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Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is a San Diego Bail Bonds company that serves San Diego Central Jail and other county jails in the San Diego area. We provide 24-7 support to those that need to bail their loved ones out of jail. Just minutes away from San Diego Central Jail, we provide bail over the phone, online and in-person, with flexible payment plans to cover a range of financial situations.

We provide 24 hour bail bonds services to the San Diego Central Jail and all other jails, courts and police stations in and around San Diego County. If you need to bail someone out of jail in San Diego, please call us 24/7 at: (619) 777-7119

24 Hour Bail Bonds Services for San Diego

In the video below we will discuss 24 hour bail bonds services for San Diego. In addition, we cover the bail bonds booking process, and payment options:

What Do I Do If I Am Arrested In San Diego?

Above all, remember to stay calm if you are arrested by the police in San Diego. Keep your hands visible, speak calmly, and do not resist if the police feel the need to temporarily restrain you. Any physical altercations that happen during arrest may make the charges more severe at a later date. 

Once arrested, you will be taken to San Diego Central Jail and undergo the bookings process. This can take several hours, and will usually involve:

  • Taking of your personal details, finger prints, mugshots and information relating to the alleged crime. Most of the details will be taken directly from the police accounts.
  • Searches and holding of personal items. You may need to have a full-body search, be provided with a jail uniform, and have your personal items held temporarily.
  • You may be provided with a general health check to make sure you have no immediate health concerns.

Although the booking process might be scary, it is important to remain calm throughout the process and think about next steps, like your phone call. After this process is complete, you will be able to call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to start the process for posting bail and getting out of jail. If you are arrested and taken to a smaller facility without holding cells, you may be temporarily held at San Diego Central Jail until bail is posted.

What if my case gets dropped?

If your case is dropped, that’s good news but be aware that the San Diego District Attorneys office often fills misdemeanor cases up to one year later, and up to three years later on felony cases. Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic many cases are being filled late. With the increased amount of late file cases in San Diego it is important to keep a eye out for a letter from the courts and also check the court websites to see if and when your case is filed. If the case is filled later and you miss the court date a warrant will be issued for your arrest and bail will need to be posted.

What happens if my case gets refiled?

If your court case is refiled or filed late, the court will most likely send a notice to appear in the mail. These notices come in the form of a plain white envelope with the Superior Court of San Diego as the return address. The letters are sent to the last known address, usually the address on file from the arrest. You will need to appear on the listed time, date, and address on the summons. If you fail to appear an arrest warrant will be issued.

How do I check to see if my case was filed?

You can check both the San Diego District Attorneys website and search your name and the Superior Court website as well. Be sure to check both as cases may be listed on one website and not the other.

What Is Bail?

A bail is a legal deposit paid to the jail. In exchange for the individual’s freedom until their trial is complete and sentencing passed, they pay a deposit as a way of confirming they will attend all their court and trial appearances. It is a hangover from English Common Law. 

There may be some conditions in addition to bail - the individual must not leave the state, must reside at a particular address, and comply with certain requirements to remain out of jail during their trial.

Bail is posted by the courts, and usually has set payment levels. For more severe cases like murder or manslaughter, bail can be withheld, or their may be a bail hearing where the judge makes their own decision on the bail rate. Bail is held by the courts until sentencing is complete, and then returned to the individual that paid it. Bail can be held for up to a year or more, depending on the severity and length of the trial.

How Do San Diego Bail Bonds Work?

As a San Diego Bail Bonds Company, our agents work with the state and the surety company to post a ‘bond’ for the individual that needs to get out of jail. This will be a percentage of your bail, which is usually 10% but can be reduced to 7% in special circumstances if the client has a private attorney and pays the premium within 72 hours. At Mr. Nice Guy, we charge a flat rate with no hidden costs, so you know exactly what you or your loved one needs to pay the moment you speak to us.

Once you place a call to us at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we can be with you in minutes. This is especially important with San Diego Central Jail, as it is a county jail with a larger inmate intake, so time is of the essence in getting you out of jail as quickly as possible. We are available for you 24-7, so whenever you finish your booking process we can be on the line with you as soon as you need us.

