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If you have never found yourself brushing shoulders with the law, you probably do not know much about the process between a defendant being handcuffed and the trial. What you have seen on TV is a fallacy that cannot be further from real life. The truth is that the trial does not occur right after an arrest. The period in between can be months, a year, or more. That is where a bail bond company in Fillmore, CA, comes in handy. If you cannot afford to post bail, we invite you to contact Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds. Let us post bail on your behalf, ensuring that you do not sit in jail for the period between an arrest and your trial.

We believe that your family is the people that stand behind you through thick and thin. Your friend or relative can contact us and complete a few fool-proof steps to secure your release. Our processes are fast, and you can complete the paperwork via fax, email, or in person. We will guide you through and answer any questions.

What Happens After An Arrest In Fillmore, CA?

When the police arrest you in Fillmore, CA, they will take you into their custody for booking. They will also determine whether you are eligible for release by posting the bail money for your offense according to the bail schedule. If you do not qualify, you must remain in custody and wait for the bail hearing that takes place 24 to 48 hours following an arrest.

The Bail Hearing

The bail hearing, also known as the arraignment hearing, is when a defendant appears in court for the first time. Even though a judge will inform the accused about their alleged crime and go through the tabled evidence, the hearing does not focus on whether they are guilty or innocent. Instead, the bail hearing focuses on evaluating the likelihood of the defendant to abide by the law and religiously returning to court for every proceeding until the trial.

Bail is money you deposit with the court as insurance that you will not flee or fail to be present during future court dates. A judge sets bail based on the county’s bail schedule or depending on other details about the case and the suspect. For instance, you can expect a higher bail if you face felony charges and a lower amount for a misdemeanor. Also, the judge can increase your bail based on your criminal history and ability to flee based on your financial resources.

You can go home after the hearing without spending a dime if a judge grants an own-recognizance (OR) release. Also, temporary freedom awaits if the judge grants bail and you can afford to post it. Unfortunately, bail can be expensive, and your best way out is through the services of a bond dealer.

Bail vs. Bond

The terms “bail” and “bond” are often used interchangeably. However, the former refers to a cash payment to the court to have a suspect released from custody. The latter refers to a surety from a bonding company.

When the bail amount is too high and a defendant cannot afford it, there is always the option of seeking the services of a bond agent. This is a third party licensed to operate within the area. The bond company agrees to be liable for the debt owed to the court, and the judge issues a bond order to have a suspect released.

A legally binding contract is made between the court, a suspect, and the bond dealer. The bonding company agrees to pay the bond in full if the suspect fails to show up for court dates. In return for this promise of payment, your bond agent will demand a fee that is typically 10% of the total bail. Often, the agreement runs smoothly as long as a defendant adheres to all the set conditions of release.

The Role of a Bail Bondsman

A judge can decide to release you on your own recognizance. You do not need to pay anything, although your freedom will not come without some strict terms you must follow. Also, the judge can deny bail, especially if you face charges for a capital offense or have a history of skipping court.

If the court grants bail, you have three main options of securing your release from jail. They include:

  • Post cash with the court or jail amounting to the total bail
  • Provide a property bail using an asset whose value exceeds the bail amount
  • Enlist the services of a bond dealer

The majority of defendants cannot raise the total bail amount. They also do not have property worth slightly more than the set bail. Therefore, the best option is to turn to a bond agent and pay a small fee for a surety bond. Companies like Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds serve the entire of Fillmore, CA, and provide fast, easy, and convenient services.

The Process of Obtaining a Bail Bond

The process of obtaining a surety bond to secure the freedom of a loved one from jail is pretty straightforward. Here is the information you should have during your initial call:

  • Defendant’s full name
  • Booking number
  • The precise location where the accused is in custody
  • Name of the jail
  • The bail amount for easy calculation of the bondman’s fee

Having the above information makes securing the release of a loved one more straightforward and fast. However, a skilled agent can provide additional assistance with gathering information like the name of the jail where a defendant is held and its location.

Once you settle the premium fee, the specialist can proceed to find your loved one and have them freed. The number one condition of release is that the accused must appear in court as required. Abiding by the set terms ensures that you will not have to pay any further fees to the bond dealer.

How Do Bail Bond Companies in Fillmore, CA Ensure Court Appearances?

A bail bond agent has much at stake, and an FTA can cause significant financial losses. Remember that the court will demand the bail amount in full from the bonding company if a defendant does not show up during court dates. That said, it is expected for a bond dealer to take strict measures to ensure prompt court appearances.

