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Bail is the amount of money you pay in court to assure you attend court sessions after your release. For example, after an arrest for allegedly committing a crime in Kings County, you are taken to a police station and booked in jail. Under normal circumstances, you are expected to remain in the cell until sentencing. However, you have the right to post bail and be released.

Before you are released on bail, the court will hold a bail hearing where the judge determines the bail you need to pay. If you have enough money, you can pay the cash bail and be released. However, arrests are unexpected occurrences, and raising the bail money may be challenging.

To post bail and secure your release, you will need the services of a bail bondsman. The bail agent will post your bail at a fee and prevent you from spending more time in jail. At Mr Nice Guy Bail, we understand the dynamics of local courts. Talk to our Kings County bail bond agents today if arrested.

Overview of Bail Bonds in California

Bail is the amount you or a third party pay to the court to secure a release for an individual facing an arrest. The posting of bail is aimed at ensuring that a defendant makes all future court appearances. If you or a loved one is detained in a jail cell awaiting trial, you can post bail in cash, using a valuable property or a secured bond from a bail bond company.

Bail is not imposed on all criminal offenses, and bail determination depends significantly on the nature and severity of your crime. However, if you are suspected of violating the law, you will be arrested and booked in a jail cell. The booking process involves taking your mugshot and indicating your identification information.

After an arrest, you can ask a bail bondsman to review the bail schedules to estimate the amount you will likely pay as bail. However, it is important to understand that the judge can modify the amount depending on the circumstances of your case.

Types of Bails and Bail Bonds

Several types of bail bonds are available if you want to secure a release for your loved one from jail. Each type of bail bond is designed to fit both the charges your loved one faces and your financial situation. Some bail bonds are used more than others, but the important thing in all the instances is that the criminal defendant shows up for court dates and maintains contact with the court throughout the process. The legal consequences of failing to appear for your hearing after a release on bail are detrimental. Common types of bail bonds include:

Cash Bail

Paying your bail in cash is the easiest way to ensure your release or that of your loved one from jail pending a criminal trial. However, arrests come unexpectedly, and raising the money may be challenging in a short time. Therefore, before deciding to post cash bail, you should consider these factors:

  • The amount used as bail remains with the court until your trial ends and a verdict is reached. However, if you are convicted for the crime you are charged, you may fail to recover the amount used as bail. This is because the court often deducts court fees and fines from the bail.
  • If you post cash bail and a defendant fails to show up as scheduled, the bail will be forfeited. In addition, the court will issue a warrant to arrest the defendant.
  • If you pay cash bail for a high amount, you may be subject to scrutiny from the court. The judge will require that you explain the source of your funds to establish their legitimacy.

Property Bond

When you do not have enough money to pay cash bail or are financially beneficial, you can use property to secure a release while waiting for your hearing. When you use a property bond, you pledge the property value to guarantee that you or your loved one will return to court on the set date. California law requires that the property you used as bail is at least 150% of the total bail set by the court.

Like in cash bail, failure to appear to court after posting a property bond will cause you to lose the property. Before the court accepts property as bail, they must set a hearing to determine the legal ownership of the property and its market value. Some of the documents you need to post property bail include:

  • An original or certified copy of the property deed.
  • All individuals whose names are present on the property deed must appear before the judge.
  • History of property liens.
  • Balance of all the loans on the property.
  • Affidavit for bail justification.

Surety Bond

The surety bond is the most common type of bail bond used by defendants in California. If you cannot afford to pay your bail in cash or circumstances do not allow you to access the amount required for bail, a bail bond company will be helpful. The process of securing bail using a bail bond company involves using a bail bond agent who may charge you a 10% fee for their services. Using a Kings County bail bonds agent is particularly beneficial because the process is faster, and your loved one walks out of jail.

If you are hoping to secure a surety bond for your loved one, the bail agent requires that you act as a cosigner for the bond. The defendant may be more compelled to appear for the hearing as scheduled by involving a friend or a family member.

In high-risk situations, the bail agent may require that you provide collateral. If you fail to appear for the hearing and the court forfeits your bail, you will lose the property used as collateral. When a bail agent posts your bail, it is important to follow all the conditions set by the court at your bail hearing. If the bail bond company feels that you are a flight risk, they may revoke your bail, causing you to return to jail.

Federal Bail Bond

If you are arrested and charged with a federal crime such as drug trafficking or bank robbery, you will need a federal bond to secure your release from jail. Most federal crimes are serious; therefore, you may need to attend a hearing to determine if you qualify for this type of bail. Bail for federal crimes may be higher, and bail agents tend to charge more for offering you a federal bond.

Before you are released from jail with pending federal charges, the court must hold a second hearing to determine if you obtained the funds used as bail legitimately. Due to the intense scrutiny of federal bail bonds, it would be wise to seek help from a Kings County bail bondsman.

Immigration Bond

Immigration bonds are federal bonds used to secure release for defendants detained by immigration services. Often, the services for immigration bonds are the highest. This is because the flight risk for defendants is higher in this situation. Understanding the type of bail bond you need is crucial in seeking quality services from a bail bond company.

Bail Hearing in California

When you are arrested and detained, the amount you need to pay as bail is not automatic. The court will schedule a bail hearing where different factors are considered to reach a bail amount. At the bail hearing, you have an opportunity to seek a reduction of bail as indicated in the bail schedules. Judges in this state have the discretion to modify, increase or reduce bail amounts depending on the specific factors of your case. Even though you can seek a bail reduction, the judge may decide to increase it if the situation warrants it.

