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Stanislaus County Bail Bonds

Located in the beautiful Central Valley in California, Stanislaus County is home to more than half a million people. The greater Modesto Metropolitan area, which makes up Stanislaus County, serves as a bedroom community for those working in the eastern part of the San Francisco Bay Area. However, agriculture is the primary industry in the county. Almonds are the primary agricultural product and  Stanislaus County is home to the largest winery in the world, E.&J. Gallo Winery. And, because the winery makes its own wine bottles, Stanislaus County also lays claim to hosting the largest wine bottle manufacturing company in the world.

The county seat of Stanislaus County is Modesto, California, from which hail movie greats George Lucas and Jeremy Renner. George Lucas even produced a movie about his childhood in Modesto, “American Graffiti.” 

It is said that Modesto got its name when the townspeople attempted to name the area after the original financier of the town, William C. Ralston. Ralston, however, was too “modest” to have a city named after him and declined the honor. So, the story goes, the people of the town chose the Spanish word for modest, “Modesto,” to honor the man and his modesty.

Arrested In Modesto

Policing services in Stanislaus County are provided by the Stanislaus Sheriff's Department and the Modesto Police Department. If you or a loved one is arrested in Modesto, CA or Stanislaus County, they will be taken to the county jail for booking and holding.

The Modesto Police Department has two locations:


Modesto Police Department

600 10th St.

Modesto, CA  95354

(209) 572-9500


Modesto Police Department

2005 Evergreen Ave #600

(209) 572-9635


The Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department has multiple locations throughout the county, including two inside the Modesto city limits:


Modesto Office of the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department #1

801 11th St #2200

Modesto, CA  95354

(209) 491-8762


Modesto Office of the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department #2

530 S Santa Cruz Ave

Modesto, CA  95354

(209) 558-8930


Riverbank Office of the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department

6727 3rd St.

Riverbank, CA  95367

(209) 869-7162


Waterford Office of the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department

320 E St

Waterford, CA  95386

(209) 874-2349


Hughson Office of the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department

7018 Pine St

Hughson, CA  95326

(209) 883-4052


Where Is The Jail In Stanislaus County?

The jail in Stanislaus County is located inside the Modesto city limits. It is operated by the Stanislaus Sheriff’s Department and can house approximately 200 inmates at any given time. The visitation of inmates at the Stanislaus County Jail is conducted primarily through video visitation. Visits are granted on a first come, first serve basis.

Visitation Hours are Thursday through Tuesday

8:00 AM to 11:00 AM

12:00 PM to 2:00 PM

7:00 PM to 9:00 PM

There are no visits granted on Wednesday. For special visitation rules and schedules, please visit the Stanislaus County Jail visitation page here.

Who is In Jail In Stanislaus County?

If you are worried that a friend or loved one is being held by law enforcement in Orange, CA, you can do an inmate search HERE. You will need the individual's full, legal name, age, and gender. You can also find an inmate's booking number, for use in scheduling visits, sending money, or sending mail.

Get Out Of Jail In Modesto, California

The fastest way to get out of jail in Modesto is to post bail. Bail is money deposited with the court system to ensure that an arrested person, called the “defendant,” will cooperate with pretrial proceedings. Once a defendant’s case has reached its conclusion, the bail money will be refunded to the person who paid it to the court. This person is called the “depositor of bail.” The amount of bail varies, depending on the charges for which the defendant was arrested. Bail amounts are set by the Stanislaus County Superior Court. A copy should be posted at the county jail or it can be found online.

Bail In Stanislaus County

Cash bail is a way for people who are arrested to get out of jail while they wait for their court case to reach its conclusion. Being in jail prevents individuals from keeping their jobs, supporting their families, and maintaining important relationships. No one wants to sit in jail for months waiting for their court case to be heard. Bail provides a way for an arrested person to leave jail, with the promise that they will return for all court-ordered appearances and hearings, or risk losing the bail money that they've placed with the court in order to get out of jail.

Bail money is deposited with the court and then returned to the defendant once the charges have been resolved. If someone else pays the bail on the defendant's behalf, the bail is returned to the person who paid it to the court. Property can also be used to pay for bail. But, if a property is used, the value of the property must be twice the amount of the bail being asked.

Bail Bonds In Stanislaus County

Bail amounts can be quite high, depending on the charges a defendant may face. In addition to the primary charge, “enhancements,” or additional charges or considerations, are added onto the amount of the original bail. Bail can often cost in the tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, an amount of money that most people are hard-pressed to produce on demand.

This is when a bail bondsman can be your very best friend! The licensed, professional bail bondsman employed by Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can work with you to get you out of jail for a fraction of the cost of cash bail. Bail bond agencies write bail surety bonds, backed by an insurance company, that assure the court that the defendant will cooperate with all pretrial proceedings or they will pay the entire amount of the bail required.

For this service, the defendant pays the bail bond company a non-refundable fee, generally 10% of the total cost of bail. While this fee is non-refundable, it saves defendants and their families from having to choose between producing the entire amount of bail or remaining in jail until a hearing, and possibly even a trial, can be held. Remaining behind bars often means the loss of employment and damage to family relationships.

Bail bonds offer an alternative to remaining in jail and can get you out of jail fast! For bail bonds in Stanislaus County, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245 today!

