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Case Management

We offer a variety of case management services. From fugitive recovery for bail bond agencies and surety companies to managing a failed bail bond company's client load, Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds is experienced and able to manage the legal paperwork and physical footwork required to ensure that all cases are handled quickly and professionally.

We also offer case management assistance for laws firms and insurance companies needing help in locating:

  • Bail Clients In Default
  • Prisoner Transport
  • Indemnitor/cosigners on bail bonds
  • Bail negotiations
  • PC 1275 holds
  • Warrant Checks
  • Bail rewrites
  • Bail reinstatement 
  • Bond surrenders 
  • Anything bail bond related
  • Bail Bond company marketing and consulting 

For more information about the case management services we offer, please call (844) 400-2245.

Fugitive Recovery Case Management

While we are experts in finding and returning fugitives, Mr. Nice Guy also offers case management services regarding fugitive recovery.

Paperwork - We can handle the paperwork necessary to ensure that bonds are exonerated and then provide the proof of the exoneration to the surety company.

If an extension is needed for more time to find the individual, we can file the appropriate paperwork and follow up to ensure that the judge exonerates the bail at the appropriate time.

Failed Bail Bond Companies

When a bail bond company goes out of business, they can sometimes leave a mess behind. Surety companies in need of someone to locate their “floating” defendants can turn to us. We are available to manage the cases left behind by other bail bond companies.

“Bail Skip” Management

When a bail company has failed, leaving behind a mess of clients with no one to report to, we can step in to cleanup. We can track down individuals who have skipped bail in the absence of a bail bond agent and return them to custody, provide the proper paperwork, and see that the bail is exonerated and the bond returned to the surety company. For bail clients who are not avoiding their obligation, we offer case management to ensure that payments are being met, court appearances are being attended and paperwork is up to date.

For Attorneys

We offer case management assistance for law firms in the form of:

  • GPS monitoring 
  • Defendant Tracing
  • PC 1275 holds
  • Warrant checks
  • Large Bail Bonds with no collateral

Defendant Tracing – With years of experience in skip tracing, our licensed agents are in the perfect position to assist you in finding defendants who have fled. We can find them quickly and easily, allowing you to focus on more important things.

Courier Services - Our attention to detail guarantees that your firm's documents will be a priority at all times. Because the safety of your documents is our top priority, all of our agents have had extensive background checks and will comply with all privacy policies.

Years of experience in investigating difficult situations, Mr. Nice Guy's licensed private investigators are skilled in locating missing persons, investigating family law situations like divorce and child custody, and obtaining all of the information you may need to deal with your current caseload.

Whatever your case management needs, Mr. Nice Guy is prepared to lend a helping hand. Call today for more information on how we can help you better manage your time and resources.

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Investigative Services

As an attorney, you understand that bad things often happen to good people. And when they happen, you need someone who can help you figure out the truth of the matter. Once you understand the truth, you can make a plan to move forward. Information is power.

In your effort to help a client, it may be necessary to gain information about the other party in the divorce, custody arrangement or law suit. A private investigator is the fast, most convenient means of obtaining this information.

Investigative Services

There are many reasons why you may feel the need to hire a private investigator.

  • Child Support Investigations
  • Child Custody Investigations
  • Divorce
  • Infidelity

Child Support Investigations

A private investigator can uncover secret bank accounts, second jobs, jobs that pay only cash (under the table income), and other sources of income. If it is important to know about someone's finances, it's important to know EVERYTHING about their finances. Employing a private investigator can help ensure that you have all of the information necessary to move forward.

For child support investigations, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. A licensed and experienced agent will discuss your situation and help you find the information you need. Call (844) 400-2245.

Child Custody Investigations

In a child custody dispute, having all of the available information is more important than ever. You need to know where the other parent spends their free time, who their associates are, who your children will be coming into contact with. There's no end to the questions you might have if someone else is trying to gain custody of your children.

The licensed professionals with Mr. Nice Guy understand the angst and turmoil associated with child custody matters. They are experts in uncovering all of the relevant information so that a judge can make an informed decision about the welfare of the children in question. If you have concerns about a child custody case, you can rest easier knowing that Mr. Nice Guy is on your side.

For child custody investigations call Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-2245.

Infidelity Investigations

Private investigators know how to follow without being seen; how to get proof without being compromised. You can know for sure and make a plan for moving forward, once you have all of the relevant facts about your significant others faithfulness.

Mr. Nice Guy understands that suspecting infidelity is painful and emotional situation. The caring and trained agents who work with private investigations are trained to handle your traumatic situation in a gentle but informative manner. They understand that even painful truth is better than a state of uncertainty.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for more information about how they can help you resolve questions of fidelity. (844)400-2245


Discover whether a spouse is hiding assets, or why a spouse has suddenly become distant and withdrawn. A private investigator can discover bank account records or other hidden assets, and establish once and for all whether or not the other party is involved in an affair. A private investigator works with attorneys to uncover all of the information needed for a successful conclusion to divorce proceedings.