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When you find yourself in trouble with the police in Santa Barbara County, it helps to understand what awaits you on the other side of the law. Remain calm throughout, and do what the officer asks of you. One thing is for sure, the officer will take you to the station, then detain you until a judge orders otherwise. But you will have a chance to bail yourself out soon enough. If you cannot afford bail after an arrest in Goleta, you might find help from a professional bonds dealer. Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds are affordable, timely, and reliable. You will soon be out of incarceration and back to your home, family, work, or school when you contact us soon after your arrest.

What is Next After You Face An Arrest in Goleta

Anyone can face an arrest. Therefore, it can occur to you or anyone you know. The police will make an arrest when they suspect your involvement in a crime. After a criminal court judge issues a warrant for your arrest, they come after you, whether at home or in your workplace. The warrant allows the police to look for you, make an arrest and bring you before the judge. The police could also arrest you if they find you committing a crime. For instance, you could be arrested at a crime scene. You will still go through the same process as any other arrestee in the county.

At times it does not make sense why you are under arrest. The police do not give you time to prepare yourself or your family, or at least put everything in order before you can follow them to their station. Due to that, you could experience confusion and anxiety. You may try to talk yourself out of the situation without knowing the dangers of doing so. After an arrest, the officer will read your rights, including your right to remain silent to avoid further compromising your situation. You are also granted your right to an attorney.

Once at the station, an officer will book you in by taking your identifying details and relevant information regarding the case. The officer will also take a mugshot of you and your fingerprints for their database. Then, you will be detained until the time you will appear before a judge.

Your first appearance is critical. The judge will review your case, make you understand the seriousness of the charges you face, and determine your eligibility for bail. Bail is the money or asset you pay or transfer to the court as collateral to guarantee your cooperation and appearances in court throughout the case period. Some defendants are eligible for bail, while others are not. The judge will base his/her decision on several factors, including the gravity of the offense and your previous criminal record.

If granted bail, you can make payment and sign the release documents. You can do that immediately after your first appearance if you wish to reduce your stay in incarceration. But it could take time if you cannot raise funds or property to bail yourself. In that case, you will require the help of a third party. The court does not specify the mode of bail payment as long as you post the entire bail.

How Much is Bail in Goleta

California law discourages the police from keeping suspects in custody for extended periods before determining their cases. It infringes on their rights to freedom before conviction. Additionally, pretrial releases minimize the costs on the judicial system, and consequently, the financial burden on taxpayers. Thus, you will likely be allowed to bail after the first arraignment. That would enable you to await trial out of incarceration. But, you must guarantee your appearances in court.

Bail is not a specific sum of money. Several factors determine it. Thus, your bail could be high or low, affordable or unaffordable. Some of these factors are:

The Nature of Your Violation

In California, bail is mainly set according to the type of charges the offender faces, whether misdemeanor or felony. A misdemeanor charge will require a lower bail than a felony. Some felony cases are more severe than others, attracting a heftier bail.

Your Criminal Background

First-time offenders will likely be released on their own recognizance. However, they must not face serious charges like felony charges. If it is your first misdemeanor charge in Goleta, the judge will likely release you without asking for anything. However, people with a severe criminal background could be required to pay more on bail. In some situations, the judge could deny bail.

Previous Court Appearances

If it is not your first time, the judge will consider your previous court appearances before setting bail. If you honored all court dates in the past, the judge would likely set a reasonable bail. Defendants with a history of skipping bail could receive higher bail. Again, the judge has total discretion to deny bail if he/she reasonably believes that you will skip bail.

Danger to Your Community

The judge will consider the community’s safety after your release when setting and granting bail. If you are a danger to the people around you, bail could be high. The judge could also deny you bail.

Your Roots in the Community

If you have strong roots in your community, like a family, or a good job, you will likely remain in town throughout the case period. In that case, you will be granted fair bail. But defendants without solid roots in their community are considered a high flight risk. Their bail could be set high, or the judge can deny bail altogether.