Domestic Violence Charges In Stanislaus County

Domestic Violence is a broad term that covers a lot of different situations and crimes. Domestic violence is defined as “abuse committed against an adult or fully emancipated minor who is a spouse, former spouse, cohabitant, r person with whom the suspect has had a child or is having or has had a dating or engagement relationship.” (California Penal Code, Section 13700)

Domestic Violence isn't the only charge that can come up when people who have or used to have a relationship fight and the police get involved. There are several other charges that are closely related to “domestic violence.” They are:

  • Corporal Injury of Spouse
  • Corporal Injury of a Cohabitant
  • Domestic Abuse
  • Spousal Abuse
  • Violation of Penal Code 273.5

A charge of domestic violence will land you in jail, at least until you can post bail and answer the charges against you in court. For domestic violence charges in Stanislaus County, a person will be taken to the Stanislaus County Jail for booking and processing. Once at the jail, an arrested person will have the opportunity to post bail and get out of jail, rather than sitting in jail until a hearing can be held.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds In Modesto

The fastest way to get out of jail, after you’ve been arrested for domestic violence, is to post bail. The exact amount of bail that is required for domestic violence charges can vary, but the bail schedule will be posted at the Stanislaus County Jail. However, the amount required for bail is often more than a defendant or their family can easily produce.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help! The licensed, professional bail bondsmen employed by Mr. Nice Guy can work quickly to arrange bail bonds at a fraction of the cost of cash bail. For domestic violence bail bonds in Stanislaus County, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245.

DUI In Modesto

Modesto, CA is known as a party town. Not only are they home to the world’s largest winery, but they host events like X Fest (the Xclamation Festival) and the Modesto Beer Festival, each of which draws thousands of alcohol and party seekers to the area each year. In 2010, “Men’s Health” magazine named Modest the 12th drunkest city in America.

Whether you live in Modesto or are just visiting for one of the many festivals and events that the area hosts, you may find yourself drinking. Don’t make the mistake of driving under the influence, as California has some of the toughest DUI laws in the nation.

The drunk driving laws for California are found in Vehicle Code Section 23152 and Vehicle Code section 23153, which says that:

  • 23152(a) – It is illegal for anyone who is under the influence of alcohol to operate a vehicle
  • 23152(b) It is illegal for anyone who has a blood alcohol content exceeding 0.08% or more to operate a vehicle.

What is DUI and DUI of Drugs?

California's legal definition of DUI is operating a vehicle under the influence of any substance, including drugs, that can affect your nervous system, brain, or muscles. This includes illegal substances, prescriptions drugs, and even over the counter drugs if they affect you to a significant degree. You are driving under the influence if you drink alcohol or take any kind of drug that impairs you to the point that you are unable to drive like a sober person and, yet, you drive, anyway.

  • 23152(e) – It is illegal for anyone who is under the influence of drugs to operate a vehicle.
  • 23152(f) – It is illegal for anyone who is under the influence of any combination of drugs or alcohol to operate a vehicle.

In many cases, both the 23152(a) and 23152(b) charges will be filed together.

To put it in layman's terms, DUI charges result when a person drives or otherwise operates a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Whenever you are planning a fun evening (or day) out with friends and alcohol may be consumed, it is always best to either designate a driver who will not be drinking or to utilize some sort of public or paid transportation like a taxi service or Uber driver.

Being arrested for drinking and driving can result in charges of Driving Under The Influence, or DUI. And, while recreational pot is legal in California, since the passage of Prop 64 in 2016, it is still illegal to smoke pot and drive. If you smoke or take drugs (even legal drugs) and drive a car, you may be arrested for DUI of Drugs.

If you or someone you know has been arrested for DUI or DUI of Drugs in Modesto or Stanislaus County, you will be taken to the Stanislaus County jail for booking and holding. Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for help in getting out jail fast! (844) 400-BAIL (2245)

DUI Bail Bonds in Stanislaus County

The bail amounts for DUI in Modesto can be steep. It is often more money than most people can produce out of hand. This is when the services of a bail bondsman can come in very handy. A bail bondsman can provide a bail bond to obtain release from the jail in Stanislaus County at a fraction of the cost of cash bail.

For the best rates on DUI bail bond and DUI of Drugs bail bonds in Stanislaus County, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-BAIL (2245).

Bail Bondsman In Stanislaus County

While the law requires that every bail bond company charge a 10% fee for their services, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds goes above and beyond to find ways to save clients money on bail bonds.

  1. Nice Guy uses a surety company that provides a discount on bail bonds in certain cases. If the defendant retains an attorney and pays the fee within the first 72-hours, Mr. Nice Guy can discount the bail bond premium to as low as 7%. No one offers a lower rate.
  2. Nice Guy Bail Bonds never charges hidden fees like other bail bond companies are known to do. You'll never be charged notary fees, travel expenses, “posting fees,” or processing fees.
  3. Nice Guy doesn't charge additional premiums such as annual premiums or late file premiums. They also don't charge interest on bail bond financing or any other fees.

There are no lower rates on bail bonds anywhere in Southern California. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is your cheap bail bonds provider in Stanislaus County, CA. Call Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-BAIL (2245) today!