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Dana Point Bail Bonds

Mr. Nice Guy Reveals the Best Point in the Norm for Dana Point Bail Bonds

It is almost a right-of-passage for a Southern Californian to have a “first” adventure of some type in the area of Dana Point.  The city is terraced along the slope of Coast Highway south of Laguna and it reaches sea level in the Dana Point Harbor and connects to the San Diego Freeway (Interstate 101, 5, 405).  At the point where the roads merge, Doheny State Park and State Beach offer year round camping and access to the beach and waves.  Shoals of Grunion (little fish) run up on the sand to breed there when the tides and moon synchronize, commonly below the rock breakwater that protects the harbor.   It’s a popular spot for people of all ages to fish, windsurf, sail, skate, and generally have a good time.   There are plenty of promenade shops, restaurants, taverns, bars, benches and picnic tables to suit the shopping, social, or private tastes of any visitors. 

First Calls for the Arrested needing bail

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond services will help someone who has been arrested in Dana Point, but their agents are pretty confident that they aren’t in Dana Point.  Dana Point arrests are performed Orange County Sheriff Deputies and per normal for all persons arrested in Sheriff patrolled cities, arrests this means transports to OCSD Main Jail in Santa Ana.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds knows your call can’t be about a loved one in jail in Dana Point, because that’s a current impossibility, your loved one is in beautiful downtown Santa Ana.

Does the city of Dana Point have a Jail?

Jail in Dana Point is similar to the jail in San Juan Capistrano or San Clemente, it is the rear seat of a Sheriff Deputy’s cruiser and you wearing bindings and maybe a spit-sack – hardly a social media post – and then you get a ride to Santa Ana.

Where is a bail bond posted for Dana Point?

At the Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex location below:

550 N. Flower Street

Santa Ana, 92703

Who to call for arrests from Dana Point?

(714) 647-4666 to call the jail inmate records for bail amounts. Call us to get the bond posted. Lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Consult with us for their specific requirements for bail bond payments that can be arranged from Dana Point.

Where is the bail bond office near me in Dana Point?

There are no bail bonds companies in Dana Point proper. Nearly all bail bond office locations in Orange County are centrally located in and around downtown Santa Ana due to the close proxies to the jails and courts. A few offices are scattered near the other Superior Courts. The good news is that we have Bail Bondsman mobile and ready to meet you anywhere in Dana Point to get the bail bonds completed. In addition, most bail bonds from Dana Point can be posted online or over the phone. This can be as simply as calling in with a credit card or completing an easy transaction on our secure website. Transactions for bail can also be completed via email, text, SMS, fax and in person.

How much does bail cost in Dana Point?

Save time, confusion, and stress with a Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond, accepted in all of the facilities in Orange County.  For Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds agents, finding the charges and the bail amount is normal - they know the routine. They have experience in getting people out and back home, from charges of disorderly conduct, vandalism, trespassing, DUI/DWI, drug possession and on up to all felonies of various bail bond amounts.

The best thing is that you can do everything on-line to get the bail or bail bond delivered as soon as possible.  The licensed agents at Mr. Nice Guy give you all tools for bail bonds with their forms page.   Call them on their toll-free number 1-844-400-BAIL (2245).   They can also be reached at 1-949-445-3420 through voice, text, or email, but that is not a toll free number.   Private consultation is FREE for bail bond related issues from Dana Point and however you inquire.

Myths About What’s OK

Dana Point and its harbor provide the classic California coast environment with an aura that compels people to enjoy life.  Here are some myths about the Dana Point, area, California and life that need to be dispelled:

Sleeping on the beach is OK – No.  The beach has posted hours.  You could be hit by a Sheriff’s ATV or park ranger jeep sent to check on status of people who are sleeping on the beach. 

Sleeping in the park is OK – No.  The park has posted hours and fees for access. 

Consuming alcohol while on foot is OK – No.  Hidden in a bag? – Still No.

Visibly consuming alcohol on any small craft (boat) is OK – Not in the harbor.

You cannot get a DUI while piloting, rowing, or skippering a boat – Not true. DUI Bail amounts in Dana Point can range from $10,000 -$25,000 depending on the particular charges and arrest history.

Underage drinking is OK on a craft that’s in the water – No.               And if you are under 18 your parents will have to come pick you up from the harbor, possibly from Santa Ana. No bail bond for you.

Sleeping “it” off in your car is OK – Not really.  You can still receive a DUI if you are over-limit and asleep in your parked car, UNLESS you are 1) in the rear seat of the vehicle and 2) have no access to the ignition of the vehicle (keys must be elsewhere). This is not an urban myth; we have posted many bail bonds for folks arrested on DUI’s in Dana Point who were sleeping in their cars. It happens, and the law enforcement in Dana Point will make you post bond to be released.

Drinking lots of water when intoxicated will reduce your BAC – No.  It takes 6 hours to let the average body metabolize a .16 (double limit) blood alcohol content to a level below the limit of .08.   Your punishment if you are not caught while sleeping in your car is usually a saturated car seat. 

Cooperation is the Key

If you find yourself over-indulged or acting badly in Dana Point, you will probably initially confronted by members of the Orange County Sheriff’s department on land or at sea.  There are 25 full time Sheriff Deputies for Dana Point, 6 sergeants, and 6 parking control officers (that number increases for outdoor events hosted by the city).  The land-based law enforcement deputies and officers may choose to simply warn you of the rules or ask for compliance - so best to be nice and better to be sober and nice.   If they ask for identification, give it and wince if you think you have unpaid parking tickets; they probably won’t arrest you for that.  They will, however, arrest anyone with warrants in Orange County. And if picked up on a warrant, you will need to post a bail bond or sit in jail until the case is resolved.

Of course Mr. Nice Guy offers Free Orange County Warrant Checks to help with the bail bond process.   If you see something that you don’t like when you run this report on yourself or someone you care about, contact them.  And if you can’t remember the number, here’s the toll-free phone again:  1-844-400-BAIL (2245).

The OCSD is on the water in the form of the Harbor Patrol, and they cover the coast between San Clemente-San Onofre at the Southern tip of Orange County near Dana Point and Seal Beach to the North.  Remember that they are not just assisting the security of Dana Point, but they are also part of the coastal security support operating under the umbrella of Homeland Security.  So, if you are hanging off-shore on a small sailboat and partying it up and choose not to offer your ID’s when asked, you could just as easily be processed and treated as persons seeking illegal entry to the country OR like a National Security threat.  That is just a thought; they will probably notify their land-based partners to keep a look out for your docking.

What’s Your Dana Point Cherry?

Let Dana Point be the place where you caught your first fish from the breakwater, saw your first grunion run, sailed or (shhh) slept on the beach, or got really neck-scarred intimate and didn’t get a room.  Those are some of the firsts that three or four generations of visitors could probably recall.  Don’t let “got arrested” be your first in Dana Point and add to that your first “no call-no show” on your work record.  If you are arrested in Dana Point the process won’t be as swift as you might want because even the licensed professional agents at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can’t get you out of OCSD in 6 hours.

The Dana Point norm is to promote a “good time.”  The Orange County Sheriff deputies patrolling either the water or the street will warn, discourage, or issue citations to the individuals behaving badly in the hopes that they don’t need to revisit them.  When a Grunion Run occurs (check tide tables and moon status), law enforcement permits people to stay on the beach later than normal.   They actually understand the difference between fun and chaos, do you?

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds wishes you a good first time in Dana Point, or a good five hundredth time.  But we all know that in California, you only get three times to really mess up to the point that you won’t need Mr. Nice Guy because a bail bond just won’t do.  If you get caught in that storm, you have to find another port.