How To Bail Yourself in Goleta

If the judge grants you bail after the arrest, you must prepare to pay the amount to the court soon after your first appearance. That would minimize any delays that could keep you locked up much longer. It is essential to understand the options available to you or your family regarding bail payment.

Cash Bail

When it is time to pay bail, your first option is cash bail. It will be the best option for offenders or loved ones with the entire bail amount.

You can make the payment in cash, through a check, or money order. Fortunately for you, you will receive the total amount back at the end of your case.

Property Bond

The second most popular bail payment option in California is property bonds. Payment of bond, in this case, is through the use of a valuable property that you or your family own. It could be a piece of land, a home, or a car. However, the property’s worth should be higher than bail. Again, you will receive back your rights to the property at the end of the case.

Surety Bonds

Surety bonds are becoming quite popular in California. Many offenders do not have cash or property to bail themselves after an arrest. You will be allowed to use surety bonds after your arrest in Goleta.

Surety bonds are available through a third-party named a bonds dealer. We have many dealers in Goleta and the larger Santa Barbara County. Thus, you should not be lost when the time to pay bail comes.

If you wish to engage a bond dealer, find an experienced and reliable one within Goleta. A professional bond dealer understands the bail process better. An agent who knows how the local jails and courts operate will make the process smooth for you. Nothing will be expected of you since the agent will handle everything.

How Surety Bonds Work

After your bail is set, the judge will ask you whether you will be willing and able to secure your freedom. No one wants to remain incarcerated. That is why you will most likely choose bail. However, it will be a challenge if you cannot raise the set bail. In that case, you can select surety bonds from an affordable bonds dealer.

Bond dealers offer surety bonds at a fraction of the bail amount. The standard charge is 10% of your bail. Some offer a much lower rate to save their clients money.

When you choose surety bonds, you contact a reliable bonds dealer right away. Fortunately, Goleta bonds dealers are always ready to serve their clients. Thus, you will find an agent right away. That minimizes your jail time.

Bail agents have specialized training on the California bail process. Experienced agents have worked with the local jails and courts before. Thus, they know how they work. An agent’s familiarity with the clerks, agents, and prosecutors can also work to the advantage of your situation.

After contacting the bail company, an agent will contact you right away for your identifying information and case details. Do not worry if you fail to provide some information because bail agents have a way to find the information out. The agent will then explain the terms of their service. You can ask the agent any question you might have regarding surety bonds before signing up for their services.

The advantage with most bail bonds is that you can sign up for surety bonds online or on the phone. You will not be obligated to visit the bail bondman’s office. That will save your time and minimize your jail time.

Once everything is clear, the agent will send you the paperwork to sign. Then he/she will begin processing your bail.

Bond companies offer a surety bond to court on behalf of their clients to guarantee that the client will make all court appearances. If you fail to honor your court dates and forfeit bail, the court will charge the company full bail.

The Need for Collateral and Co-Signers

Some defendants fail to appear as ordered, even after posting bail. They forfeit bail and incur substantial financial losses in the end. It becomes a significant loss for a third party that has posted bail on your behalf. That is why bonds dealers require collateral and a co-signer to offer their services.

If the court forfeits bail when you fail to appear, it will charge the entire bail to your bonds dealer. To cover the cost, a bail agent will require you to offer collateral in the form of a valuable asset or property. The dealer will sell off that asset or property to recover its losses if you forfeit the bail.

A co-signer is also an essential part of the bail process. A co-signer is any person that can assure the bond dealer of their willingness to cover the entire costs in case the court forfeits bail. The co-signer is also a third party. He/she must demonstrate their financial ability to pay the full bail if you violate your bail conditions. Your co-signer will also be responsible for ensuring that you make all court appearances without fail.

With collateral and co-signer, you can quickly obtain affordable Goleta bail bonds. Bail companies are willing to charge less if the risk of losing their money is minimal.

It is also essential to know the repercussions of failing to appear. You could face additional criminal penalties if you fail to honor your court appearances. It will also impact your bail in the future if you are arrested again.

Court Information

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Jail Information

Goleta Police Department

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