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Ventura County Bail Bonds

Ventura County is the southern most county along the California Central Coast. Historically inhabited by the same indigenous people who settled Santa Barbara and San Luis Obispo, the Chumash, Ventura County is now home to several master planned communities, attractive because of its convenient proximity to Los Angeles as well its pleasant climate.

Cities in Ventura County

The major cities in Ventura County include: Ventura, Simi Valley, Port Hueneme, Bell Canyon, Seacliff, Oxnard, Moorpark, Newbury Park, Lake Sherwood, Camarillo, Ajai, Fillmore, Santa Susana, Thousand Oaks, Santa Paula, Somis, and La Conchita.

Ventura County Law Enforcement

Law enforcement for Ventura County is provided by the Ventura County Sheriff's Office. With Sheriff's Stations located across the county, the Sheriff's Department works closely with the city police and State Patrol to police and protect the citizens of Ventura County.

Ventura County Inmate Search

Ventura County Sheriff's Office
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA  93009
(805) 654-2380

Arrested in Ventura County

If things don't go as planned, in Ventura County, and you find yourself having to deal with law enforcement, it's important to remember a few things that will help keep you from making matters worse. When interacting with the police remember:

  • Stay Calm!
  • Don't struggle physically with the police, even if they feel they need to detain you.
  • Don't yell, or shout obscenities, at law enforcement or any other party.
  • Try to remain reasonable.
  • Conduct yourself in a way that will allow the police officers to see that your conduct has only been what was required by the situation. Even if you are still arrested, your good conduct will leave you in a better position to bargain for a reduction in charges at a later date. And, at the very least, you run less of a risk of doing something that will lead to increased charges, like assault on a police officer.

If you are arrested the arresting officer should inform you of your Miranda Rights:

  • You have the right to remain silent – They can't make you talk, other than to provide your name, address, and show some sort of identification, upon request.
  • Anything you say can be used against you – If you choose to talk to the authorities, the statements you make can be used against you in court.
  • You have the right to an attorney – You can ask to have an attorney present while they question you. If you ask for an attorney but continue to talk to the officers, while you wait for your attorney, the answers you give can still be used against you.

If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be appointed for you – If you cannot afford an attorney, but would like to have one, the court will appoint an attorney for you, free of charge.

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Bail Bonds at the Ventura County Jail

If you are arrested in Ventura County, you will be taken to the Pre-Trial Detention Facility in Ventura for booking and processing.

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Pre-Trial Detention
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA  93009
(805)654-3335 – Visiting Information
(805) 654-5087 – Inmate Chaplain

After trial, inmates are transferred to either the Todd Road Jail or the East County Jail.

Todd Road Jail Facility
600 South Todd Road
Santa Paula, CA  93060
(805) 933-8501 – Visiting Information

East County Jail
2101 East Olsen Road
Thousand Oaks, CA  91360
(805) 494-8242 - Reception

If you or a loved one are being held at one of the Ventura County Jail, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away at (844)400-2245. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has professional bail bond agents stationed throughout Ventura County to help you get out of jail fast. Call (844)400-2245 for bail bonds at the Ventura County Jail.

Bail Bonds at the Ventura County Superior Court

The Superior Court of California in Ventura County has several locations throughout the county. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can provide bail bond assistance at any of these location.

Ventura Hall of Justice
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA  93009
(805) 289-8900

Open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except court holidays.

Simi Valley – East County Courthouse
3844-F Alamo Street
Simi Valley, CA  93063
(805) 289-8900

Open from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday through Friday, except court holidays.

For assistance with bail bonds at the Ventura County Superior Court, please call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844)400-2245.

Who's in Jail in Ventura County?

If you suspect that a friend or loved one is behind bars in Ventura County, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for help. Call (844) 400-BAIL (2245) for help in finding your friend or loved one in jail and help getting them out and home to friends and family as quickly as possible.

You can also call the jails directly and ask them about your friends or loved ones. You will need the individuals full name and date of birth, when calling. For information about who's in jail in Ventura County, call (805) 654-3335 or click here.

Who Sets Bail in Ventura County?

The bail for each county is set according to a schedule that is posted at each jail facility and available in court. The judge can set a different amount of bail, during a bail hearing, however. The standard Felony Bail Schedule for Los Angeles County can be found here.

To figure the total amount of bail required for felony charges requires several steps, you can complete the worksheet found here.

Federal Immigration Bonds in Ventura County

Immigration bonds are a form of Federal Bonds and are somewhat different from the bail bonds required for local criminal charges. However, if any criminal charges were made at the time of arrest, a California State Appearance Bond would need to be made at the same time. The rates for Federal Bonds range from 12% to 20%, depending on the charges and the amount of the bond required. The premium for appearance bonds is 10%, though discounts can be negotiated for people who have retained a private attorney, members of the military, and members of some other groups.

Spanish speaking bondsmen are available and most other languages can be accommodated.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Ventura County

Because so many victims of domestic violence make accusations of violence against a spouse or partner, only to take it back at a later time, most district attorneys offices in California have a special unit dedicated to prosecuting domestic violence. Even if the accuser recants, the prosecution will generally pursue the charges, anyway. And, if you are convicted of domestic violence, most counties impose jail time, even for first-time, misdemeanor offenders.

After you are charged with domestic violence and booked into jail, the jail will have a list of bail amounts based on the crime for which you are charged. The authorities at the detention facility should be able to tell you how much the bail is for the specific domestic violence charges that you are facing. If you have the cash to pay your bail, or have property to secure it, you can be on your way.

