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An arrest for allegedly violating the law may land you behind bars as you wait for trial and the outcome of your case. After an arrest, you have a choice to remain in jail or secure a release by posting bail. Although remaining in jail eliminates the financial responsibility to post bail, you may miss out on spending time with your family, and you could also lose your job. Sometimes, bail is set very high, and choosing to bail a defendant out could carry a lot of trust and responsibility.

While posting a cash bail may be the easiest and fastest way to stay out of jail, not all defendants will afford the amount required. Many people who cannot pay a cash bail opt for bail bonds. When you contact the bail bond company, they will assess your situation, and if you are eligible for the bail bonds, they will provide the financial assistance you need to secure a release. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we are here to help you if you need a bail bond for a loved one facing jail time in Campo, CA.

Types of Bail in California

Bail is a monetary commitment that a defendant makes with the court to secure a release from jail while their criminal proceedings are pending. When you face an arrest in California, you will be placed in a jail cell pending your trial. However, trials could take a while, and you do not have to remain in jail. By posting bail, a defendant can go home to spend time with family and return to work before the trial begins. The judge sets your bail at your first court appearance, and the amounts will vary depending on the severity of your crime.

There are several ways through which you can secure a release from jail, including:

Citation Release

Where you go after an arrest will be determined at the scene of arrest by the police or by the judge at arraignment. A release on citation is how police officers deal with crime levels from people without a considerable criminal record. A release on citation means that you will not go to jail after the arrest. Instead, the officer will issue you with a citation and allow you to go home. Often police officers issue citations for minor crimes like traffic violations. If the arresting officer does not issue a citation, you may end up in a jail cell.

Own Recognizance Release

An own recognizance release is the second most agreeable type of bond you can receive. With an OR release, you do not need to make a monetary commitment with the court in exchange for a release with a pending trial. In California, judges have the discretion to set the amount of bail. An own recognizance release involves the defendant making a promise to return to court. When deciding whether or not to release you on recognizance, the judge may consider the following factors:

  • The severity of the crime for which you are charged
  • Your flight risk and the risk you pose to public safety
  • Nature of your community ties
  • Your financial ability to post bail
  • Your criminal record
  • Whether your crime involved injuries to other people

Cash Bail

You must present the full bail amount with the court before the defendant is released from jail when you decide to post cash bail. Then, after consulting the bail schedules and adjusting the amount based on other factors of your case, the judge comes up with the exact amount needed to secure a release. Although cash bail is quick and convenient, coming up with bail money on short could be challenging for many defendants.

Also, when you post a high bail amount in cash, you could be subject to financial scrutiny. The judge wants to ensure that you do not post bail with funds obtained from criminal activity. Therefore, the court will conduct a financial investigation to delay the bail process.

Property Bond

If you do not have enough money to post your bail or that of your loved one facing criminal charges in California, the court allows you to post a property bond. Using a property bond to secure a defendant’s release means that you will pledge the value of real property to the court to guarantee the defendant’s appearance for trial. If a defendant skips bail, the court will take the posted property as cash bail.

Before the court accepts property as a form of a bond, the judge will schedule a property bond hearing. At this hearing, the court will establish ownership of the property. When attending the property bond hearing, you must bring the original property deed and any current appraisals on the property. Also, all persons named on the deed must be present.

Bail Bonds

A bail bond is the most standard form of bail in California. Most defendants who cannot afford a cash bail opt for the bail bond. A bail bond company provides you with financial assistance to pay your bail at a fee that is often 10% of the original bail amount.

Federal Bonds

A federal bond is issued for deodorants facing criminal charges in federal court. Unlike the basic surety bonds, federal bonds will not only guarantee your appearance for trial, but you will also comply with the pretrial conditions. If you are released on federal bail, you may need to comply with conditions such as:

  • Limited business activities
  • Regular and random drug testing
  • Restricted travel
  • Regular check-ins with the court

Bail for federal crimes is often very high. Also, the federal court will hold a bail hearing to determine the course of your finances if you wish to pay in cash. Financial scrutiny, in this case, will put the bail process on hold and delay the release.

There are relatively few bail bond companies that issue federal bail bonds. This is because of the increased risk of this type of bond if a defendant fails to show up for trial. In addition, you will need collateral to secure a federal bond. In most cases, the premium for a federal bond is higher than that of a surety bond.

