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We offer 24 hour bail bonds services in Pico Rivera, California with easy payment plans and no collateral needed in most cases. This article will discuss frequently asked questions regarding Bail Bonds Services in Pico Rivera.

Pico Rivera is a medium sized suburb southeast of Los Angeles and it is a Latino magnet community because of its vibrant ambiance.  There are several parks and recreation sites and on any given day they are the destination of families and outdoor sports enthusiasts.  There are dozens of soccer teams and leagues (for all ages), plenty of ground for relaxing and enjoying the sun or shade or watching the games under the lights.  In keeping with Latin American tradition, there are plenty of cart vendors with treats and essentials to help anybody turn a normal day into a picnic.  The Pico Rivera Sports arena hosts music festivals, rodeos, and other sports matches and festivals significant for the community.   In the 2010 census, the Hispanic or Latino population was over 90%, so turn on your Spanglish if you are ready to attend any event in the city and remember that the BIMBO signs that you may see are from a product sponsor, nothing else.

Can it get rowdy in Pico Rivera?  No doubt.  The combination of competition, pride, crowds and a little alcohol or substance can do that.  The challenge is

Law enforcement for the city is provided by the Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department from the Pico Rivera station at 6631 Passons Blvd (across from City Hall), (562) 949-2421.  They are open all the time because they are in service demand to Pico Rivera and parts of Whittier all the time.  There’s another helpful crew that can help you if you are an unexpected guest of the Pico Rivera Sheriffs Station and that would be Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds – accessible, live bail bond agents 24 X 7 who open your eyes to the economic answer of bail bonds over bail.  Call Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-BAIL and you will be relieved to find the best price on bail bonds in Pico Rivera and anywhere else in the greater Los Angeles area.

You can find Mr. Nice Guy through this web-site and process all the necessary forms without going anywhere.  Check for a warrant on someone in Pico Rivera or for you.  The links to find someone arrested in Pico Rivera or for a warrant check is under the Resources tab (at the top of the screen), look for Inmate Search and Warrant Check.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bail Bonds Services in Pico Rivera:

Who do you call for bail bonds in Pico Rivera

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help save and restore your personal economy if you get in trouble with the law anywhere with considerable experience (check out what their loyal clients say) and the best prices available in California.  No one wants to lose work time by being in jail or suffer overwhelming out of pocket costs because they felt it was their only choice.  Remember that Mr. Nice Guy licensed bail bond agents are there to assist you day and night with knowledge and experience in posting bail bonds for a small percentage of the State mandated bail cost for any of the following charges:

  • Assault/Illegal Weapons Possession
  • Battery/Domestic Conflicts
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Vandalism
  • Possession of Controlled Substance/Paraphernalia/Intent to Sell
  • Shoplifting
  • Theft/embezzlement
  • Breaking and Entering/Burglary
  • Prostitution/Trafficking
  • Trespassing/vagrancy
  • Capital crimes

Save the money for the real expenses of an arrest like impound fees for your vehicle and attorney fees.

Call Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-BAIL and receive what you deserve – the best price for immediate freedom and a path to emerging financially whole after your crisis.  The process is simple and confidential and it is usually available to every type of arrest and condition.  All forms and support materials and contact agents can provide support in Spanish as well.

Unlike other bail bond options you may encounter, Mr. Nice Guy provides the bond with a one-time fee that does not compound or re-appear over time – there is no fine print and no outrageous interest.  You and your family will be relieved to find that the Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds agency provides the best price on bail bonds in Pico Rivera and anywhere else in the greater Los Angeles area or in the state of California.

Best price on bail bonds in Pico Rivera

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents are capable of supplying Immigration bonds also, and while these require a slightly higher percentage in cost, they are processed with the same professionalism.   It doesn’t matter who provides the bond forms, it doesn’t matter where you were arrested and on what charge, Mr. Nice Guy can help you.  They offer web-based support for family members to post a bond through their service and 24 x 7 availability by phone.  Call 844-400-BAIL or 562-294-3383 any time of day or night and speak to a live licensed bail bondsman for the best rates and immediate results. 