However, it is a common practice for law enforcement to charge you with the most serious crimes you could possibly be guilty of, knowing that it is likely they will be pleaded down to lesser charges during the court proceedings. This can result in a bail amount that is much higher, possibly more than you can easily pay. In this case, you will want to reach out to a bail bond company like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond. Mr. Nice Guy will post your bail for a fraction of the cost of bail. The cost of bail bonds is typically 10% of the total cost of bail. Call now, or start the bail bond process online. Call (844) 400-2245

DUI Bail Bonds in Ventura County

If you are operating a vehicle and driving erratically, you could be pulled over for a traffic violation. If the officer has reason to suspect that you are driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, he or she will administer a field sobriety test. If the officer suspects the presence of alcohol in your system, you may be asked to take a breathalyzer test. If the officer suspects the presence of drugs in your system, you may be required to take a blood test, since drugs can not be detected by a breathalyzer.

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Is Marijuana Legal in Ventura County?

On November 8, 2016, California voters said “Yes” to Proposition 64, paving the way for the recreational use of pot by adults. Adults are defined as being persons 21 years of age or older. California's marijuana law also makes it legal for weed to be sold in the state but only by licensed businesses. Therefore, anyone caught in possession of marijuana, in excess of a few ounces, or marijuana that is separated out into baggies for individual sale or distribution, can still be charged with violating Health and Safety Code 11359, if they do not also have a license to sell Marijuana in California. This code provides criminal penalties for people caught carrying, transporting, or selling marijuana without a license.

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Cannabis Bail Bonds for Ventura County

While medical marijuana, (or cannabis), has been legal in California since 1996, and, more recently, recreational cannabis use has been legalized in the state, as well, there are still circumstances that can land you in a world of trouble. If you fail to follow the guidelines regarding cannabis, its uses and regulations, you may find yourself in trouble with the law.

In November of 2016, California citizens went to the polls and voted “yes” on Proposition 64, which made way for the legal, recreational use of marijuana by adults. Adults are defined as being persons over twenty-one years of age. Persons under twenty-one are not allowed to possess or use marijuana, in any form, without being prescribed by a doctor.

Prop 64 made it legal for adults to possess and use cannabis for recreation. However, it maintained strict guidelines for the sale and distribution of marijuana. The sale of marijuana requires a state-issued license. If a person is caught with more than one ounce of marijuana, they could be charged with the intent to distribute. It is even more likely that they would charged if the cannabis is packaged in small baggies or found with scales or other packaging paraphernalia. Also, if you are carrying marijuana and get stopped by authorities in an area where drug deals are known to take place or caught in the act of making a sale, you will most likely be charged.

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How To Bail Out of Jail in Ventura County

A bail bondsman is a person who is licensed by the state, working with an agency, who can post a “bond” for you, instead of the full amount of your bail. The bail bondsman works with a Surety Company, who is a little like an insurance company. They have certain rules for issuing bonds to help people get out of jail. The person who is in jail pays a fee and the bail bondsman pays the bail.

Then, the person who has been charged with a crime can get back to their job and family, while they wait for trial. The person who had the bond posted for them is promising the bail bondsman that they will continue to show up for all of the hearings and proceedings required by their charges so that the bondsman can get the bail money back from the court.

California state law requires that the bail bondsman charge a 10% premium on bail, in order to post your bond. Sometimes that's just more than you can afford. Mr. Nice Guy understands that bail can be expensive. There are agents standing by at locations near you, to help you get out of jail for a fraction of the cost of bail. If you can't afford the premium, don't sweat it! Mr. Nice Guy has payment plans that can help get you out of jail today, back to work tomorrow, and you can pay as you can afford it.

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Bail Bond Payments in Ventura County

Sometimes, bad things happen to good people. When you find yourself in a bad position with the law, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds wants to help. Jesse and his team of licensed, friendly professionals at Mr. Nice Guy are experts at getting people out of jail fast. And, when you find yourself unable to pay the entire amount of the bail premium up front, they'll work with you to find a payment option that works for you.

You don't need good credit: your job is your credit!

With as little as 1% down, and even no down payment in some cases, Mr. Nice Guy and friendly bail bond agents will get to work getting you or a loved one out of jail fast!

Best Rates on Bail Bonds in Ventura County

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds offers financing options for bail bonds as low as 1% down. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed bail bond agents will work with you to find a payment plan to get you out of jail and back home to friends and family as quickly as possible.

Sometimes, Mr. Nice Guy can even find a way to offer a no-down payment necessary to get you out of jail with no money down! Each case is different, but Mr. Nice Guy's friendly, professional bail bondsmen are here for you, whatever your situation. Call them today for more information on no-down-payment bail bonds! (844)400-2245.

Professional Bail Bonds for Ventura County

The state of California requires that all bail bond companies charge 10% of the total amount of bail, in order to post bond for a defendant. The rates are set by statute, and all bail bond companies are required to charge the same amount.

California law allows for a discounted rate on bail bonds if the defendant retains a private attorney and pays the premium in full within 72 hours. These discounts are allowed for government union workers, members of the military, and AARP members. These discounts are determined by the surety company that is writing the bonds for the bail bond company.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds uses a Surety Company that allows them to discount bail bonds to just 7% if the defendant retains a private attorney and pays the premium within the first 72-hours. There's no lower rate available, anywhere.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds saves you money in other ways, as well.

Other companies charge hidden fees like:

  • Notary Fees
  • Travel Expenses
  • Posting Fees
  • Annual Premiums
  • Late File Premiums
  • Interest on Financing
  • Processing Fees

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds doesn't charge any of these fees. There is always just one flat rate, no interest, no hidden fees, no surprises. Other companies may advertise the same 10% rate that everyone is required to charge. But, what they don't tell you is all the other fees you'll end up paying. Mr. Nice Guy never charges these additional fees, so you'll end up paying a lower rate, no matter what the other guys are advertising.

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