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Huntington Beach Bail Bonds

Just Minutes from the Huntington Beach Jail

We are proud to offer bail bonds to Huntington Beach 24/7 every day. If you or someone you care about has been arrested, contact us now to learn more about the bail process. We offer the lowest bail premiums in Orange County. We also do not charge any hidden fees like annual premiums, rewrite fees or court appearance fees. Contacting a bail agent is very important in order to have your friend of family member released before being transferred to another, less friendly facility. Don’t delay call us today at: (714) 529-3000

Our Bail Agents Huntington Beach:

  • Professional Bail Bonds Agents Located Minutes from Huntington Beach Jail
  • We Can Meet You at the Huntington Beach Police Station Jail
  • Bail Bonds Available 24 hours a Day to All of Orange County
  • Make Payments with Credit Cards and Debit Cards Online Fast
  • Financing Available for Huntington Beach Bail Bonds
  • Any Bail amount, All Felonies, All Misdemeanors, All Jails Including Huntington Beach

Bail agents are permitted to visit arrestees 24 hour a day to help expedite the bail process. Our professional bail bond agents are happy to walk you through the bail process day or night. We have licensed discrete bail bondsmen in Huntington Beach specialize in DUI Bail Bonds, Drug Possession Bail Bonds, Domestic Violence Bail Bonds as well as any other type of bail in Huntington Beach, California.

How to bail out of jail in Huntington Beach?

Simply contact one of your friendly neighborhood bail agents locally at: (714) 529-3000 or toll free from jail at: 1-844-400-BAIL. We have local HB “Surf City” resident bail agents standing by 24/7 in downtown Huntington Beach to post bonds all year round at all hours of the day and night. We offer free bail information, warrant searches and are just a couple minutes from the HB police station and jail.

What is a bail bond in Huntington Beach?

A bail bond is collateral used to secure the release of an arrested person while awaiting their court date(s). Basically, you put up a bond to the court, and the court holds that until the person shows up for all of his or her court appearances. So, the quickest easiest way to go is to call a bail bonds company in Huntington Beach to run over to the jail and post the bond, thus securing the release of said person. The bail bond process can seem confusing and we are more than happy to walk you through it and make sense of the situation.

How much is bail in Huntington Beach?

The fee or cost of the bail bond is set around 10% of the bail amount. For example, if the bail amount is set at $10,000, then you would have to pay the bail bond company $1,000 (ten percent). However, some discounts are available and collateral may be needed for certain cases and larger bail amounts. Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds in Huntington Beach does not charge any hidden fees, and offers the most competitive prices in HB.

Can lifeguards in Huntington Beach, CA make arrests and write tickets?

Yes; People from all over the world congregate on or around Huntington Beach to soak up the California surf experience. Most visitors are so engaged by watching beach volleyball games, watching surfers, watching swimsuits, taking strolls on the pier, and streaming their own versions of the Baywatch trailer that they miss some of the finer details of the big sandy park. Many of the locals ignore the details too, forgetting that there is law on that stretch of coast and in the ocean itself. While some in Orange County have the adapted to living as if it were an endless summer, most Huntington Beach dwellers and surfers by lifestyle know that in the high tourist summertime, those lifeguard towers hoist that Black Ball flag between 10:00am and 11:00am when the beach begins to populate, and there’s no next wave to ride until the yellow rectangle with the big black circle is lowered near dusk.

For everyone’s information, the on duty lifeguards in the beach towers (or in their patrol jeeps or on foot) are empowered to cite you for public marijuana use, excessive littering, not-playing-well-with-others (disorderly conduct), and even issue traffic violations or a DUI/DWI if you are in a car or on a bike or skateboard. Originally, the lifeguards were part of the Huntington Beach Marine Safety department, but they are now fully absorbed as part of the Huntington Beach Fire Department’s wing of public protection. So yes, they can make arrests also or call their city’s broh’s and brah’s in blue at the Huntington Beach Police Department for assistance. Hard to believe that someone wearing a swimsuit has that enforcement power but you did watch Baywatch, right?

Who to call for bail bonds in Huntington Beach?

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds provides insight like this because for every ticket that you receive and have “blown from your hand” by a beach gust, you are subject to seeing that same shred come back as warrant. You can verify yourself or someone else you care about with our for Free Orange County Warrant Checks. If you see something you don’t like, call (714) 529-3000 and speak “warrants” with an agent. It’s in your best interest to take action because all those little splinters can split you.  Think about warrants when you disregard the Black Ball flag and stay out for the one last set as the jeep and the guy with the megaphone blasts a final warning.