The San Diego bail bond acts as a guarantee between the defendant, the surety company and the state that the individual will attend court hearings and trial appearances. The agreement serves as a guarantee that the client will turn up for all their hearings and trial proceedings, so they don’t have to be held in custody and can return home to their loved ones. 

Once your bail bond is posted, you can return home to your family until your court date and any future sentencing. Bail bonds in San Diego work in a similar way to bail, except payment is at a fraction of the full bail cost, and stops those paying the bail from being in unmanageable debt while the individual goes through their trial. 

What Do I Need To Know About San Diego Central Jail?

San Diego Central Jail’s contact information is:

Address: 1173 Front Street, San Diego, CA 92101

Phone: (619) 610-1647

The jail itself is the main county jail for male prisoner intake. There are approximately 11 floors with 17 levels, with almost 950 inmates and just under 70,000 bookings. 

My Loved One Has Been Booked At A Smaller Facility. Will They End Up In San Diego Central Jail?

If your loved one has been booked at a smaller facility without holding cells in San Diego, they may be sent to San Diego Central Jail. San Diego Central Jail is the county jail, and therefore may provide assistance with temporarily holding those after they are arrested. If you find your loved one is suddenly held further away than anticipated, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help with our locally placed San Diego bail bonds company office, minutes away from San Diego Central Jail.

How Do I Find Out About My Loved One In San Diego Central Jail?

If you are struggling to find out how your loved one in San Diego Central Jail is, and how you can help them, the resources below are designed to help you get them the support they need with Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.

What Details Do I Need To Find My Loved One In San Diego Central Jail?

You can find your loved one by performing an inmate search here. You’ll need to have a record of:

  • Their legal first name and surname
  • Their gender
  • Their age 

And then you should be able to receive their inmate ID, for use in sending money, scheduling visits, or email. 

If you wish to schedule visits to your loved one, it’s important to prepare the following information:

  • Their home address
  • Their phone number
  • Your relationship to the individual
  • Their date of birth
  • Your valid, government-issued photo ID
  • School ID and documentation for minors visiting 
  • The details of the people accompanying you (no more than three, including children)

How Do I Book And Prepare For A Visit To San Diego Central Jail?

Visiting times do vary, so be sure to check online for the most up-to-date information regarding visit times. Once you have all the information above for scheduling a visit, you can use this to book a visit over the phone. You will need to check in with visitation staff an hour before your visit, and ensure everyone has their documentation and ID ready. If due to unforeseen circumstances you are unable to make the appointment you should inform the jail as soon as possible to avoid visitations being canceled.

You can find out about current restrictions on the County Site, which also currently offers video appointments in the events that visits are not possible. For video visits, you will need to check in 30 minutes before your call time, and can make reservations a day prior to your appointment. 

How Do I Know What Bail Has Been Posted As?

There is a standard Felony Bail Schedule posted on the County Courts site, detailing when bail will be posted. Each facility will also post their own schedules. If you are required to attend a bail hearing, the judge may post a different amount to the standard bail outlined by the County Court.

If there are multiple charges, you can tally up how much bail is posted at for your loved one. The steps you need to take are outlined below:

  • How many offenses has the individual been charged with?
  • Are there any previous offenses?
  • What is the highest posted bail charge off the list of offenses?
  • Are there other pending offenses on separate occasions that need to be added?
  • Are there any additions that need to be considered, like: gang-related offenses, crime with a weapon, recent time spent in prison, age of the individual (under 16, over 65)

Working through the crib sheet will give you an idea of how much bail will be, and what amount is needed for your San Diego bail bonds.

What If I Can’t Pay For My San Diego Bail Bonds?

At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we know that paying bonds with short notice can be stressful and near-on impossible with financial difficulty. Depending on the bail conditions, we can offer payment plans from as little as 1%, to help those get their loved ones out of jail without getting into unmanageable debt.

Bail, and bail bonds in San Diego, are a form of legal deposit that acts as a guarantee the individual will be freed from jail on the condition they attend all their hearings and trial proceedings. Once these legal proceedings are complete, the individual will get their money back, providing they comply with all the conditions of the bail.

