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Much confusion and anxiety come with an arrest, especially for a serious offense like DUI, domestic violence, theft, or fraud. It is difficult to tell what will happen to your friend immediately after arrest. But legal procedures are predictable. You can learn about them and help your friend out of police custody whenever the opportunity presents itself. You need to know about bail, its requirements, and when to make bail to guarantee your friend’s court appearances.

If you cannot come up with the amount and do not have a property bond, you can find reliable Borrego Springs bail bonds for the defendant. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds will be happy to work with you to help your friend at the time of his/her need.

Where are Bail Bonds Services Available in Borrego Springs

Bail Bonds Services are available 24 hours, 7 days a week by phone, online or in person for the Borrego Springs area and all of San Diego County, California. We offer free bail information, price quotes, fast easy payment plans and friendly services. 

The Legal Process After a San Diego Arrest

Law enforcement officers in the county work round the clock in maintaining law and order. People deserve to live in a peaceful, crime-free zone. The police do not hesitate to make arrests whenever there is a need. An arrest in Borrego Springs can occur anytime, day or night. No one anticipates their time for arrest. Therefore, a friend or relative can face arrest when you least expect it. Some will call when you are at work or before you wake up with the news of their arrest.

When a friend calls from jail, it is crucial to find a way to help them. They cannot do much to help themselves while in police custody. Therefore, they depend on their family and friends for help.

First, determine where your friend is detained and whether or not they qualify for pretrial release. California law allows defendants to post bail to avoid staying in custody before their case concludes. In that case, you could obtain their freedom by paying the required bail.

The police can automatically tell you the bail amount for your friend. But in some cases, defendants must first appear in court before posting bail. Some cases require the judge to set bail during the defendant’s first arraignment, even with a bail schedule. The judge will determine the circumstances of the case and your friend’s criminal history in setting their bail. It could be more or less than it is in the county’s bail schedule for the offense your friend has allegedly committed.

In some instances, your friend could obtain freedom on personal recognizance. California judges do this often, especially with first offenders that face less-severe charges. If it is the first time for your friend to face an arrest and a misdemeanor charge, you will not have to pay anything to obtain their release. Your friend will only need to assure the court of their willingness to make all court appearances.

Note that your friend could be denied bail under specific conditions. For instance, if the underlying offense is a violence-related felony, the judge will not allow them bail. The safety of the community comes first in issues like this. If one or more people likely feel unsafe after the defendant’s release, the judge could reconsider granting him/her bail. Your friend will also not be allowed bail if they have a history of failing to appear. If your friend has skipped bail one or more times before, the judge will see it as a habit and deny bail to avoid a repeat of the same.

Bail Bonds Available for Your Friend

The California justice system offers several bail options to defendants who do not wish to remain incarcerated before trial. It is essential to know the available options for your friend, then prepare for one. Bail bonds options include:

Unsecured Bail

As mentioned previously, your friend can be allowed to go, even without posting bail. California judges have the discretion to release defendants on bail or personal recognizance. However, this is mainly for first-time offenders. If your friend has a prior conviction in their criminal record or is facing charges for a serious felony, he/she will not qualify for this bail.

Cash Bail

Cash bail is primarily paid in cash, check, money order, credit card, or debit card. You determine the amount required for your friend’s bail, come up with the money and pay it. Your friend will be released immediately after your payment. You can expect the money back at the end of the case. However, you could lose the entire amount if courts forfeit bail because you failed to appear.

Property Bond

A property bond is a form of secured bond whereby you are required to surrender an asset or property to the court to assure that the defendant will appear for trial. The court will hold the collateral until the end of the case, after which the right of ownership will be transferred back to you. The property could be yours, the defendant’s, or someone else. Its value must be greater than the required bail. If the bail is not forfeited, the judge will order it to be given back to you without additional costs.

Surety Bond

Third-party dealers offer this type of bond on behalf of defendants who cannot raise bail. If you want to help your friend out of jail but have no means to do it, you can reach out to a trustworthy Borrego Springs bail bonds dealer for help. The dealer will take up the matter and process your friend’s release in minutes.