Bail is Anyone’s Right – except …

Bail or a sponsored bail bond has been an option for anyone charged with a crime in the US since 1776 unless they have defaulted on previous bail or bail bond or have violated a probation order.   In cases where you are arrested on a charge that would multiply the number of strikes you have, your bail will be set higher.   It has been said that holding someone on accusation (high suspicion of a capital crime or flight risk) with a really high bail is the norm for holding a person in jail – even then there is a technical way out.   In California, there is a list of charges and a bail amount assigned to each charge; your bail is assigned according to the amounts established for each offense.

Bail or a sponsored bail bond proposes that the accused be released and will comply with the court through the process of their case.  The rules of bail or bail bond are relatively simple, attend your court dates for hearing, arraignment (where you enter your plea), appear for trial if necessary and comply with the mandate of the court on completion.  You forfeit bail or the bail bond when you fail to appear for scheduled court dates.  If all goes well, you receive the bail or bail bond investment back after settlement of the case.  In Los Angeles County and through the court system the length of time from charges to settlement can take months.

From aggravated assault to vandalism, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has come up with the bond for any alleged offender so that they could freely return to work and later deal with the details of their charges in court.  Remember, whatever funds are posted will be returned when the case has reached a conclusion. Do you want you or your family member to tie up $5000 for the length of time between incarceration and court resolution, or would you rather tie up $500?  That is a pretty simple question for most people.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has real licensed bail bonds persons 24 x 7 to answer your questions or help process and serve a bail bond for you or your loved one. Call 844-400-BAIL any time of day or night to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman.

Taking action quickly is important in that many of the smaller station holding facilities make regular transfers of arrested persons to the larger facilities.   Even in Pico Rivera, an arrested person might be transferred to any of three or four different Los Angeles County Sheriffs’ jail facilities depending on charges or lack of space.  Use the Resources tab of the Mr. Nice Guy Website and use Inmate Search to determine where someone is in the system.  You may be disappointed if you drive to a local station only to find the person has been transferred to Downtown Los Angeles.

Los Angeles County Custody Search Information is available at (213) 473-6100. 

This number provides general information for locating someone who has been transferred into the Los Angeles County system.

Where can I bail someone out of jail in Pico Rivera

The Pico Rivera Sheriff’s Department: 

6631 Passons Blvd, Pico Rivera, CA 90660

The Jail can be contacted by calling: 562-949-2421

Pico Rivera Bail Bonds can be reached at: 323-900-0656

For a family member trying to free a loved one or for you seeking an immediate way out, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has one objective:  getting a person out of trouble as fast as they found it.  Call 844-400-BAIL for 24 hour – 7 day a week confidential assistance.  A licensed bail bondsman will be available to answer your questions and clarify how the process works.

Don’t Get Lost in Translation

The entity known as BIMBO Bakeries USA catches a little bit of giggles from English speakers because of the connotations of the word bimbo.  Super Pan S.A. changed their name in 1945 and saw bimbo as a playful mix of the word “bingo” and the name “Bambi.”   They knew it wasn’t a well-received name in the USA when they entered the market twenty years ago, but they were not going to waste money on changing stationery, packaging, and everything else over a name that half the world doesn’t criticize.  

Understand that the steps you take in all interactions with law enforcement anywhere are critical for your record, might affect your future wellbeing, and will have some impact on your current finances.   You won’t be the first or the last person facing the incarceration challenge, but you can practice avoidance and in a bad situation you can take the best steps to overcome it:

  • Know the status of warrants against you or the persons that you run with by checking warrant status on Mr. Nice Guy’s website.
  • Know your personal limits for partying (drinking) within an hour (BAC Blood Alcohol Content) and check Mr. Nice Guy’s blogs for information and tips.
  • Know the contact numbers for the persons most likely to help you and 844-400-BAIL 

Remember that Mr. Nice Guy’s smiling face seems childlike, but their bail bond service is guaranteed to make you smile as you are being freed at a fraction of what it might have cost.  Relax and let the live agents help you through your dilemma 24 hours a day x 7 days a week.  You can also rest in knowing that really only you and the Mr. Nice Guy agent need to know about the incident for the time being.

Call 844-400-BAIL any time of day or night to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman and then you’ll be able to smile too.