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Way back in the day Costa Mesa boasted the largest shopping center in California, the South Coast Plaza.  Neighborhoods, parks, and schools enjoyed the relatively flat mesa that was once filled with farms and livestock farms, and over the years it just expanded to a large and diverse community under the development of Orange County planners.   The city remains a commercial and business hub for much of Orange County due to its close proximity to John Wayne Airport, its still thriving retail center, and industrial hubs.  With all that growth, Costa Mesa has experienced its own surges in crime that comes with the territory of urban success.   The Costa Mesa Police department, founded soon after the city in the 1950s, handles most local crime and complaint issues stemming from the simple to the sensationalized crimes.  Crime is a by-product of population density and situation-based opportunity; no one likes it in their back yard and even fewer like a member of their own family arrested.  

What is Costa Mesa Bail Bonds?

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has been part of Costa Mesa’s growth as well, providing the services that many people don’t think they will ever need until they get a phone call.   The business of Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is that new type of commerce, serving all of Southern California while you remain at home to deliberate over your options.  No one is happy that a family member has been arrested or is being held in jail somewhere, so why not call the location that deals with arrests 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for advice.   Mr. Nice Guy employs licensed bail agents who will answer your questions and your calls toll free at 844-400-BAIL or 844-400-2245.  You can complete the paperwork for bail or bail bonds on-line, or use the site to investigate any other bail or jail related situations and find out everything you need to know about your loved one’s whereabouts and options.

How to bail someone out of jail in Costa Mesa?

Arrests anywhere in Southern California leave the arrested at the mercy of the law enforcement organization handling the area.  If someone is arrested in Anaheim, the Anaheim PD takes care of the initial processing, and likewise the Costa Mesa police department handles local problems which might easily involve someone from Laguna or as far away as Long Beach.  Someone can be arrested in Los Alamitos and be transferred nearly immediately to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department main jail in Santa Ana if they have a warrant of any type.  Mr. Nice Guy bail bonds’ team has the ability to locate take action in all of the Southern California counties – how’s that for service? 

Costa Mesa Warrant Search

Tools are available for you to check for warrants that might exist for your or any family member.  Use Free Orange County Warrant Checks for making a fast assessment.

Navigate to Costa Mesa Jail

If your family member or loved one is incarcerated in Costa Mesa, keep in mind that the arrested person may not remain there after 24-48 hours.   The Costa Mesa Police Department operates a small 32-bed Type 1 jail facility, which can reach capacity quickly.  The Costa Mesa Jail houses defendants before going to court or being transferred to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department main jail –aka- county in Santa Ana.  If you know that your family member or loved one is in Costa Mesa, it is very important to have bail posted quickly to avoid the agony of being transferred to another facility and being “booked” all over again. Keep in mind bail bonds cannot be posted while the inmate is in the process of booking or transport.

Visiting Hours for the Costa Mesa Jail are:
Monday – Saturday: 5pm to 7pm
Sundays: 3pm to 5pm
Location is:
99 Fair Drive, Costa Mesa CA 92626
Costa Mesa Jail

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds now 844-400-BAIL (2245) to be connected to a licensed Bail Bonds Agent and discuss your case confidentially.   You can have your friend or loved one bailed out of the Costa Mesa Jail before possible transfer to the OCSD Main Jail.

How much is bail in Costa Mesa?

Bail is a fixed monetary amount (uniform bail code) assigned to the charges of the arrest, it is increased only in the event that this is a repeat offense.  Once all the legal processes for the arrested (arraignment, hearing, trial, acquittal or conviction) bail is returned.  If the arrested person does not fulfill their obligations to appear, the bail is forfeit.  But remember that in today’s court environment, cases can take over a year to process and that’s a long time to wait for the amount to be returned.

Bail bonds are supplied at a percentage of the full bail amount and function like bail in that they will release the arrested person to fulfill their court obligations when notified (on their honor).   You can shop around for bail bond rates, but be aware that the bail bond premium for Mr. Nice Guy’s bail bond is charged only one time over the life of the bond.  The full bail-bond cost is a competitive 10% of the bail amount and Mr. Nice Guy accepts all forms of payment for the bond.  This can help make the cost of freedom less an impact on your immediate financial situation, remember that are other fees associated with an arrest – like car impound fees, attorney fees.

All the forms for processing bail or bail bonds through Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bonds are available under the Forms tab on the Navigation Bar of this site.  Most Bail Bonds in Costa Mesa or anywhere in Orange County only require a couple signatures and payment and these can be done electronically.  Payment plans are available with flexible financing. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds gladly accepts credit cards, debit cards, cash, money orders, checks and even bit-coin.

Posting a bail bond in Costa Mesa after processing can takes anywhere from 30 minutes to a couple hours. Several factors determine when the arrested person can be released like the resources available at the jail and the number of persons incarcerated.  At other facilities (like the OCSD Main jail) can take much longer.

How to post bail in Costa Mesa

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has experienced Bail Bonds Agents standing by 24/7 to answer questions and post bail bonds in Costa Mesa as well as all of Orange County. Contact us toll-free at (844) 400-2245 or call, text message or email (949) 445-3420.

They offer free confidential consultation and the advantage of managing your records securely on-line.  Their experience includes all types of arrests in Southern California, and they have supplied bail bonds for all of these types of charges:

  • Costa Mesa Bail Bonds
  • DUI Bail Bonds in Costa Mesa
  • Marijuana Bail Bonds Costa Mesa
  • Narcotics Bail Bonds Costa Mesa
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds Costa Mesa

Why face the cleanup assignment by yourself when you can call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for a licensed agent’s help. You won’t be disappointed.

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