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Southwest Detention Center in Murrieta, California

Riverside County California operates one of the largest jail operations in the state. In all, there are five jail facilities in the county. The Southwest Detention Center, located in Murrieta, California, is a part of the larger Southwest Justice Center that houses the Superior Court of Riverside County.

If you're not sure where, in Riverside County, your friend or loved one is being detained, you can use Jail Management System to find them. You'll need the proper spelling of their full name and their date of birth, to use the system.

Southwest Detention Center Location

Southwest Detention Center

30755-B Auld Road

Murrieta, California 92563

General Information: (951) 696-3050

Visitor Scheduling: (951) 696-3470

Posting Bail at the Southwest Detention Center

If you, or someone you love, is being held at the Southwest Detention Center, you'll likely want to post bail, so that you or they can get back to regular life, as quickly as possible. To determine the amount of bail that will be required to obtain their release, you'll need to consult the Riverside County Bail Schedule.

To Calculate Bail for Felony Charges:

  • Find the count that could carry the longest jail time.
  • Find the bail amount from that charge.
  • Check the “Special Bail Section” to see if there is a larger amount that could apply. You'll have to use the larger amount if it applies.
  • Add bail for all enhancements of the original charge.
  • Bail bonds will have to be posted for each charge.

There are some cases in which the defendant will not be allowed to post bail until a hearing has taken place.

Bail From Suspicious Sources

There are some cases where the arresting officer finds that there is a good possibility that the money being used for bail was gotten through illegal activity. If this is the case, the officer can file special paperwork that requires that no bail be available to the defendant until a PC 1275 hearing has been held.

Misdemeanor Bail Calculations

If the defendant is charged with more than one offense, the highest bail amount for any single offense is to be used. Bail on separate cases will accumulate. Judges can adjust the bail amounts, as they see fit.

Where to get Bail Bonds for Southwest Detention Center

If you, or someone you love, is being detained at the Southwest Detention Center, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed professionals will work hard to get you or your loved one out of jail fast and back home to friends and family. Call (844)400-BAIL (2245) to talk to a friendly, professional bail bondsman, now! Or, start the paperwork online.

For fastest service, have the defendant's name, date of birth, and booking number available when you call.

Southwest Detention Center Visiting Information

When visiting an inmate at the Southwest Detention Center, you must make an appointment in advance.

  • Be sure to call at least a day before the requested visiting day to make an appointment.
  • Each housing unit has a specific day available for visiting.
  • On the day allotted, appointments are available in the morning, afternoon, and evening.
  • Inmates may have two visits per day, but only one per visiting block. (Only one visit in the morning, one in the afternoon or evening.)
  • Schedule an appointment by calling (951) 696-3470 between 9 am and 5 pm, a minimum of 24 hours before the visit.
  • Check in for visits begins thirty minutes before the beginning of the visit.
  • Visitors may not check in less than ten minutes before the visit begins.
  • Visits are limited to two adults and two children, per visit.
  • Have the inmate's housing location before calling to schedule a visit.
  • If you don't know the housing location of the inmate you wish to visit, call (951) 696-3050.

When visiting a friend or loved one at the Southwest Detention Center, don't be late. You can't check in earlier than thirty minutes before the visit, and you won't be allowed to check in closer than ten minutes before the visit starts. This only gives you a twenty-minute window for checking in. Arriving early, and then waiting for time to check in, is advisable.

Sending Mail to the Southwest Detention Center

Inmates are allowed to send and receive an unlimited number of letters each day. But, incoming mail is subject to inspection. Many items are not permitted or are limited.

  • No perfume or cologne scented paper
  • No correctional fluid (white-out, etc.), gel ink, or crayon writing
  • No tape
  • Pictures are limited to 10 per envelope, 4x6 only, and cannot be sexual or violent in nature. Pictures also cannot contain any images or symbols of gang activity.
  • No cash or personal checks (U.S. Money orders, only, are allowed)
  • No phone cards
  • No postage stamps
  • No book, magazine, or newspaper clippings
  • No colored paper
  • No craft materials
  • Nothing with adhesive, such as stickers or labels
  • No books or magazines – you may send soft cover books, magazines, and periodicals that are prepaid and delivered directly through the USPS. In other words, you can order books or magazines and have them shipped directly to the inmate, but you cannot mail them directly to the inmate from yourself.
  • Prepaid books, magazines, and periodicals may not be of a sexual or violent nature. They also cannot be about any kind of unlawful gambling or lottery or of a gang-related nature.

All mail will be inspected, and if it contains any of the disallowed items will be rejected.

To send mail to an inmate at the Southwest Detention Center:

Southwest Detention Center

(Inmate Name and Booking Number)

30755-B Auld Road

Murrieta, CA  92563

Giving Money to Inmates at the Southwest Detention Center

Inmates have an account, which they can use to purchase snacks, hygiene items, phone cards, and writing materials. They can also use the money for medical co-pays, should they require non-emergency medical services. You can deposit money into an inmates account directly through Access Corrections, fees may apply. You can also make deposits into an inmates account by phone by calling 1-866-345-1884. You'll need a credit card to use either of these options.

If you're able to visit a jail in person, you can deposit money using the kiosk in the lobby of any Riverside County jail. The kiosk takes cash but does not make change and won't accept anything smaller than a $5.

You can send money through the mail, using a US Postal Money Order. Remember to put the name and booking number of the inmate for whom you are depositing money, on the front of the money order. Cash and checks are not accepted through the mail and will be returned marked “Return to Sender.”

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