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It is difficult to tell when law enforcement will come knocking. Therefore, an arrest comes as a surprise for many in Riverside County. It is scary not knowing what happens next and the outcome. The arrest of a loved one is equally frightening. But you want to do everything possible to see them free again. Therefore, you can start considering posting bail soon after their arrest. A reliable bonds dealer can assist you with that. If you need support to pay bail in Rancho Mirage, consider Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We have trustworthy and affordable bail bonds available throughout for your convenience.

Events Following a Rancho Mirage Arrest

An arrest is a very traumatizing experience. You should remain quiet throughout the ordeal to avoid implicating yourself. While that would seem like good advice, sometimes all a person wants is to speak themselves out of trouble. But that would come later when you appear before a judge for trial. In the meantime, you have to do what the officers ask of you.

A Rancho Mirage arrest is like any other arrest in Riverside County. It can happen anywhere and anytime, whether daytime or nighttime. You cannot help yourself when the officers knock on your doors or stop you in the street. You have to go with an officer to the local police station, give your personal data like your name and address, and submit your fingerprints and mugshots. The officer will detain you in a cell after your booking, awaiting communication from a judge.

Your first time to appear before the judge would be a few hours following your arrest, and it can be sooner or later, depending on how busy the local court is. The first appearance will determine your state before trial. California laws require suspects to remain free before a judge concludes their case. Thus, you can obtain your freedom after your first appearance. But you will have to post bail for that.

Bail can be in cash or property. Anything valuable that you can provide in court to guarantee your freedom is bail. It assures the judge of your appearance for trial. Bail is generally expensive to discourage arrestees from skipping trial. If you skip bail, you will lose the money or valuable property. Thus, many arrestees choose to follow through with trial to the end so the court can give back their money or property as agreed.

How much does bail cost in Rancho Mirage 

Sadly, bail is generally expensive. You are required to raise so much money on short notice to obtain your release or the release of a loved one from jail. Not many individuals or families can afford that. Thus, they result in alternative ways of obtaining freedom, including bail bonds. That involves partnering with a third party for help with posting bail. Bail bonds dealers only charge a small percentage of the total bail for their services. Therefore, their services are seemingly affordable and more convenient.

But why is bail expensive?

As earlier mentioned, California criminal courts use bail as security for your freedom. If a judge sets your bail low, you could choose to lose that amount rather than face trial. That would not serve the interests of justice. Thus, bail is usually high to dissuade arrestees from fleeing to avoid trial.

California courts also set bail according to your charges. The gravity of your charges will determine how much money or property worth you will provide as bail in court. Thus, bail will be higher for felony offenders than misdemeanor offenders. More severe felonies will attract a high bail. For example, severe felonies like rape and murder have higher bails.

California bail is also according to your criminal history. If you are a first offender, the judge will be a little lenient and set a lower bail than required for the underlying offense. Some repeat offenders could be denied bail if the judge thinks they could commit another crime if released from jail.

Not all arrestees are allowed the right to bail in California. The judge can deny your request for bail if you are a severe felon, a repeat offender, or will probably flee if freed on bail. Defendants that have a record of missing court dates will not be granted bail. If denied bail, you will remain in jail until the conclusion of your case.

Alternatives to Cash Bail in Rancho Mirage

Cash bail is quite common in most California courts. It is the first option the judge will give after granting your right to post bail. However, there are several alternatives you could explore if you do not have enough money to make cash bail.

First on the list is freedom on personal recognizance. This is given at the judge’s discretion. It happens when the judge chooses to grant you freedom before trial but without asking you to guarantee your freedom. Therefore, you will just sign the required papers and walk to your freedom. Release on personal recognizance is mainly given to first offenders. The judge must be sure of your readiness to appear for trial. If not, you will be expected to guarantee your freedom.

The second option is a property bond. It works the same way as a cash bond, only that an important property or asset is used in place of cash. This option is given to defendants who do not have some money at hand but have something useful to offer to the court as security for their release. It can be a title to a real estate property, home, or documents to your vehicle. The court retains the right to sell the said property if you skip trial. Remember that the value of the said property must be higher than your bail.

