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The arrest of a loved one will affect everyone in a family. The lack of certainty of what happens to them and how the family will be in their absence are worries that engulf a family after an arrest. The legal process after that is long and tedious. It could be financially draining to the family as well. However, it is crucial to be well prepared to make the right decisions to reduce the arrest’s impact. For instance, the family can take advantage of the bail offer to acquire their loved one’s release soon after arrest. That will keep them closer to their family and friends as they prepare for trial.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds are available for families and arrestees who are fit for bail after an arrest in Tecate. We have friendly and professional agents that could speed up the bail process and secure your release before more time is lost.

Why Bail Is Important

Most people that face arrests in California are ordinary law-abiding citizens like you and me. Some are family people, others employees, and students. Some arrests happen by mistake, while others for a genuine reason. The judge determines all that during the arrestee’s trial. Before that, the arrestee is granted the right to make bail to obtain freedom.

A family person will take advantage of this offer to quickly return to their family after an arrest. Families need each other, and the absence of one person will affect everyone else. If the arrested person is the primary caregiver, his/her dependents will suffer in their absence.

If the arrestee is an employee, the chances are that they could lose their job if they remain incarcerated for a long time. Employers want dedicated employees who show up to work without fail. Additionally, no employer wants to work with a suspected criminal. Obtaining bail soon after an arrest will allow the employee to return to work before they lose much time. Then they can plan for the trial while still working.

Bail is vital to a student too. A dedicated student would not want anything to disrupt their education. But arrests happen when they are least expected. An arrest can keep you out of school for a long time, causing you to lag behind your mates. But, bail gives you a chance to quickly return to class, even as you prepare to fight your charges in court.

It is challenging to make concrete decisions and plans while behind bars. Thus, remaining incarcerated will likely affect the case’ outcome if you do not plan well for trial. Bail gives your freedom back and a chance to gather concrete evidence, find a lawyer and prepare well for trial. Your chances of success improve with every preparation you make towards the case.

How Much Will Be My Bail?

Generally, bail is not a precise amount of money. It is set per several factors, namely:

Bail Schedule

A bail schedule lists bail recommendations for various charges, including misdemeanors and felonies. It gives the police and judges an idea of how much bail a particular suspect must pay to obtain release after an arrest. The amount is usually set according to the offense the defendant is suspected of committing. Every county in California has its separate rules for bail schedules, which criminal courts maintain. But, judges have the discretion to reduce or increase the amounts, following the details of specific cases.

Circumstances of the Case

The bail schedule guides the judge in determining the actual bail for a particular case. According to the particulars of the matter, the judge might increase or lower the amount. For instance, a defendant facing misdemeanor charges for a first offense may be expected to pay a lower amount than what appears on the schedule. But if the arrestee has a criminal background, the judge can increase the amount.

The Gravity of the Offense

Serious felonies have expensive bail than other felony offenses and misdemeanors. Some felony offenses do not deserve bail, especially violence-related felonies. The judge can set a high bail or deny the defendant bail altogether if they face charges for a serious felony. If the arrestee is denied bail, they are expected to remain under police custody until the court concludes their case.

Flight Risk

The judge must consider the possibility of the defendant fleeing once they are granted bail. The law only allows bail if the arrestee demonstrates a willingness and ability to remain within the court jurisdiction through the bail period. If not, the defendant is considered a flight risk. Bail for a flight risk defendant could be expensive to discourage them from fleeing or even making bail. But if the arrestee is in the habit of failing to show up in courts for trial, the judge could deny them bail.

Bail Options

It helps to familiarize yourself with the bail options you have as an arrestee in Tecate. It will help you make informed decisions when it is time to post bail. Luckily, the law allows many ways to post bail, depending on the defendant’s financial situation and details of their case.

Release on personal recognizance is the judge’s first option when granting bail. Personal recognizance means that the offender does not pay any money or provide collateral to assure their appearances before a judge. It is given at the judge’s discretion. Typically, first offenders are likely to enjoy this release, but primarily those facing low-level charges, like a simple misdemeanor. The judge will only require an assurance that the arrested person will be present in all court sessions until their case ends.