What Are The Different Types Of Bail In San Diego?

There are a number of different types of bail in San Diego that can affect the price, restrictions and clauses of your bail. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we can assist with a number of bail types to get your loved ones home as soon as possible.

Drugs Crimes Bail Bonds In San Diego 

Bail for drug crimes can depend on the complexity and severity of the alleged crime, and the volume of the product carried. Proposition 64 makes marijuana for personal use legal in California by persons aged 21 and over, and permits selling of marijuana by licensed businesses. If you are found in possession of packaged marijuana, you can still be charged if you are not a licensed business. At Mr. Nice Guy, our friendly-team is well-versed in drug-related bail bonds and can help your loved one return home with our services.

DUI Bail Bonds For San Diego Central Jail

If an officer sees that you are driving erratically, you will be pulled over and may be subject to a sobriety test. This may be a breathalyzer for suspected alcohol consumption, or a blood test at a different location for suspected drugs intake. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, and California has some of the strictest charges for DUI charges. You can have your license revoked, be subject to fines and probation, as well as serving possible jail time. At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we can take the stress out of paying full bail for DUI charges with our friendly and professional service.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds With Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds

Many individuals who accuse their partner of domestic abuse may recant their story at a later date, which leads the state of California to largely proceed with charges against the accused. This means that bail can be exceptionally high and based on the worst possible charge, even if the final charges eventually pleaded down. If you are daunted by the huge bail fee and unable to pay the bail for your loved one, a bail bond is the ideal way to get your loved one out of jail without paying crippling bail fees in the process. If you need help with a domestic violence bail bond, you can start the process online immediately, or call us for 24-7 assistance on 844-400-2245.

PC1275 Hearings With Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds In San Diego

If prosecutors or anyone involved in the arrest of an individual suspects that bail may be posted through illegal activity, a PC1275 can be placed on the bail. This means that the bail money is suspected to come through criminal offenses related to drugs, theft, or gang-related activity, and is therefore ineligible for the purposes of releasing your loved one from jail.

A PC1275 hearing is when the defendant can prove that the money is clean, and free of criminal charges.

Whoever posts the bail will need to provide:

  • Proof of income
  • Tax returns
  • Car returns
  • Bank statements 
  • Credit card statements
  • Monthly bill payment statements 

As proof that money is eligible for bail. At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we can provide bail bondsman support for you. It is also highly recommended you bring an attorney for legal advice and any character witnesses that can attest to your proof of income.

My Loved One’s Charges Are More Severe. Can You Help?

In California, bail can be withheld at the discretion of the judge if it is felt to be inappropriate. At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we can help you with bail bonds including Manslaughter bail bonds and Murder bail bonds, if the judge permits bail to be paid. Murder charges in California can reach as high as $2 million, with bail bonds required to be 10% of this cost. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds are the lowest bail bonds fees in San Diego, giving you hope that your loved one can come home irregardless of the severity of the charges.

How Do I Bail Someone Out Of Jail From My Home Outside Of San Diego?

If you need to bail someone out of jail but can’t leave home or are based too far away, California is the only state that allows for online bail posting.  

All we need is:

  • Defendant’s full name, phone number and date of birth
  • An email address
  • The payer’s employment information and occupation
  • Payer’s address and phone number
  • Three references

We only require the payer’s employment information for payment plan purposes. Federal charges and immigration charges aren’t eligible for online bond payments, but charges like traffic violations, DUI, domestic violence, and assault and battery, can be processed online.

We accept a huge range of payment options, from credit cards, debit cards, Venmo, Zelle, PayPal, cash and bitcoin.

Let Us Help You At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds

At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we take the stress out of San Diego bail bonds. Our friendly, professional advice across a huge range of bail bond options can help you get your loved ones home in record time. 

Wherever possible we will accommodate flexible payment plans, payment options and rapid turnaround so you can get your loved ones home to you from San Diego Central Jail. Our agents have years of expertise in bail bonds and working with the justice system, surety companies, and most importantly, defendants and their families. Consider us your consultants in California bail bonds. 

Do you want to find out more about how we can help? Contact us today for firsthand advice on San Diego Bail Bonds.