Advantages of Borrego Springs Bail Bonds

Surety bonds are the bail option for most defendants in California. Not everyone can raise bail, especially if required to post it in a short period. Families want to see their loved ones out of jail but cannot afford the entire bail. That is why you need to find reliable Borrego Springs bail bonds if your friend is in jail and has no hope of freedom soon. A good bonds dealer will post surety bonds and obtain your friend’s release in hours. Here are some of the advantages you could receive from surety bonds:

Quicker Release From Jail

Arrest disrupts lives. Since no one is usually ready for an arrest, the defendant will likely leave unfinished business behind. They leave their families in suspense, not knowing what to do next. If the defendant is in business or working, they never give notice or assurance of when they will be back. Your friend is bound to lose more with each time he/she spends behind bars. That is why you need to find a way to secure their release quickly.

Reliable Borrego Springs bail bonds can obtain a much quicker release of your friend from incarceration. If you engage the help of an experienced bond agent, he/she will quickly take you through the process to ensure that your friend is not spending more time in jail. Processing a release from jail will happen in minutes. Therefore, contact a bond dealer right after your friend’s arrest to avoid delays.

Bail Online or On Phone

You enjoy great convenience when working with Borrego Springs bonds dealers. It is because they offer surety bonds online or on the phone. You do not need to take a day off to visit their office. That would even delay your friend’s stay in jail. Contact a bond dealer online, and provide the necessary information. You can also call the company you want to engage. An agent will take over the case and quickly take you through the process. Once the agent has all the information regarding your friend and his/her case, the bail process will start.

Enjoy Lower Rates

Bail is expensive, especially if set high by the court. You would expect bail services to be costly as well. But you can find lower rates from reliable bonds dealers. Typically, surety bonds come at a 10% rate. The rate is based on the bail amount. However, some Borrego Springs bail bonds come at a lower rate than that. That would save you some money. For instance, a 1% lower rate does not seem much but could significantly reduce your pay premium for bail services. Remember that the premium is nonrefundable. Therefore, every saving counts, however minimal it seems.

Friendly Services

An arrest is an unpleasant ordeal. Most defendants prefer to keep it to themselves for fear of what their family or friends would think of them. It means suffering alone in silence, with no one to talk to. When you offer your friend help after arrest, it means a lot to them. They need a friendly person who is willing to walk them through the legal process. You could find friendly services from a reliable bonds dealer in Borrego Springs. Your friend will be pleased to work closely with a friendly agent during the most challenging time of their life.

How To Pay for Borrego Springs Bail Bonds

Surety bonds in California are straightforward to obtain. Simply contact a bond dealer of your choice and learn about its charges. As mentioned previously, surety bonds are offered at a 10% rate. You will pay the money as a premium before the agent processes your friend’s release from jail. However, the amount could be high and unaffordable to most families if the defendant’s bail is high. In that case, you can take advantage of the payment options offered by the bail bonds dealer for convenience.

San Diego bonds dealers know how difficult it is for families and individuals to raise a large sum in a short period. That is why your preferred bond dealer will be glad to negotiate on payment terms that best suits you. For instance, you could pay a small amount and the rest in monthly installments. However, you must demonstrate your ability to pay the total amount to the agent even after your friend’s release.

Most bond dealers in the county will require collateral for their services. Remember that the company will be expected to pay the full bail amount to the court in case your friend forfeits bail. In that case, the dealer must have an asset or property that the agent can sell when that happens to recover from its losses. The property or asset must be of a greater value than your friend’s bail. It could be anything of value that you or your friend is willing to offer to assure full payment of premium and the defendant’s court appearances. Here are some of the options you could consider to provide as collateral for a surety bond:

  • Your bank or credit card
  • A real estates property like a land, house, or business premise
  • A vehicle or car
  • Pawnable items like valuable collections of arts
  • Jewelry

Note that collateral is refundable. The bail bonds dealer will hand it over to you or its actual owner once you make the last payment of the premium. You must also ensure that your friend attends all court sessions without fail. That way, he/she will not forfeit bail, which could cause you to lose the collateral.

Borrego Springs Jail and Court Information

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If your friend is facing an arrest in Borrego Springs, it is crucial to act immediately to reduce their stay in jail. After the booking, your friend will be detained by the police. He/she can remain incarcerated until the end of their case. However, you can change that by obtaining a surety bond for their release. A reliable agent will be quick enough to secure their freedom, allowing them to return to their lives. Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds offer professional and reliable surety bonds 24/7. Our agents are forever ready with the documents you need to start the bail process. Call us at 844-400-2245, and let us be with your friend at his/her time of dire need.