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Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds Gets People All the Way Home in Laguna Niguel

Aside from great park space and hillsides too steep for development, Laguna Niguel has blossomed into a fabulous terraced neighborhoods complete with a neo-modern civic center and great clusters of commercial businesses.  Since its incorporation in 1989, it has basically transformed the landscape between the I-5 and the coastal mountains above Laguna Beach.  It is the total picture of Southern California’s success and managed wealth, attracting well-positioned retirees and achieving residents.  And like any good community, it has set aside natural areas to satisfy urban adventurers and people who enjoy the great weather and out-of-doors.

It is a sad fact that even the best of communities encounter some rough spots in growing and maintaining their unique culture.  Some things outside of family or individual control occur and disrupt the visible perfection that the area enjoys.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds serves Laguna Niguel with the same informative, helpful, and confidential service that their licensed agents provide all over Orange County.  They offer the complete package of support - no halfway service or partial answers.  If you call their office for a free consultation regarding an arrest or a warrant, they’ll deliver a thorough explanation of the how to proceed or clarify questions you may have regarding options. 

Who to call for Laguna Niguel Bail Bonds?

Mr. Nice Guy has achieved success and recognition by maintaining secured on-line access and processing and navigating through delicate private matters with complete confidentiality.  If you need advisement on helping someone out of jail, call 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 as soon as possible to be connected to a licensed Bail Bonds Agent.   They can also accept immediate calls, text or email messages at 1-949-445-3420.  They are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

How to bail out of jail in Laguna Niguel?

In order to expedite any release process, Mr. Nice Guy needs to know where the person was arrested and a description of the charges.  The important thing is that they provides all the paperwork required and all the tools for posting bail or applying for a bail-bond (less money up front) via this website.  They have experience with all types of arrests and all the different locations where people are taken for incarceration in Orange County.  Every city handles matters differently, but the charges and bail fees are uniform throughout California.

Where is the Laguna Niguel jail?

If the arrest occurred in Laguna Niguel, then the Orange County Sheriff’s Department is responsible transporting the arrestee(s) directly to the main Orange County jail in Santa Ana, CA for official booking and incarceration.  Other law enforcement agencies (like the California Highway Patrol) may impound vehicles and defendants will be processed in the same manner.  Individual cities with their own jails and police departments will book, jail and maybe transport depending on the charges of the arrest.  Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds toll-free at: 1-844-400-2245 to help locate your family member and confirm the charges and bail amount required. 

What is bail for Laguna Niguel?

Bail is the cash or cash equivalent required to release a suspect prior to arraignment; again, this is based on a statewide fee assignment that may be increased only if it’s a second or third offense.  This isn’t a matter or guilt or innocence, it is more a matter of getting them out to either visit an attorney or safely wait at home for further court appearances and secure any job commitments they may have.  A Mr. Nice Guy bail bond is typically 10% of the bail amount, and can be delivered after a couple of forms are completed (see our forms page.)  Mr. Nice Guy’s website allows you to process either payment type.  Typically an arrest for charges like a DUI will have extra expenses for retrieving a vehicle from impound and repair expenses for damages might be necessary.  You know your resources and should consider the safest way to expedite the release without drawing more attention to the problem or risking a late night drive and long wait in Santa Ana. 

The Orange County Sheriffs Department Main Jail facility accepts bail payment in cash, personal check with two forms of valid identification (limited to 7,500.00), money orders, or cashier’s check (with bank contact information letter).  They will not accept business checks.  Credit or Debit Cards may be used at kiosks in the OCSD Main Jail:

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex

550 N. Flower Street

Santa Ana, 92703

(714) 647-4666 inmate records for bail amounts

Lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Tips and Precautions for the best price on Bail Bonds in Laguna Niguel

Mr. Nice Guy’s advice is free, but they can pretty much guarantee the best competitive bail bond amount and rate after thorough review of every charge on the arrest.  Complications that might exist include the presence of an arrest warrant from Orange County or elsewhere. 

Use this link for Free Orange County Warrant Checks and if you plan to go to OCSD to process the bail yourself, make sure you don’t have any warrants.  Warrants can be issued for any failure to appear in court or failure to make payment on a moving violation or failure to satisfy the conditions of a fix-it ticket on a vehicle.  Please feel free to contact Mr. Nice Guy if you have a concern regarding warrants.

The Full Monty

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds provides all the services and complete explanation, here within the website or over the phone, all in the privacy of your home.  They will complete the process and keep you informed on when to expect release (the OCSD Jail can take up to eight hours between booking and release).  The OCSD houses up to about 1400 persons, so it is NOT uncommon for long delays.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents will keep you apprised of the process whether it’s in Seal Beach or Anaheim (where the release process is usually much faster).

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The Mr. Nice Guy agents don’t do anything halfway because they know the priority is to get your loved one back to the house whole. And they do that 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for people just like you and they don’t bail and tell.