possible to be connected to one of our licensed Bail Bonds Agents. We can accept immediate calls, text or email messages at 1-949-445-3420. We can make arrangements to have your loved one bailed out of Anaheim Jail as soon as processing is complete. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond agents are available 24 hours and can get your loved-one bailed out.

In most cases the bail bonds can be posted in the Anaheim Jail with just a few signatures on the standard bail application forms (see our forms page.) We can assist in looking up just about anything within the system and our licensed agents are prepared to answer questions you may have about our fees, the bond amount, payments, collateral, and the bail process all in the strictest of confidentiality.

Anaheim’s jail isn’t a fun place, and there are no mascots to sing about. Let Mr. Nice Guy’s smile be your new best friend and hum a new tune to “M-R-G B-B Y.”

Does Disneyland have its own jail?

Yes; Disneyland aka the Magic Kingdom has a labyrinth of underground roads and infrastructure to allow workers to move around undetected. The Disney park uses the code phrase “treasured guest” to refer to unruly customers. While Disneyland in Anaheim has its own holding facility with a total of six large jail cells and private security it is still under the jurisdiction of the Anaheim police force and the Orange County Sheriff’s department. The Disneyland jail cells are located on the ground level and simply hold individuals, bail is not posted at Disneyland. Disruptive guests will end up being arrested on site and transferred to the Anaheim police station, not put to work in a forced labor camp deep under the theme park as many rumors tell. It is best to not find out first hand and rather try to behave one’s self at any of the Disney theme parks. But for those who found themselves in the wrong place, at the wrong time. Bail typically is posted in Anaheim or at the OC Sheriff’s run detention center.

How to pay bail in Anaheim?

Paying for bail is easy at Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we offer pay for phone or online. The bail bond process in Anaheim only takes a few minutes and we have competitive prices, payment plans and bail bond financing options with no collateral needed on most cases. Give us a call today for the best deal and fastest service on bail bonds in Anaheim and the surrounding areas.