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Mission Viejo is a revelation when it comes to master planned communities, occupying a swath of the Saddleback Valley and now perfectly sculpted into a landscape that was once considered “worthless.”  It’s now among the largest and most ambitious urban-planning master models that have ever become entrenched into a culture.  It sprawls and it offers the amenities of a conscientious civic government and local wealth, complete with all the promise of safety and comfort.   Since 2006, Mission Viejo ranks in the top ten of safest cities in the nation with populations under 100,000.  It remains at the top of the safest city list for California.

Where to find Mission Viejo Bail Bonds?

Somewhere, though, there are a few problems that rise and remain in the shadows of perfections’ plans.   The problems may not occur in Mission Viejo, but they reflect back on the residents.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is there on your computer to quietly and confidentially assist with the less spectacular aspects of a family member’s arrest.  You can review Mr. Nice Guy’s portfolio here, in the privacy of your home.   You’ll be able to find everything you need for handling a situation that is probably unique for you.   If you want to personally discuss the issue with a licensed bail bond agent, call 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) or use the alternate non-toll free number 1-949-445-3420 for text messages or e-mail messages.  They will offer guidance and expertise in solving the problem.

Understanding the Bail Bond Arrest System in Mission Viejo

The more laws that are put in place for public safety and curtailing problems mean more possibilities for arrest.  The police departments of Huntington Beach, Anaheim, Costa Mesa and the California Highway Patrol are acting to maintain order with the same laws and processes as the sheriff deputies that patrol Mission Viejo.  Problem circumstances surface everywhere and can impact everybody.   Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed professionals deal with arrests every day, and offer the best advice and timely consideration to every client.   The licensed bail agents have helped persons all over Southern California gather themselves after arrests that range from aggravated assault to vagrancy, burglary to vandalism.   They have experience with how city law enforcement and county jail facilities operate and handle arrested persons – that includes where to find them, what financial options are available, and how long it will take to secure their release.

What is Bail Bond in Mission Viejo?

Bail or bail bonds permit the release of an arrested individual to attend to personal business and more comfortably deal with the legal process ahead.  For most arrest charges the bail requirement is set by the state, operating within the guidelines of the 8th amendment of the constitution.  The amount is based on the arrested individual’s history and the charges themselves.  The amounts are high when the person poses a threat to the existing community or there is evidence of flight risk, and lower for lesser offenses.  The amount is a security that confirms that person will appear for scheduled court dates and make their proper restitution upon conviction.  Bail is returned once that commitment is complete, but the legal process for the charges and trial may extend for months.  Remember that there are usually other expenses that can be accrued during an arrest and they can impact existing resources:  vehicle-impound fees, possible towing charges, substance tests fees, and attorney fees.

Bail bonds are a means of achieving the same without the full financial impact of bail.  The bail bond was developed as a voucher to identify persons responsible for the arrested party.  Mr. Nice Guy offers the best possible bond rates with a one-time premium.  Your commitment to a bail bond is a far lighter financial impact (10% of the bail) and after completing an application, provides the arrested party with the commitment of a community member to partake in their supervision upon release.   Mr. Nice Guy’ licensed bail bond agents service all of Southern California through each individual crisis in the most private and personal manner possible, call 1-844-400-2245 to discuss your options confidentially.

Tools Available for On-line Bail to Mission Viejo

Use Mr. Nice Guy’s link Free Orange County Warrant Checks to check on the status of you and your loved ones.   Warrants can often be for traffic violations that went unpaid or unanswered, or for failing to answer a jury-duty summons.  It’s a good option to check yourself as well as your loved ones because if you choose to post the bail yourself as you can’t have a warrant.   If your loved one has an outstanding warrant, it doesn’t matter if they were arrested in Seal Beach or Laguna, and it doesn’t matter if the incident was a traffic stop, a warrant means that they will be jailed in the Orange County Sheriffs Department Main Jail in Santa Ana.

Forms for processing a bail bond with Mr. Nice Guy are available on the Navigation Bar for this site.  These forms can be processed electronically and will initiate the process with us.  You don’t have to leave home yet.   For most arrests involving a DUI or DWI, the detainee must wait a minimum of 8 hours before release in order to validate their understanding of why they are being charged.  For other types of arrest, in a local jail or after booking into OCSD Main Jail, it will still take a considerable amount of time to get someone released.  The only rush to action should be done on your computer.  You can get the process started and be notified, in whatever manner you choose, to know when the release will be processed.

Where is the Mission Viejo Jail?

Most Roads Lead to OCSD Main in Santa Ana. While arrests in Orange County can occur in many different cities, most persons arrested by Sheriff’s organizations or city police end up at the main jail in Santa Ana.  That location is the processing center for all arrestees unless bail or bail bond can be processed before the independent city holding facilities (smaller jails) transport arrested persons to Santa Ana.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents can help locate your loved one and help you estimate when they will be released on the posting of bail or bail bond.

Orange County Central Men's or Women's Jail or Intake Center

500 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
(714) 647-6000
Call (714) 647-4666 for inmate records

Open 24 hours

The transaction window can accept the following payments for bail:

  • cash
  • personal check (imprinted) with proper current identification in amounts up to $7500.00
  • bank cashier’s check with bank representative contact information
  • money orders
  • bail bonds, like the one’s Mr. Nice Guy can provide

For bail amounts over $7,500, you can’t use checks at all.  You save a little on Mr. Nice Guy fees, but you stand to wait for the release to process because on any given day the OCSD processes 100-150 new arrests into a constantly changing population capacity of over 1000.

Ask yourself where you want to spend up to 8 hours waiting for a release?

How much does bail cost in Mission Viejo?

Mr Nice Guy’s Bail payment options (off of the upper navigation bar) accepts credit card, debit card, cash, paypal or even bit-coin as payments toward bail or the purchase if a bail bond.  Mr. Nice Guy provides all the forms available for a bail bond on the forms tab above and accepts electronic signatures.  Call 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 (toll free) or reach them at the alternate number 1-949-445-3420 that accepts text messages or e-mail messages as well as calls. 

Why Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds in Mission Viejo?

You subscribe to information newsletters, research your medical concerns, and consult with people to organize and manage your assets and interests – Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds offers a service in a niche that people don’t talk about.  They are, however, working to maintain and expand their reputation as the number one Bail Bonds Service in Orange County.

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