First, the agent will demand collateral and a bail bond co-signer. The co-signer must be someone who knows the defendant intimately and can be responsible for ensuring religious court attendance. On the other hand, the collateral helps to foot the cost of the forfeited bail if the accused skips town.

Another measure is that the defendant must check in with the bond agent in person or via telephone. There is always a monitoring measure that helps the bonding company protect itself from unnecessary losses. Note that your bail bondsman can revoke the obligation to post bail (promise of payment) and send you back to jail. This only happens when an agent concludes that a defendant is not likely to fulfill their bond obligations.

What Happens When Bail Is Violated?

In the unfortunate event that a defendant fails to appear in court, the judge will forfeit bail, and the bonding company must post the bail amount in full. The judge will also issue a bench warrant for the accused’s arrest. Usually, a re-arrest is executed by the police, although a bond agent can use bounty hunters to apprehend the fugitive in exchange for a percentage of the forfeited bail.

Moreover, the bailing company will seek to recover from the losses incurred. Any property set as collateral will be sold, and the proceeds used to recover the lost money. Even worse, the bondman could have no choice but to pursue the bail bond co-signers to recover any lost funds.

Jumping bail or an FTA (Failure to Appear) is a criminal offense that attracts steep legal penalties. Once a fugitive is apprehended, they face imprisonment, hefty fines, or both if they cannot provide a valid excuse for not showing up for a court date. The prison term for an FTA runs consecutively with any other criminal sentence.

Benefits of Using Bail Bonds

If a judge grants bail but you cannot afford it, there are compelling reasons to consider the services of a bond dealer. Even if you can afford cash bail, bail bonds could have more perks to offer.

Here are the five main pros of using bail bonds:

A Fast Means Of Getting Out Of Jail

The quickest and most convenient way to secure your freedom from custody is through a bail bond. Bail bonds agents have good relationships with authorities in the system, which increases their odds of having a defendant released faster. This ensures you do not miss unnecessary hours of work, you reunite with your loved ones and handle family matters, and also begin working on legal strategies with your attorney without any delays.

Easy Payment Plans

If you settle a cash bail, you must put down 100% of the set bail amount. Otherwise, you have to remain in custody until your trial date. On the other hand, bond dealers understand that times are hard. If you cannot afford the premium fee, you can work out a flexible payment arrangement that will not unnecessarily strain your budget.

Better Treatment

People within the judicial system have seen it all, from pedophiles and serial killers to rapists and armed robbers. They can treat defendants, aka “lawbreakers,” with contempt for understandable reasons. Working with a bond dealer ensures you keep your dignity intact when securing your freedom from jail. You will need all the good vibes within you to fight your charges and hopefully have them dropped or reduced.

You Keep Your Financial Matters Private

Another key benefit of opting for a bail bond is that it allows you to keep your financial matters out of the curiosity of the authorities. If you face charges for the illegal manufacture and sale of firearms, for instance, paying $1 million in cash as bail will only raise eyebrows. A bail bond ensures that the authorities do not find “probable cause” to snoop into your financial affairs.

Bail Bond Agents Help You Carry the Responsibility

Posting cash bail for your “spoiled brat” is one of the surest ways of losing your money. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to make someone who knows you care to follow the conditions of their release.

On the bright side, they do not have to sit in jail because you cannot trust them to protect the bail money. It is perfectly okay to give the accused the benefit of the doubt as long as you use a bond dealer.

With the services of a bonding company, you enjoy two fundamental rights:

  • The right to include stipulations to the terms of release
  • The right to opt-out of the agreement at any time and send a defendant back to jail


Fillmore, CA Police Station, Jail and Court Info

Ventura County Sheriff’s Office

Address: 800 S. Victoria Avenue

Ventura, CA 93009

Tel no: (805) 654-2380


Pre-Trial Detention Facility

Address: 800 S. Victoria Avenue

Ventura, CA 93009

Tel no: (805) 654-3335


Todd Road Jail

Address: 600 Todd Rd

Santa Paula, CA 93060

Tel no: (805) 933-8501


East County Jail

Address: 2101 E. Olsen Rd

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

Tel no: (805) 494-8242


Court Information

East County Courthouse

Address: 3855 Alamo Street

Simi Valley, CA 93063

Tel no: (805) 289-8545


Government Center, Hall of Justice

Address: 800 South Victoria Avenue

Ventura, CA 93009

Tel no: (805) 289-8545


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