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Bail Bonds in Baker, California

Baker, California is a town in San Bernardino County, located along Interstate 15, just an hour and a half from Las Vegas, NV. Situated near the middle of the county, Baker is just east of Fort Irwin and on the northern edge of the Mojave National Preserve.

Baker was founded as a station on the Tonopah and Tidewater Railroad in the early 1900s, and was named for Richard C. Baker who was later named president of the T&T Railroad.

Things to do near Baker, California

There aren't many drive-in theaters left in the US, but you'll find one in Barstow, just an hour from Baker. The Skyline Drive-In, located on Hwy 58 shows two movies per night, seven days a week, on a giant screen, while you watch from the comfort of your car or lawn chair. The sound is piped via FM radio. While drive-in movies used to be a common, popular choice, recent years has seen a rapid decline. In 2014 there were just over 300 drive-in theaters left in the country.

For shopping near Baker, you can't beat the Outlet Mall located on Tanger Way, in Barstow. With more than 35 retailers and a food court, you're sure to find what you need. Companies like Banana Republic, Old Navy, Tommy Hilfiger, and Calvin Klein all offer their premium products at reduced prices at the Outlets at Barstow.

Baker, California Nearby Attractions

Baker, California serves as the northern entrance to the Mojave National Preserve. The Mojave National Preserve is a 1.6 million acres park, located between Las Vegas and Los Angeles. The park is filled with canyons, mountains, and mesas where you will discover abandoned mines, ancient homesteads, and rock-walled military outposts. Carpeted with wildflowers, the park features sand dunes, volcanic cinder cones, and Joshua Tree forests in configurations not found anywhere else in the world.

Baker lies about an hour from Rainbow Basin. A former lakebed, the erosion over time has resulted in layers of richly colored sediment that has turned the basin into a beautiful, scenic destination. This ancient canyon is mostly unmarred by man and remains largely undiscovered. Other than a single-lane, dirt road developed by the Bureau of Land Management, there are no modern developments to mar the pristine condition of this natural treasure.

Law Enforcement in Baker, CA

Baker, California is served by the San Berardino County Sheriff's Department, with a station located in Barstow at:

Barstow Sheriff's Station
225 East Mt. View
Barstow, CA  92311

Because of the vast area and diverse terrain and population included in the Barstow jurisdiction, the Barstow Police and San Bernardino Sheriff's Department are regularly assisted by the California Highway Patrol and the Bureau of Land Management Rangers. The also work closely with the Provost Marshal's Office and the CID investigators at Ft. Irwin, as well as the Marine Corps Logistics Base. The changing landscape around Barstow requires highly skilled, versatile law enforcement officers to address a variety of law enforcement needs in the community.

Baker, CA Sheriff's Substation

The Baker Substation is a resident post in Baker, where the deputies assigned to the town live in county housing. The Baker assignment is unique in several ways. Because of the living assignment, the officers who serve there are about as close to an old time “town sheriff” as you'll find anywhere. Also, because of the town's proximity to I-15, the population fluctuation in Baker is extreme. One deputy described it as a trying to police a town of 5,000 people where the people change every hour. The challenges are unique, and the Baker Sheriff's Deputies work closely with the California Highway Patrol to ensure the safety of residents and visitors to Baker, CA.

To Contact the Baker Sheriff's Substation, call: (760) 733-4448.

Where is the Jail in Baker, California?

If a person is arrested in Barstow, California, they will likely be held, temporarily, at:

Barstow Sheriff's Department Jail Facility
225 E. Mountain View St.
Barstow, CA  92311

The jail facility in Barstow is a temporary housing facility, and most people are soon transferred to:

West Valley Detention Center
9500 Etiwanda Ave.
Rancho Cucamonga, CA  91739

Baker Correctional Facility

Baker, California is home to the now empty Baker Correctional Facility located at:

10 Lakeview Road
Baker, CA  92309

This large federal prison was closed down after a large riot that took place there in 2003.

How to get out of Jail in Baker, CA

When a person gets arrested, the first thing on their mind is generally, “How can I get out of here, as quickly as possible?” The fastest way to get out of jail is to post bail. Bail is an amount of money that the court holds onto to ensure that a person will appear for court hearings and proceedings related to their criminal case. Once the charges against them have been resolved, the bail money is refunded to whoever posted the bail.

To find out how much bail is required to get out of jail, a person should ask to see the Bail Schedule. There should be a copy of the county bail schedule posted at every jail facility, but if there isn't one available, you can locate it here. 

To Calculate Bail:

  • Begin with the primary charge. This is generally the charge that carries the highest possible jail time and bail amount.
  • Add all enhancements.
  • Add any special circumstances.

This total is the amount that will be required to bail a person out of jail. Bail can be paid in cash or cashier's check, or property can be used as bond. If a property is used, however, the equity of the property must be quite a bit more than the amount of the bail.

Anyone can pay the bail for someone else to get out of jail. However, many people lack the cash funds to be able to just post bail out of pocket. This is where a bail bond company can be useful.

How Much Is Bail In Baker?

After a person has been booked in Baker, their bail will be set, based on the San Bernardino County Bail Schedule. The bail is determined by the crime for which a person has been arrested. If a person is able to pay the entire amount of their cash bail, they will be released, pending arraignment. Because most people don't have the money to post the entire amount of their bail, bail bonds are accepted in place of the cash bail amount.

Bail Bonds in Baker, CA

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