Immigration Bonds

If you or your loved one is detained by the Immigration and Customs Enforcement for immigration issues, you will need an immigration bond to secure a release. An immigration bond ensures that a defendant released from the ICE will remain in the country and attend all court proceedings. There are two main types of immigration bond:

  • Voluntary Departure Bond

If a defendant detained by the ICE decides to leave the United States within a specific time voluntarily, the immigration judge could grant you a voluntary departure bond. Posting the voluntary departure bond will eliminate the requirement to remove the defendant from the country forcefully. In addition, once you leave the country, your bail money will be refunded, and the removal proceedings will not be initiated.

If a defendant fails to leave the country within the stipulated duration, your bail money will be forfeited. Also, the ICE could issue an arrest and bring additional charges.

  • Delivery Bond

If the ICE detains you, you can request a release on a delivery bond. When setting your delivery bond, the court will consider the severity of your crime. As soon as you post the bond, the ICE will temporarily release the defendant and agree that they will appear for trial. If the defendant does not show up to court after posting a delivery bond, the court will forfeit the bail.

A delivery bond will need an arrest warrant and a notice from the Immigration and Customs indicating your custody conditions. One of the benefits of posting a delivery bond is that you can go home to be with your family. Also, you can meet with your immigration attorney to discuss your situation. Meeting with your attorney outside the detention facility ensures confidentiality in the information you share about your case. If the ICE detains your loved one and you need the help of a reliable Campo bail bonds agent.

Benefits of Hiring a Campo Bail Bonds Agent

If your loved one faces an arrest, they do not have to remain in jail awaiting the hearing due to lack of bail money. While you can post a cash bail and secure a quick release, the high bail amounts make it challenging, and your only option may be to post a bail bond. Some of the benefits of hiring a bail bonds agent include:

  • Helps You Secure a Quick Release

While some defendants are released without the need to post bail, most people must make a monetary commitment to buy their freedom. California courts often set high bail amounts that could take a while to raise. The more time you take to raise bail money, the more time your loved one spends behind bars. When you employ the services of a Campo bail bond agent, you can secure a quick release.

  • You Keep your Financial Matters Private

One of the problems that arise when you pay a cash bail is proving where you earned money to pay the bail. This could be a greater issue if the defendant is involved in a serious financial crime. Your financial matters will become a public record by proving the source of the bail money. You can avoid financial scrutiny and keep your financial matters private by hiring the services of a bail bond agent.

  • You Keep Your Assets Safe

Nothing stops you from paying the full amount upfront if you have enough money or assets to pay the bail. As long as the defendant appears from the trial, you will receive your bail money back. However, you may need the money to pay for other court fees and pay for the defendant’s defense. Therefore, you will only shoulder financial responsibility for a portion of the bail by securing a bail bond.

  • Bail Bonds Agents Take Responsibility for your Loved One

When you post bail for a loved one or friend, you must promise the court that the defendant will follow all court orders. If the defendant skips a court date and the bail is forfeited, you will lose the money you deposited. However, the bail bondsman takes the risk and responsibility of bail forfeiture with bail bonds. Bail bond companies have enough resources and can use bounty hunters to find the defendant to bring them back to court.

Bail Denial

The California Constitution guarantees criminal defendants a right to be released from jail on bail. However, some circumstances could prompt a judge to deny your bail, including:

  • Capital crimes. If you or your loved one faces charges for a serious offense punishable by a life sentence of capital punishment, you may be held without bail.
  • Violent felonies. When the court uses bail to reduce overcrowding in jails, they want to ensure the safety of other members of the community. Therefore, defendants facing charges for violent felonies or felony sexual assault could be subject to bail denial.
  • Parole hold. If you face an arrest while on a parole hold, bail may be unavailable for you.

Some of the jails around Campo, CA include:

San Diego County Sheriff’s Department Campo Substation

378 Sheridan Rd

Campo, CA 91906


Old Campo Station

799 Forest Gate Road

Campo, CA 91906


The following are courts serving Campo, CA:

Superior Court East County Division

250 E Main St

El Cajon, CA 92020


Juvenile Court

2851 Meadow Lark Dr

San Diego, CA 92123


Find a Bail Bonds Agent Near Me

Bail bonds are a way for defendants to stay out of jail and spend time with their families before the trial begins. If you cannot afford the bail money set by the court in the defendant’s initial court appearance, they must wait for their trial behind bars. Spending time in jail can be devastating and traumatizing for your loved one. Therefore, you want to secure their release as soon as possible.

In California, defendants have an option of contacting a bail bond agent to help them post bail. Bail bonds companies have the financial capacity to pay your bail on short notice regardless of the amount. The bail bond agent will also ensure that the defendant appears for trial as scheduled. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we are on standby to help you if you seek a bail bond in Campo, CA. Call our bail Bonds Agents today at 844-400-2245 for the much-needed financial assistance in posting bail.