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Placentia Bail Bonds

Placentia sits at the Northeastern edge of Orange County, nested in the hillsides between Brea, Yorba Linda, Fullerton and Anaheim.  It’s recognized as a bedroom community, where the largest employers within its boundaries are the local school district and the city itself.   There are plenty of apartments, senior complexes, and planned neighborhoods to house its citizens and plenty of park-space.  There is nothing wrong with that because it means that almost everyone living there shares an understanding of the value inside the city.  Sleepy-eyed Placentia offers something astounding – a very down-to-earth feel that differs from the cities of similar size in Orange County.  In an average week, they have more reports of graffiti than any other single type of incident, and while tagging presents an eye-sore that carries a cleanup cost, most citizens would agree that paint is better than increasing street violence, a spike in robberies, or a visible increase in drug abuse.  It is an imperfect world, but Placentia seems to deal with its problems realistically.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds knows that the majority of reported incidents within Placentia are contained problems dealt with by the Placentia Police Department.  They have their own small jail, and just enough resources to run out of town trouble or warrant arrests down to the OCSD Main Jail in Santa Ana.  The city maintains two fire stations of crews for the Orange County Fire Authority in an area where fire is the most prevalent threat to life and property.  Placentia is not without its own incidents affecting the city’s own trust, which proves that bad things happen everywhere and in every form.

For the residents of Placentia, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is present 24 hours a day, 7 days a week on the Internet or by phone to that prove that an arrest that happens to you or your loved one can be resolved in the privacy of your home. 

The licensed bail bond agents at Mr. Nice Guy offer free consultation to anyone who calls, and have a record of helping hundreds of people and families all over Orange County by delivering someone home.  Call 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 to be connected to a licensed Bail Bond Agent.   They can also accept immediate calls, text or email messages at 1-949-445-3420.

How to bail out of jail in Placentia?

Mr. Nice Guy has experience dealing with all those ugly residential crimes that occur and shouldn’t play out in the public eye.  People get into trouble in the best of places, and the licensed agents at Mr. Nice Guy know how to help you deal with these situations in the most private manner possible.  We have a record of providing the following services for Placentia or arrests occurring elsewhere in Orange County CA:

  • Assault
  • Breaking and Entering
  • Domestic Violence
  • Drug Offense (possession or intent to sell)
  • DUI/DWI – Drunk Driving Bail Bonds
  • Firearms discharge
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Tresspassing
  • Vagrancy
  • Vandalism

Any persons being caught and arrested by the Placentia PD with Placentia ID will probably be jailed locally.  However, if warrants exist for the person they will immediately be transferred to the OCSD main jail in Santa Ana.  Mr. Nice Guy provides this link for Free Orange County Warrant Checks.  Call Mr. Nice Guy toll-free at 1-844-400-2245 to discuss you warrant concerns with a licensed Bail Bond Agent.

Should you want to deal with the situation yourself, remember that this location is not open to the public 24 hours and may not be able to process payments unless they are in express forms of cash, money order, or cashier’s check.

Placentia Police Department location:

491 East Chapman Ave
Placentia, CA 92870
(714) 993-8167

How much is bail in Placentia?

Bail is a pre-defined amount set by the state of California for a crime, as alleged by the arrest report.   If the amount is $2000, then that’s the amount required to free the individual from pre-arraignment incarceration.   A bail bond is based on a percentage of the bail amount, and yes, there is a fee associated with processing the bail.  Mr. Nice Guy can provide the bail bond at the lowest possible percentage of fee with the one-time fee that won’t be carried over into the next millennia for payments.   In the example above, you would be able to bail out an individual on a $200 bail bond and incur a one-time fee (not to be repeated or magnified in future documents).

Mr. Nice Guy has the lowest fee and the lowest bail bond rate available on the market. From the forms tab in the navigation bar of this website, you can initiate the process.  Call 1-844-400- -2245 to be connected to a licensed Bail Bond Agent for assistance with the on-line process.

What is a bail bond in Placentia?

Mr. Nice Guy believes that the use of handcuffs is at your preference, and not the business of anyone else.  If someone you know and care about has been cuffed seriously, Mr. Nice Guy permits the best private options for resolution.

Placentia is a gateway for people moving into or through Orange County, and offers a hint of what’s good in the basic core of any community.  They hold a Farmer’s Market every Tuesday evening in the Town Center that accepts EBT payment, shuttle bus service from five convenient pick-up locations to the market area and back.  That indicates a sense of care about the general welfare of everyone including senior residents and families who need the aid of public assistance.  Mr. Nice Guy isn’t any different, every licensed agent there wants to see the best result for everyone involved.  Call them anytime at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) for private consultation or help through the bail bond process.