The most common of all bail options in California is bail bonds. As mentioned before, they are offered by third parties for a small fee of at most 10% of your bail. Bail bonds dealers operate businesses to help defendants who cannot afford bail but would like to secure their freedom. The dealer will post your bail in court and assure the judge of paying the entire bail if you do not honor your court dates.

Hiring the services of a bail bond dealer is easy. Simply find a dependable Rancho Mirage bond dealer, more information about its services, and sign an agreement.

The Advantages of Rancho Mirage Bail Bonds

Bail bond dealers offer a better alternative to paying cash bail. Therefore, you stand to enjoy many advantages when you seek the help of reliable Rancho Mirage bail bonds.

Bond dealers are always prepared to post bail for their clients. It is faster to obtain the money you require to guarantee your freedom. Your dealer will start the process right after you contact them. It takes only a few minutes to prepare and sign the release documents. Thus, you could be out of incarceration sooner than you expected.

Bond dealers offer greater flexibility than any bail option out there. You can only pay the entire bail in cash or money order if you choose cash bail. The officer will not sign the release documents until the total amount is paid. The same happens with property bonds. You will not be free until the property meets the court’s requirements. Bail bonds are not as complex as other bail options. Speak to a bail agent, and if you agree to their terms of service, the agent will take care of the rest.

Bail bonds eliminate the need to seek help from other people after an arrest. Arrests are challenging to discuss with other people. It is embarrassing enough that you had to be arrested and taken to prison for a wrongful act you are alleged to commit. The last thing you want is to start calling and pleading with people for help. A bond dealer will take care of your bail without the need to let the world know of your arrest. Rancho Mirage bail bonds are confidential too. The dealer will not discuss your issue or offer information to anyone without your consent.

You enjoy greater flexibility when paying for the bonds. Rancho Mirage bond dealers offer different payment options to their customers. It allows them to develop a flexible payment plan that will work for them. You do not need to raise the entire fee before the company signs your release documents. If you receive some income every month, the company will be willing to take some of that for several months until your entire fee is paid.

With a bond company, you have great support in the most challenging period of your life. As previously noted, an arrest brings a lot of confusion, especially to the arrestee. One moment you are free and enjoying a whole life, and the next minute, you are lying in jail, with little hope for freedom. It helps to know that someone there cares enough to help you obtain your release. A  dealer’s agent will walk with you from the moment you are detained until the end of your case.

Rancho Mirage bail bonds are also available 24/7. Bond dealers know how desperate a person can be if they are arrested in the middle of the night. They ensure that an agent will be available to assure you of help and start the bond process before much time is lost.

The Bail Bonds Process

The bail bonds process in California starts when you identify a reliable bond dealer to partner with. Luckily, we have several bond dealers in Riverside County to choose from. You can select a trustworthy Rancho Mirage bond dealer from them.

With the right bond dealer in mind, determine the kind of help you need. If you are in jail and are seeking a quicker way to guarantee your freedom, contact the bond dealer right away. Fortunately for you, bond dealers in Riverside county are available on the phone and online. You can reach out to them at your convenience without visiting their office. That makes the process even smoother for you, particularly if you are already in jail.

Discuss the terms of service for your preferred bond dealer to understand how they operate. That prepares you for what is ahead. Ensure you know how much the bond dealer charges for their bail bonds and their terms of payment. Some bond dealers will charge less than others. That is an opportunity for you to save some money in the long run. Some will require you to have a co-signer and offer a guarantee for their services. Ask as many questions as necessary to ensure you understand every detail before signing an agreement with the bond agent.

When you are ready to sign up for the services, the agent will obtain your identifying information and any other crucial information regarding your case. That would help speed up the bail process. The bond dealer will then prepare your release documents, bring them to the court, make some payment and sign an assurance of paying your full bail if the court forfeits your bail. Lastly, he/she will bring you the release documents to sign. The process is swift, and you can be out in less than one hour.

Jail Information

Riverside County Police Department (Rancho Mirage Sheriff’s Station)

73-705 Gerald Ford Drive

Palm Desert, CA 92211

(760) 836-1600



Court Information

County of Riverside - Palm Springs Courthouse

3255 E Tahquitz Canyon Way, Palm Springs, CA 92262, U.S

+1 760-393-2617

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