The city of Huntington Beach aka “Surf City” reveres its world famous beach and pier, and its conservation properties. Almost 200,000 people live there in a 32 square-mile area that’s includes the Bolsa Chica Wetlands, Sunset Beach and the Huntington Harbor marina community. The HBPD and Fire Department and the Lifeguards are there to protect the public interest from the Seal Beach border and inland to the 405 and Westminster, and South to Fountain Valley and Costa Mesa. Crime comes in all forms in every city, but in Huntington Beach, the Police Department increases beach area support with the influx of visitors.

Orange isn’t just the County in California or the name of a fruit, it’s the color of attention for safety and so it also adorns people in jail so they won’t be missed (eh-hem). They may not make you wear orange in Huntington Beach Police Department’s 82-occupancy type-1 Jail facility, but they will dress you in something for more comfortable and orange looking if you are arrested and sent to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Main Jail in Santa Ana.

Where is the Huntington Beach Jail?

The Huntington Beach Police Station Jail is available 24 hours a day to accept bail bonds and release inmates from custody. The Huntington Beach jail accepts bail bonds 24 hours a day and typically will release arrestees within 20 minutes after bail has been posted.
Please contact us today if you have question regarding the booking and bail bond release process in Huntington Beach. The bail process in Huntington Beach generally takes about an hour. To post a bail bond, usually only requires a couple of signatures and some fairly standard forms.

Contact us for FREE Warrant Searches in Orange County.

Navigate to the Huntington Beach Jail:

Huntington Beach Police Department Jail
2000 Main Street
Huntington Beach, CA 92648

Open 24 Hours

If you’re arrested in Huntington Beach, there are probably several things that can get you transferred to the OCSD Main Jail, but we’ll mention just one: existence of an Orange County warrant. That will happen everywhere in Orange County even in cities where there are police departments and not sheriff deputies. It will happen if your license is checked in a CHP stop for a broken taillight.

Did you get your picture taken here?

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex
550 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, 92703
714-647-4666 inmate records for bail amounts
Lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

Don’t be blue, Mr. Nice Guy bail bond agents are available toll-free at: 844-400-2245 (BAIL) for confidential discussions about getting out. We can also accept phone calls, text messages or emails at (714) 529-3000 but additional fees may apply to your call.

Surfing in Huntington Beach can get you in trouble

The flags flown from the lifeguard towers are based on maritime signals, warnings to the people on the beach and in the water off shore. The U.S. and Australia (the other surfing mecca of the world) use two-red flags to close the tideline water areas as when they have been deemed unsafe, a single color red flag is for extreme hazard of currents and ocean conditions, a yellow flag is for caution, the green flag is for all clear and of course there’s the purple flag that means “Dangerous Marine Life in Vicinity.” The Black Ball flag on the lifeguard stations means no hard boards in the water and it is raised when too many people are in the shallows. In terms of International Nautical codes, the black ball flag represents the letter “I.” As in: “I didn’t see it.” “I didn’t do it.” “I didn’t know that.” “I am done.” “I have to get out and go to work.”

Mr. Nice Guy agents hear from many people whose stories start with “I.” From a parent or spouse, they hear “I got a call from …” or from someone in an Orange County Jail facility, it’s “I need help.” One thing that Mr. Nice Guy’s bail agents will say is “I get it,” and the rest is all private discussion over bail, bail bond, and options for proceeding. You can imagine the number of “I” calls because Mr. Nice Guy provides bail bond services all over Orange County for charges of every type from misdemeanor to felony. And they provide that service in a manner where you don’t have to, or perhaps you can’t, go anywhere.

Mr. Nice Guy assists in locating an arrestee, the bail amount for the charges, and licensed agents are prepared to answer questions you may have about our fees, the bond amount, payments, collateral, and the bail process all in the strictest of confidentiality. In most cases, Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents can initiate and complete the process by your completing some standard bail application forms (see our forms page) and applying electronic signatures. There’s no harm in asking so call (714) 529-3000 for confidential discussions about getting out.

No Endless Bummer – Things to watch out for in HB

It’s very likely that under huge crowd conditions between Memorial Day to Labor Day, you’ll hear the lament “its black-balled solid.” That translates to all ten Huntington Beach Lifeguard Towers are waving the black ball flag and any other color condition flags that apply. The purple should be the one that’s most disturbing to the beach: swimmers and waders and surfers when they are allowed.

Remember these three things, if anything:

1) Huntington Beach lifeguards act a protection agency, and that means they have the right to cite and it’s real.
2) Mr. Nice Guy’s smile can pull you from foul waters, until court and sentencing.
3) Most people in the world who are of age to be arrested have openly or secretly seen an episode of Baywatch.