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Big Bear City Bail Bonds

Some people love to get away on a whim, perhaps take in a little fishing, skiing, hiking, snowboarding, or a natural experience of sorts into an economical drive into local wilderness?  Big Bear Lake is the greatest Southern California resort area within reasonable distance of the cities.  And there are full time residents in picturesque Big Bear Lake as well, with all the same problems and issues that affect all communities.  The lines between public and private property in mountain areas are often blurred by the scenery and space.

The San Bernardino Sheriff’s department has a complete station for processing all the things like trespassing, breaking and entering, DUIs, public intoxication, assault, firearms violations, and due to their remoteness, they have a little holding area where you can wait for transport to a not-so-pleasant San Bernardino County Jail.  That’s probably not the ride down from the mountains that you want in any season.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help even in what seems like the wilderness.  Remote corners of Southern California don’t scare those agents from doing their duty – setting you or your loved-one free.   The staff of licensed bail bond agents are waiting 24 hours a day, seven days a week for a confidential discussion on dealing with your own or a family member’s arrest (844) 400-BAIL (2245).

How can I bail someone out of jail in Big Bear City, CA?

Citations and fines for shooting, campfires, game and fishing violations in National Forest areas can exceed the worst traffic citation of anyone’s memory.  Don’t confuse a fine, which needs to be settled with the court identified on the citation, with bail or the cost of an arrest.  If you don’t settle with payment by the appearance on the citation, your citation will go to warrant status and that can increase your difficulty in future situations. 

  • Nice Guy offers free Warrant Checks under the Locations Tab on this site, under San Bernardino. Consult them for free if you find a warrant that needs to be dealt with.

Mr. Nice Guy’s agents and you on your home computer system can work to prepare bail bonds for persons arrested in Big Bear Lake, San Bernardino County.  The amount of bail required is determined by the charges of the arrest and the same standard is dictated by the State of California, see the California Penal Codes reference under Resources on the site’s navigation bar for identifying charges.  Bail or bail bonds are an assurance that the arrested person will appear for all legal proceedings concerning the case.  Meanwhile, they can go to work, obtain an attorney, or otherwise ponder their situation in the positive environment of home.  Remember that a case can take months (some more than a year) to resolve.  Why take the chance of tying up the full bail amount for an unknown time, especially if the charges include damages and more expenses.  You know your budget best, and Mr. Nice Guy can create an agreeable plan to suit you.

How much does bail bonds cost in Big Bear, California?

Mr. Nice Guy charges a one-time premium for the bail bond, which is usually 10% of the bail amount ($25,000 bail = 2,500 and payment plans are available).  That premium won’t appear again on any of ongoing payments.  Contact Mr. Nice Guy to locate your arrested family member, find out the bail amount (per their reference to the Uniform Bail document for the county) and get a clearer picture of the charges and exactly where your family member is jailed.   There’s no need to break out snow chains or take either of the winding routes to Big Bear without a free consultation.  Mr. Nice Guy has proven experience with misdemeanor crimes, felonies, traffic related arrests, drug offenses, domestic violence, weapons charges and driving under the influence.

Bail releases an individual with the commitment of appearing for all the legal processes to come and delays the arraignment process until they can obtain proper representation.  Bail bonds are a means to meet the bail requirement without coming up with the full bail amount at one time.  There are several other expenses associated with an arrest, and you know your resource situation best.  Bail or the amount paid toward a bail bond is held until the case conclusion and forfeit if the arrested person does not appear as agreed.  Collateral is not a requirement for processing most bail bonds.

Consulting and look-ups are free services so at least call Mr. Nice Guy any day or any time at 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) and speak to a licensed agent for confirmation of an arrest.  You can also text or email or call 1-949-445-3420 but charges may apply depending on your phone service provider’s plan.

If you have selected the practicality and safety of a bail bond, you can use the forms page for completing the forms needed electronically.   You can do this all from the privacy of your home through this secured site.  Mr. Nice Guy can process the bond and release after receiving the forms complete with electronic signatures.

What is a bail bond in Big Bear Lake?

Mr. Nice Guy’s site (here) empowers you to prepare to bail out a family member without having the exact cash or whatever payment method “they” require.   You conserve resources for the time being, and operate with the safety of their secured transaction system and no surprises.

  • There have been cases where people have driven to various locations of incarceration and been unable to write a check because the pre-printed check doesn’t match the driver’s license, etc.
  • Depending on the situation of the holding facility, inmate transfers may occur and bail cannot be posted while the transfer is in progress. Confirm the status of the inmate before you choose to Do-It-Yourself.

Big Bear Lake Sheriff's Department
477 Summit Blvd
Big Bear Lake, CA 92315
(909) 866-0100

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail agents offer FREE Consultation 24x7 and will simplify the release process for any situation.  Let a Mr. Nice Guy bail agent provide you with peace of mind after receiving hectic news 1-844-400-BAIL (2245).

Big Bear Bail Bonds

Next time someone proposes getting away to spending a day in the mountains, make sure they won’t take 12 or more of their twist-off- or pop-top buddies, or to venture onto empty land that looks connected to the National Forest.  Remind them that the law doesn’t stop because you think you are away.   Look at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds as a special freedom “broker” cutting the Bull and facing the Bear in any season and any place in Southern California.