For example, when you petition the court for a bail reduction, the state prosecutor may present new evidence for your case that could prompt the judge to increase or deny you bail. Likewise, when you or your loved one faces serious felony charges, the court may be reluctant to reduce your bail from the amount indicated in the bail schedules. However, with good cause, your attorney can persuade the judge to reduce the amount. 

Some of the unusual circumstances that could prompt the court to modify bail includes:

  • A bail hearing may have one of the following outcomes.
  • A change in the facts of your case.
  • Witnesses from the prosecution side disappear.
  • Discovery of incriminating evidence.
  • You develop a serious illness.
  • Release on own recognizance

An own recognizance release allows you to be released from jail before your hearing without posting bail. However, you need to promise the judge of your appearance on the set hearing date. In California, anyone arrested for a crime is eligible for own recognizance release unless:

  • One of the crimes charged is punishable by the death penalty.
  • The release of the defendant could compromise the safety of other people.
  • An OR will not ensure a defendant's appearance.
  • Release on Bail

If the court grants you bail, you will be required to pay the set amount before securing a release. Mostly, the bail amounts set are often too high to raise on short notice. Therefore, seeking the services of a Kings County bail bonds agent would be the wisest way to secure a release. The bail bondsman will post your bail at a small fee, often 10% of the total bail amount. Bail amounts paid are forfeitable, and you will lose the money if you fail to appear for the hearing.

  • Release Subject to Other Conditions

Sometimes, the court may decide to release you on other conditions, such as surrendering your passport and driver’s license to ensure you do not flee. In this case, you may not need to pay bail.

  • Bail Denial

When you are arrested for a crime in California, the first instinct is to post bail and be released. However, the judge can decide to deny you bail, and you will have to remain in custody when your case is pending. For example, the court could decide to deny your bail when you face charges for a serious and violent felony. In this case, the court will consider the safety of other people before releasing you. Bail bonds agents know local courts and their proceedings. Therefore, guidance from your bail bondsman may be crucial during the bail hearing.

Factors that Affect a Bail Amount in California

Bail amounts differ depending on different circumstances in your case. However, the following are some factors that could influence the judge’s decision when setting bail include:

Bail Schedules

Bail schedules are a list that specifies the amount of bail required for each crime in California. However, the judge may not order you to pay the exact amount indicated on the bail schedules. Depending on other factors of your case, the court could increase or reduce bail from the amount in the bail schedules. If you want to seek a bail reduction, you must prove to the court why it should be reduced.

The Severity of Your Charges

The more serious the crime, the higher the bail you are likely to pay. Mostly, police officers make arrests for the most serious charges that the facts can support. So, for example, if you are charged with a crime punishable by a death sentence, you may not be eligible for bail.

Flight Risk

Flight risk is the likelihood of a defendant to flee and avoid trial. If the court determines that you have a higher flight risk, they could set a high bail or deny it. Several factors could increase your flight risk after a release on bail. For example, if you do not have a job or other risk to the community, you may have nothing to lose by fleeing. 

Public Safety

Before releasing you on bail, the court considers your safety and other people in society. For example, if you are facing charges for a violent crime, you may be denied bail.

What Will a Kings County Bail Bondsman Do For Me?

If you want to use the services of a bail bond company to bail a loved one out of jail, you need to provide the bail agent with information about the arrest. This includes the exact jail where the defendant is held, their full identification, and most probably the bail required for their release. After contacting the bail bondsman, you will discuss the charges for their services. Bail bond service fees are often a percentage of the total bail amount.

Also, you will discuss collateral for the bail bond if any is required. Finally, you will offer equity for the property to the bond dealer. As long as you appear for your trial as scheduled, you will not have to pay additional fees. In addition to posting your bail, bail agents often know local jails and courts and can offer you some insight on securing a lower bail for your loved one. 

Using a bail bonds agent to ensure a release for your loved one is beneficial since it is easy and fast. However, some setbacks come with this process. The service fee you pay to the bail agent is non-refundable. Unlike cash and property bonds, you cannot receive the money even when you are not found guilty. Also, failure to follow conditions of bail and fleeing will prompt the bail company to engage bounty hunters who have the right to take you back to jail.

Some of the jails in Kings County Include:

Kings County Jail

1570 Kings County

Dr, Hanford, CA 93230


Kings County Sheriff's Office

1444 W. Lacey Blvd

Hanford, CA 93230


Hanford Police Department

315-321 North Douty Street

Hanford,California 93230


Corrections Department

344 W 5th St,

Hanford, California 93230


Below is a list of courts in Kings County, CA, with their contact information:

Kings County Superior Court

1640, Kings County

Dr, Hanford, CA 93230

Avenal Superior Court

501 East Kings Street

Avenal, California 93204


Hanford Superior Court

1426 South Drive

Hanford, California 93230


Corcoran Superior Court

1000 Chittenden Avenue

Corcoran,  California 93212


Find a Kings County Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

Being released from jail involves a tiring process if arrested for committing a crime in Kings County. Many suspects arrested for misdemeanors are often released on their own recognizance. However, if you are arrested and charged with committing a felony, you have to post bail before you can walk out of jail. When you or your loved one faces serious charges, the judge is likely to set a high bail amount which could be difficult to raise.

Fortunately for you, you can seek the services of a bail bond company. A Kings County bail bonds agent will post your bail and guide you through the process of release. If you are arrested and need bail bond services in Kings County, we invite you to contact Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds for bail at a reasonable fee. Call us today at 844-400-2245, and let us help you be released from jail fast.