If a defendant is not fit for own recognizance release, they can choose cash bail if they have enough money in their bank account to make bail. If the arrestee opts for cash bail, he/she must pay all the expected amount before signing the release documents. The money will remain in the court and be given back to its owners after the matter is concluded.

The challenge with cash bail is that most defendants cannot raise that amount. Some borrow from families and friends, while others choose to sell something of value they or their families own.

Fortunately, California courts allow property bonds. They constitute a valuable item that you can surrender as collateral to guarantee your court appearances. It could be an investment or a valuable collection that the offender or their family has.

In most cases, cash bail and property bonds are never available, leaving defendants with only one option of seeking the service of a bond dealer. California allows defendants to seek bonds if they cannot raise bail. A bond dealer sells a bond at an affordable fee. California bonds are offered at 10% of the defendant’s bail. If the offender opts for a bond, they pay the 10% premium to the bond dealer, who offers a bond on the defendant’s behalf to acquire their freedom.

The Benefits of Working With a San Diego Bond Dealer

Bond dealers in California offer a more viable option for defendants and families that cannot afford bail. Bail is sometimes very high, as it is set to discourage defendants from skipping bail. A defendant will think of the significant financial loss they could incur if they failed to appear.

But the expensive bail is unaffordable to most families. Fortunately, defendants and their families can opt for bail bonds to secure their release from custody without incurring the huge costs. 10% of the bail amount is more affordable to most families. If families cannot afford the whole amount upfront, bond dealers within Tecate offer flexible payment options according to the financial abilities of their clients.

Tecate bail bonds are easy to obtain. The process is less challenging and simple for families and defendants. Bond dealers are available online and over the phone. Families and friends that have a loved one in jail do not have to visit officers to find assistance. They can send an online message or call their preferred bond dealer. An agent will start working on their case immediately after that message or call.

Tecate bond dealers are very efficient in their dealings. They know how hard it is for a family whose loved one is incarcerated. Their bond agents are well-trained to handle these matters efficiently. They know the process and quickly take the family over, sign the required documents, and have the defendant freed. It takes less than sixty minutes to complete the entire process once the bond agent takes over.

You will find Tecate bail bonds any time, whether at night or during the day. Bond dealers operate 24/7 because they want to help immediately after an arrest. If a defendant is arrested late in the evening or early in the morning, you will still find a dealer’s agent to begin the bail process. That prevents the long waiting periods that could keep a defendant in jail more than necessary.

The Bail Process With a Tecate Bond Agent

After a defendant’s first arraignment, they are free to make bail to receive their freedom. Families can now inquire about the amount and make plans to ensure their loved one does not stay incarcerated for long. They can contact a reliable Tecate bond dealer right away. A bond dealer will start the process as soon as they receive communication of interest from the defendant’s family.

The bond agent will reach out to the defendant from jail to obtain information that will help them process their bail. The agent will need crucial information and signed documents to facilitate the bail. Some of the details the agent will need from the defendant or their family include:

  • The official name of the defendant
  • Their date of birth
  • The detention facility where they are held
  • Information regarding their case
  • The bail amount

A bond agent can also meet with the defendant to discuss the information above. The most important is to receive their identifying details, details of their case, and the amount of bail expected of them.

The bond agent will also want to understand the family’s financial ability to pay a bond premium. Some families will pay the whole amount upfront, while others will need a payment plan. Tecate bond dealers are always prepared for all cases.

The main requirement by the bond dealer is for the defendant to attend all court sessions. Failing to do so could result in significant financial losses for the bond dealer. The court will demand payment of the entire bail if the arrestee forfeits bail. For that reason, the bond agent will need the family to provide collateral for the bail bonds. Anything of great value can be used as collateral, including a house, a vehicle, valuable art collections, and jewelry. Their value should cover the bail if the offender forfeits it.

After all the discussions between the bond agent and the defendant/defendant's family, the agent will facilitate the defendant’s release. It takes less than an hour to have all the paperwork done, and the defendant will be free in no time.

Working with a bond dealer speeds up the bail process for a defendant, reducing the time they remain in jail after an arrest. Bond agents are also familiar with the local court and jail processes, which could benefit the defendant in the long run.

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